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Evile number in Lilo & Stitch

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According to Buddha

I will drink vitality from the fountains of sunshine. I will drink peace from the silver fountain of mooned nights. I will drink thy power in the mighty cup of the wind. I will drink thy consciousness in all the little cups of my thoughts. I will drink thy joy in my joy. I will drink thy bliss in my blissful thoughts. 

hedy bach photography - etown downtown b-w - 1

hedy bach photography - etown downtown b-w - 6

hedy bach photography - etown downtown b-w - 2

hedy bach photography - etown downtown b-w - 4

hedy bach photography - etown downtown b-w - 7a

your breath is sweet and weak
your eyes are like
two jewels in the sky
your back is straight
your hair is smooth on the pillow where you lie
but i don’t sense affection
no gratitude
no love
your loyalty is not to me but
to the stars above


downtown etown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ December 2017

  1. That’s a great mug.

  2. Wonderful pictures Hedy. I love the sunilght coming in.

  3. Love this post…

  4. Hello Hedy…I love the building in the first shot. I’m an architecture geek. I hope it’s not too cold there and that all of your holiday preparations are going well. Cheers!

    • it’s a ‘fav’ here in etown…it’s a charming boutique hotel…it’s been delightful and sunny…rather mild this past week and this up coming week…have a good week teaching and sharing your cupcakes…have fun 😀

  5. nice candids
    & hot cup of coffee 🙂

  6. Very nice captures, I love the low key darkness in these.

  7. Wonderful Hedy, absolutely wonderful. The union of words and images merge into thoughtful joy.

  8. Your photos make me want to get out with my camera and start experimenting. These are fabulous. I’ve not done any ‘serious’ photography for months. Well I’ve not been very mobile, but I could start getting out and about with my camera more now. We’re off to Montreal for two weeks on Tuesday. That ought to inspire me! Happy holidays.
    Alison xo

    • appreciated Alison…i had a fun walk dowtown and then playing with them in post…it’s all practice…well Montreal will be fun…lots of wonderful streets and far more ppl than here in etown…i’ll look forward to see them…have a wonderful holiday too 😀 xo <3

  9. love the gritty, film noir feel of the shots, Hedy!!

  10. Beautiful photos. You catch the atmosphere.

  11. Really nice black and white set, Hedy! Perfect for the street, IMHO… Have a great week…

  12. Great post!

  13. This feels a little like what I was feeling in my current post, I think – a sense fo something bigger lurks in the shadows here. Such a nice series of images, and the 3rd & 4th especially appeal to me right now. And I guess I’m always happy to see pictures of people drinking something hot from a mug! 😉 Happy day to you, Hedy!

  14. A dark mood in those photos? But well done. last post I check before leaving to the airport. Have a wonderful end of year Hedy. We’ll be in touch, time and Internet permitting. <3

    • gritty etown…and i made it more so…it was one walk around 1 downtown block…i enjoy wandering urban spaces too…and for sure we will be in touch Brian you have a joyous time away…unplug and i send you and your loved ones all good things for a peaceful and joyous time ~ hugs hedy <3

  15. Captured by your post .. 😀

  16. wow, Hedy, that is amazing!!! I love all of them. Stunning. This five captures are a kind of essence and homage to great b/w photography.. ..I wish there were more then five… …one more cup of coffee for the road, Hedy.. ..please 🙂 🙂 🙂

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