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According to Buddha

This life is strange. Everything is subject to change. That is why one should not anchor his/her happiness on this life. Our time will pass on; what you are seeing now will be gone one day. Change is good if you don’t let it hurt you. When it does hurt, the rebellion you feel is meant to show you that you should not have any desires.

hedy bach photography - blue blue frozen river - 3

hedy bach photography - blue blue frozen river - 1_

hedy bach photography - blue blue frozen river - 2

i will run to the river
i will reach for the well
drown my sorrows in someone
and i hope i leave this hell

yeah, it’s written in the water

yeah, it’s everywhere i go


North Saskatchewan RiverEdmonton, AB  ~ November 2017

  1. A fabulous fury of fantastic photos, together illustrating conclusively never ending change.
    enjoy this beautiful day of change Hedy

    • Inhaling and exhaling all good things…everything is always in transition…appreciate your kind words dear Eddie ☺️💫 thank you 😀

  2. The Buddha is right – “this life is strange”. Oh dear, it looks very icy thee. Ice is just now formiing on the ponds here. It’s not yet safe to walk on it. Have a wonderful week, Hedy. Cheers!

  3. Buddha was sooooooo right. “….life is strange…” makes me also think of the song “people are strange” I feel like my whole life has been the struggle of attachment to this life. But the older I get the easier it seems to just accept things and people for what they are. I can only change myself. Beautiful images. Wintry iciness in all its glory.

  4. Not letting change hurt you is very hard, at least for me. Even when you know all along change is inevitable, it still hurts. Finding a new way and letting go, finding the new path and removing oneself from preconceived notions is a path to strive for. Wonderful photos and interesting song. Have a wonderful sloppy week my friend.

    • agree…many things the Buddhas say/write are well…easier said than done…but that’s why i play with these notions of freeing suffering…sometimes it hasn’t happened “yet”…but then i know that is just a moment and i can go outside or change my surroundings and look for beauty…yes i’m regrouping…working on me 😀 smiles and joy to you Terry 😀

  5. Beautiful images contrasting with the music, which seems heated up to a blaze, and this river is so, so chilled. But both are extremes, aren’t they? I love the patterns the ice and snow are making, and I hope to see more…Happy Sunday Hedy! 🙂

    • yes it’s harsh here i always say…nothing is soft….it’s hard….but (always) pretty (ish)…we have a developed river valley…paths and bridges…the river is totally covered now…other than ‘spots’ where there are ‘other’ pipes or manufactured things…i do enjoy watching the changes…now i can go closer as the mutts don’t river in 😀 it’s already tuesday…so fast go the days…have a gooder Lynn ^_^

      • You mean you don’t have to worry about your dogs jumping in and shakin’ in out all over you? That’s good, but last night the news showed a clip of a poor pooch who went out on the ice & fell in. Rescued by a firefighter crawling on his stomach….we love those good news stories, they’re a balm.

        • yes the spring of 2016 my dog went in…and 2 women recused her as i couldn’t get close enough to her with my other 2 dogs…i had visions of all 4 us in the river…but these kind women crawled out holding each other and my mutt was strong enough so she just hung on…and they were able to pull her back on to the ice…terrifying to witness…as i never imagined this happening…got a few more grey hairs over that 😉 😀

  6. I remember reading that “change just is,” which is so perfectly exemplified by a river! Even in the winter, the changes continue. Lovely pics–I love all the different shapes and textures. It sure is frosty out there–I don’t enjoy the humid cold, but I love the look of frost on trees and plants and well, everywhere! My hair was covered in frost when I got home from my ravine adventure with my pup. (Didn’t love that quite as much.) Hope you’re staying warm! <3

    • “is” is a loaded word 🙂 ‘is’ seems so easy…like ‘now’…or ‘it’…i’m liking the word ‘yet’ these days 😀 have a fun day Raven Wolfe with your critters…don’t blow away wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3 and yes the forced air is blowing ^_^

  7. i so like the purple (mauve) colors here.

    • it’s been grey here so i notice different times of light…and yes it was mauve…the other afternoon is was pink…nature is very cool and i love to be outside 😀 have a colourful day Gavin 🙂

  8. Oooooo these are all so lovely – like abstract paintings.

  9. As in a painting where what you see came out of the eyes of the painter…
    Thank you for these sights from your eyes.

    • thank you for saying Brian…my parents would smile 😀 being the daughter of artists it is how i see much of the world through paintings…i love to play with my little black box 😀

      • Both your parents painted?
        (Why black box? Isn’t it a “light” box?)

        • one my mother…my father did some sculpture…my little black box that’s what Lynn taught me…my camera…it’s a little black box…photographers here spend time talking about gear and brands…it’s like a religion and once they join they hang on to it…so just a fun thought 😀 i’d like to make a light box and do some macro work over the winter….good idea thanks Brian…have a fun weekend!

          • “La chambre noire”. Goes back to the origins of photography. And you’re right. There is “light box”. I kinda forgot what it is but I will look it up. No fancy gear for me. Just the Iphone. I’ve backed up all the photos to empty it. And carry it in my back pocket. Very excited at the idea of going “back” to Asia and reunite with our daughter… Stay warm.

          • enjoy your daughter i know that feeling too…we just had our week visit it was fun fun!!! many people talk about gear and their glass and what they invest in it all…for me it’s about the image…although i do see differences of course…i’m all about making a visual story…safe travels sending you and your loved ones joy Brian ♥

  10. This gave me a chill – in a good way Hedy!

  11. I like Leonard Cohen’s phrase, in his 1960s book “Beautiful Losers”: one’s objective should not be to subdue chaos (prevent change), but to achieve balance within it, “Balance in the chaos of existence” — as a runaway ski caresses the hill, he wrote, and what could be more Canadian?

    • indeed Penny i can picture this perfectly…and balance changes from day to day 😀 many smiles from wiiiiiiiinnnnnnnddddddyyyyyy etown 😀

      • yes, how relaxing the concept of not trying to conquer or immobilize, simply (simply!!) dance with the chaos instead of fighting it — chaos is motion; motion is life

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