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According to Buddha

When your consciousness withdraws still more deeply, into superconsciousness, then you are centered in bliss, in the spine. In that bliss-state you are aware in the causal body, the soul.

hedy bach photography - downtown reflection - 1_

hedy bach photography - downtown reflection - 2_

hedy bach photography - downtown reflection - 3

hedy bach photography - downtown - guy on bike - colour

the lights and the music
the smell and the taste
the devil is downtown
it’s a hell of a place

and if you’re searching
if your looking for a change
go where you can see the stars
and they don’t seem so far away


downtown etown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ December 2017

  1. friendship with one’s causal body releases them from the mundane world,
    a place many would love to go. and do

  2. Another great post. Great music artist – never heard of them before – thanks for the exposing me to Tyminski.

    • “Dan” Tyminski is a talented musician to me…i like his works…so that’s fun to know you enjoyed that Mobius 🙂 have a musical monday ~ smiles hedy 😀

  3. I love the warm tones in a couple of these despite the cold of winter. With any luck, I can get out for some photos this week. Fewer classes means more time for shoots! Cheers

  4. …and she does it again..BOOM.

  5. Love that opening shot! Happy holidays Hedy.

    • thanks so much Alison ❤ and yes have a wonderful holiday…enjoy Montreal…it’s a fun city…sending you and Don joy and all good things for your time ~ hedy

  6. I’m so impressed by your work. So many great photo series in the last month and each of them got its own character, tell its own story in this unique Hedy-way.. ..great work. 🙂 🙂 🙂 smiles over the pond to E-Town

  7. Hey Hedy, awesome! You have done it again 😃

  8. Hi Hedy! Very fond of that third photo, with such great looking shapes on the rounded car surface.

  9. Love this sequence, Hedy!

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