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According to Buddha

Strive ceaselessly; never be impatient. Once the finality is achieved, incarnation of troubles will be over in a second, just as when light is admitted within a room that has been locked for decades, the darkness vanishes instantly. 

hedy bach photography - fort e - 1

hedy bach photography - fort e - 5

hedy bach photography - fort e - 2

hedy bach photography - fort e - 6

hedy bach photography - fort e - bokah

whether your woman or whether your man
sometimes you gotta take a stand
just because you think you can
oh you gotta run you gotta run

Fort Edmonton ~ Edmonton, AB ~ September 2017

  1. Fabulous post. Great visual story where the darkness is beginning to vanish. And that song by Buffy Saint-Marie et al is Over-the-top good. Amazing. Let the spirit dance! Run baby run! Wishing you energy and peace this midweek.

  2. never ending amazing photos coupled with just the right verse
    always creates a student
    thank you Hedy

  3. great quote. inspiring

  4. Stunning captures of the details from the fort. Was the last one from a re- enactment location at the fort? I love the semi silhouette of the composition bringing in some details of the individual. Wishing a happy week for you.

    • it was the last day it was open in the fall…then poof winter blew in…yes they have characters at the fort…i liked the little story these told at this moment in time…have a joyful week Terry ~ smiles and joy my friend 😀

  5. I love living history museums. Our Christmas card this year was made at one. I really like the images you created here, Hedy. Cheers

    • Thanks so much Chris it’s nice to make cards…I always appreciate the ones I receive…it’s been a while since I’ve made some…perhaps next year this year I’m planning a ‘soft’ Christmas time ☺️💫☀️

  6. Powerful words, images and song–very thought provoking. The song reminded me of your instagram post with your feet moving so swiftly! (It also got me listening to a lot of Buffy Sainte-Marie today. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • i’ve always appreciated her works…and yes that’s a boomerang app…it makes movements go quicker so of funny…it’s been so nice and bright 😀 have a beautiful weekend Raven Wolfe 😀 <3

  7. Wow, Hedy, another beautiful series of images, very evocative. The 2nd & 4th are wonderful in with the others, and the flares in the last one are magical. I was just talking to people from Edmonton this morning for some work I’m doing for an organization. I thought of you! They said so far you’re having a mild winter, and it was “above zero” today. Brrrr! I am out of shape as far as tolerating cold goes!

  8. Hedy, fabulous effect in the first 4 images. First light after decades… and they absorbed a fraction of it… like if they are saying “Give me light… I am hungry”. And the light beam in the last one looks like a campfire of light. Amazing and beautiful series of images. As always. Happy days and a creative weekend. 🙂 Reinhold

  9. so expressive, hedy!
    happy to hear modern
    Buffy St Marie!
    now i gotta run 🙂

  10. Hey Hedy .. powerful images that draw me in. Love the light my friend. Great quote 🙂

  11. wonderful details shots… ….calm, mysterious.. ..that you get carry away in time. smiles to you 🙂

    • my camera is a very healing tool for me…i love this old fort…it’s a flash back in time…it’s quite a wonderful living museum 🙂 smiles thank you for all your comments Markus and taking the time to look! appreciated <3

      • so true, a camera is such a healing to, for me too… …with a camera you can say more then as you’ll do with 1000 words… …and without any language.
        I enjoyed your post so much!!! Excellent stories and photos, Hedy! 🙂 🙂

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