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According to Buddha

The basic law of right human behaviour is self-reform…Whenever any trouble occurs with our friends or dear ones, we should inwardly lay the blame on ourselves for getting into an unpleasant situation and then try to get out of it as fast and as graciously as we can.

hedy bach photography - u of a sculpture - 1_

hedy bach photography - u of a sculpture - 3_

hedy bach photography - u of a sculpture - 4

hedy bach photography - u of a sculpture - 5

hedy bach photography - u of a sculpture - 6

my lines, your lines
don’t cross them lines
what you like, what i like
why can’t we both be right?
attacking, defending
until there’s nothing left worth winning
your pride and my pride
don’t waste my time


Department of Art & Design, University of Alberta ~ November 2017

  1. amazing, no scratch that, simply incredible photos Hedy.
    How did you do them? ok,ok your special formula, right?
    you are an incredible photographer.
    celebrate a perfect day

    • humble thank you Eddie…i’m trying my best and having fun as i learn along the way as an imagemaker….i love my little black box 😀 have a joyful weekend…sending sunshine smiles to you! 😀

  2. Wonderful captures Hedy, I especially enjoyed the 3rd one with many colors and textures in one shot. Yes, problems with relationships isn’t about one or the other being right and wrong it stems from both, we each must take a 50/50 responsiblity of all of our own and the worlds problems. And the song, if more people would just listen and talk instead of defend and attack what a place this would be. We can disagree but be civil, polite and respect each other.

    • listening is hard work…sometimes i know i am 100% wrong…i admit it…i own it…other times it’s all distorted thinking…and so i have no expectations…and being kind is always possible…have a joyful weekend Terry 😀 smiles

  3. Hedy, I have deleted my twitter account, but I will still follow your blog here. Today’s post truly resonated.

    • Ahhhh yes Maria I read your post…and just wanted to say Twitter can be such a vile platform…yet I mostly get a little bit of a kick out of seeing the tidal wave of idiocy that comes my way periodically…just my hedy thoughts…sometimes the stuff I see can be plenty nasty, but in a generic sort of way—it’s kind of useful to know how ‘idiots’ feel about stuff, since I don’t spend much time with ‘idiots’ in my day-to-day life…I’ve used Twitter to say things I disagree with…or for local news…power outages etc…I follow Ensaf Haidar and the #FreeRaif campaign…and the day my father died I assured him that Trump had been impeached…that was April…I do check by on creatives…collect links as I write or work with ideas…a sloppy bibliography…no doubt I prefer the blogging mode…a slower platform in my world…I do create wp posts that resonates for me in the moment…and it’s nice that my posts resonate for others…I know I like revisit people’s blogs…many ppl are deleting and unplugging…or limiting their time on all social media…life is short have fun create and enjoy your boys…i know i enjoy my little grandson very much…babies and dogs are really fun…have a happy evening Maria <3 😀 many smiles ~ hedy

      • Thank you, Hedy. Yes, I experienced some nastiness (to say the least) on Instagram. I decided to unfollow and restructure. The blog has a better community. It takes courage to stay out there and speak some truth to things. I am dailing back but not giving in. Being in academics for most of my life, I guess I am a bit naive. It was an experience. Thank you for your kind words. I resonate with your writing and photos often. Your work appreciated.

        • i’ve been reinventing myself albeit it slow…in my years of academia i had bright highs and dark lows…i was often naive but learned from all the experiences…they shape the who i am? and who am i?…in little bits and pieces anyways…i’m glad i’m free of institutions and only do things i like now or that i think have meaning…i too appreciate your posts and wisdom…thank you and have a joyful evening Maria…

  4. is so like the first one.

  5. Amazing photos and words.

  6. I love the crazy angles, raw textures and darkness. I keep coming back to the fourth one – love it. You had fun working hard to get these, that’s what I think!

    • it’s called the sculpture grave yard…well it was back in the days 😉 😀 i had fun with some foto friends and went to a very impressed art show…it was a fun friday 🙂 and thanks for noting favs helps me think about culling….smiles to you Lynn!

  7. Hello Hedy .. love the last photo my friend. Very special 🙂

  8. Ah. Pride… Spelled H.U.B.R.I.S, right?
    (Read a few comments, which I normally don’t. They sound to me like private conversations. I do agree that blogging seems to be much more… educated than other platforms. Reason why why I don’t do much on Twitter)
    Thank you for the images and words.

    • yes i know what you mean…sometimes i write more…a hedy blurt…and some folk i’ve gotten to know a wee bit more over social media…but i enjoy my sloppy blog for me most…twitter i say things about what troubles me…here i am sloppy and allude to things, perhaps that i only get…but of course there is an underbelly…but most of all my intention to look for beauty daily….thank you for all your thoughtful and kind comments Brian i do appreciate them…smiles hedy 😀

      • My pleasure Hedy. Smiles back. One of the things I like about blogging is the fact that one can write (or allude to) many things, but bloggers seem to be… respectful of other people’s thoughts and feelings. They may disagree, but will not lash out. I think. Or maybe I’ve just been to the right blogs. Like yours. 🙂

        • i don’t like that on line feeling…i taught on line for 3 years that was nasty…and my sloppy blog is about beauty and my sloppy thoughts connected to Buddha writings that i think fit in this moment of time…and i love music…so yes we all have different tastes and ‘variety is the spice of life’ i was taught 😀

          • So they say. 🙂 What did you teach on line?

          • qualitative research methods…when i started it was a pilot project…personally i think it was lame…i also walked from that…didn’t want my name associated with that either…graduate courses ought not be correspondence courses…in my hedy head anyways 🙂

  9. Oh, and sorry about your father. April is so close… 🙂

    • he’s around i feel him…miss him very much but i know it is okay now…it was a long 5 years for him…i am at peace ^_^ thank you for saying appreciated 🙂

      • Did he live with you the last years? I can imagine feeling him all around. But peace is good. 🙂

        • no no he was in assisted living and then hospital after a medical error and then hospice for 9 months…he had a long release…i did a lot as his agent to fight for his rights as he wanted his right to die…but that did not happen…he did suffer…so we are at peace…he lived a long and happy life…he loved life…we were close…he understood me so i miss that…and yes peace is very good…i’m surfacing and it feels good too…that’s probably too much info but i photographed the last year so i made sense of it visually…have a snappy weekend Brian 🙂 😀

          • It is always terrible when they drag on and on… So much suffering for them. My mother died of cancer. Last 3 years were very hard. Don’t worry about “too much info”. I understand perfectly.
            Catching up on the last comments. We’re flying tomorrow to Singapore… 🙂
            Meantime… merry Christmas again my dear friend. 🙂
            (I hope I haven’t missed comments. WP has been limiting the number of comments and the past few days were busy packing… If I have, an apology)

          • yes i will continue to work a bit with Dignity in Dying Canada…Canadians have forgotten how to die….

            go have fun and yes WP can be tricky sometimes with comments and *likes* i found especially on my mobile…go have fun!!!! we will connect again when you return! 😀

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