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Mirbeau’s “Is it even the account of a trip?” number

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According to Buddha

Don’t feel badly if you find yourself too restless to meditate deeply. Calmness will come in time, if you practice regularly. Just never accept the thought that meditation is not for you. Remember, calmness is your eternal, true nature.

hedy bach photography - grass and ice - 12

hedy bach photography - grass and snow - 6

hedy bach photography - grass and snow - 2

hedy bach photography - grass and snow - 4

hedy bach photography - grass and snow - 7

and i’m happy and i’m settled in the person i’ve become
but that doesn’t mean i’m settled up and sitting out the game
time may change a lot but some things may stay the same

and i won’t sit down
and i won’t shut up
and most of all i will not grow up
and i won’t sit down
and i won’t shut up
and most of all i yeah i won’t grow up


  1. Great. I can feel the images.

  2. I love this. It was exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you.

  3. Fabulous and nice pics

  4. I can feel the chill in the air.

    • it was warm…the sun was on my back…but yes it’s not California warm that’s for sure…have a happy weekend dear Terry smiles and all good things to you and your loved ones : ❤

      • Yes it is crazy warm here, to much of a good thing is bad also. Good tidings to you and your loved ones my friend. Have great week ahead of you.

  5. This is how I would describe: fragile, if my words could be seen as pictures.

    • yes they will all snap but some how they survive they are tough like all of us who live in etown 😀 have a wonderful joyful weekend Peter many smiles 😀

  6. These pictures really capture the transitory, ever changing way of nature. Love the delicate, organic treasures with the ice and cool blues–so pretty! Thank you for sharing! <3

    • it is delicate Raven Wolfe…i felt like the background looked like the sky…i was in my own hedy world in the woods…which i love…sending you joy and much : ❤…i wrote you on instagram message…we must connect : ❤

  7. Once again, delightful. May you continue your continuance into the forevers.

  8. Brrr…but it’s like that here now too. Have a great week Hedy. Cheers!!!

    • it’s fresh…and mild Chris…i yearning the snow to cover the ice…i’m not into black ice and rain now…i hope for fluffy snow lots and lots of it! done teaching for the holiday break…i hope your weekend is delightful….many smiles ♥

      • Ice is forming here and we have a blanket of snow. Some of my classes have ended. The rest end this week. Then a little break. Cheers

  9. these seem so delicate, yet so resiliant at the same time to the cold winter… ♥

    • they are Alexandra they snap easily but it’s not so cold at all at least for us…we think it’s spring tee hee ….compose a beautiful day ♥

  10. Love these images! So beautiful. Even though the subjects are dormant and/or dead they seem to bring an element of warmth to the snowy environment. Well done.

    • thank you Mobius…i love the sparkle and brightness…it was a sunny sunny day…i am hoping for snow…we have spring like weather melting puddle and ice…so now i ready for lots and lots of snow…maybe later this week! 🙂 have a delightful day ~ many smiles hedy 😀

  11. Lovely, centered images! So fresh and full of life, even in its frozen state. Thank you, Hedy!

    • that reminds me of my friend telling me about me that some of images have “centeredness” she admits it’s her mature gaze…but then another photo instructor i know says centered is in…i just do what i need to do as i feel…it was so delightful this afternoon in this open sunny field…walking in some untouched snow…with my mutts bouncing about…i appreciate your comments Lynn have a calm pre holiday day ~ hugs and smiles hedy

  12. Remaining calm no matter where you are or what is happening around you is indeed a conquest that is not so much what is going on ‘outside’ but ‘inside’ of you that matters.
    Beautiful photos freezing the mind still to examine a moment in time that belongs to no other.
    Peace and beauty be yours dear Hedy.

    • thank you dear Eddie…i appreciate your teachings and i try my best to stop that barking dog…and tell myself it’s all good 😀 no doubt photographing freezes my mind…photographing is a mediative practice for me…it’s all practice 🙂 have a beautiful day and wonderful moments ~ hugs hedy om shanti

  13. The second photo is magical.

  14. calm to meditate.

  15. There is much calmness and beauty in your images … sigh thank you ❤️

    • Julie i so appreciate your comments and cheering me on with my sloppy posts 😀 humble thank you…compose a joyous and happy weekend <3 many smiles sending you and your loved ones joy and all good things 😀 om shanti <3 hedy

  16. it seems like you made an appointment with this plans for an outdoor photo shooting. Wonderful lights and beautiful captures… …seems like a lot of fun for you all 😀 🙂 many smiles to you 🙂

  17. Absolutely fabulous

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