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Etown’s CHED radio station number

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According to Buddha

I believe a time will come when in greater understanding we shall have no boundaries anymore. We shall call the earth our country; and we shall, by a process of justice and international assembly, distribute unselfishly the goods of the world according to the needs of the people. But equality cannot be established by force; it must come from the heart…

hb images - 101 street - 1

hb images - 101 street - 2

hb images - 101 street - 3

hb images - 101 street - 4

hb images - 101 street - 5

hb images - 101 street - 6

change for change sake
rearrange the landscape
shape your identity
change the world
otherwise you’re gonna witness
look on powerless
when the future generations turn
and wipe out history
and while we’re on the subject
of man’s destiny
i want you to give your change to me


downtown etown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ December 2017

  1. Wonderful quote. sharp contrast with some of the photos you posted… food for thought

    • yes we have those urban spaces next to wealth and privilege…this space is suppose to be rebuilt…as my father always told me “we can do better” and this is true here in etown…thank you kindly papershots for your comments ~ appreciated hedy 😀

  2. I like the editing, the sharp contrast and the vignette. It makes this pictures extra incisive. I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas Hedy and if we don’t ‘talk’ to each before hand, a wonderful 2018. Big smile, Peter.

    • it was fun to play with….always appreciate your kind comments and insights Peter…wishing you and your loved ones a joyous holiday…talk soon 😀 smiles over the pond ^_^

  3. What more can I say but wonderful captures of downtown. I have found through understanding, conversations and travel my preconceived/learned ideas of people and places have been blown to bits. What we are taught and hear are lost to me. We as a people are more alike than different, we all want a good life for our families and ourselves. Kindness and generosity has been shown to me by people of many cultures and this strengthens my belief in this world. If we would only open our minds and hearts what a better place this planet would be.
    Have a peaceful rest of the week and weekend Hedy. Wishing the best to you and your family for this upcoming new year.

    • i believe we need more empathy here in etown…we have a lot of well heeled people who just walk on by…also say ‘nasty’ things…always make me wonder…but i guess we each do our part…bit by bit…little by little…i wish i did more too…maybe 2018 will allow me to search out more of these spaces here in etown…there is a lot of possibilities…homelessness shifting here with the new Ice district…and yes i’m planning a ‘soft’ holiday…rest and restore and lots of walking and yoga…BIG smiles and all good things to you dear Terry i know 2018 will be a new adventure…just as you have planned…hugs and smiles 😀

  4. Changes are the puddles left by the rains of time. Some people don’t want to get their feet wet while others go kerslpash. May good cheer continue to swamp you in joy.

    • ahhhh yes Mike and Lori some puddles have more sludge…and yes i’ve been told ppl are where they are suppose to be…but something inside of me knows we/i can do better…i love your words “good cheer continue to swamp you in joy”…appreciated…compose a joyful weekend…have a creative time ~ cheers hedy 😀

  5. Great street scenes.

  6. Wonderful work with a great sentiment, Hedy! <3
    Happy Holidays and a fabulous New Year to you and yours❣️🌿❤️🤶🎄🎅
    The Fab Four of Cley 💃🏼🚶👭

  7. Sharp juxtapositions, including the one within the second shot. There’s a long way to go….

    • yes they are sharp juxtapositions…all urban spaces have them…these ones are close to the new arena known as the “ice district’…i struggle with so many ppl displaced and homeless…so bit by bit we do what we can…i imagine a different world…sigh…BIG hugs and all good things to you and your loved ones…hugs <3 and thank you for all your comments i appreciate them very much 😀 <3

      • Thank you Hedy, and same to you, times two. 🙂
        As you no doubt know, the homeless situation on the coast – LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, etc. is terrible. And the wealth grows….the gaps widen….. it seems to be a worldwide trend, that gap, and I hope it starts moving the other direction in the next few years.

        • Well I’m reading more his/her story and I think many no longer see the world as a global community but as a fighting arena where everyone has to seek their own advantage”…Some days I just don’t belong here 🤓😥 I think of a song from Michael Franti when he says if only we could do with a little less…I just do what I can my heart aches for our youth here…but like you I prefer the believing game over the doubting game 🤗 we can do better echoes in my hedy head 🤓 hugs Lynn ❤️

  8. Your images or people on the streets always have such a respectful quality to them (as opposed to exploitive), Hedy. They raise our consciousness of people we might choose to ignore or not see otherwise. Wonderfully captured in BW. Cheers!

    • i’ve got a friend who worked/works in this part of etown…he’s asked me to join in with a group of recovering adults…i’ve spent much of my life working with children/teens so perhaps i will try some volunteering with adults in the new year…sometimes i find myself looking for the young ppl i worked with along the way…and my father’s words of ‘we can do better’…always stay with me…have a happy friday Chris 😀 cheers!

  9. These are wonderful photos Hedy, sad and beautiful at the same time.
    Wishing for you a wonderful holiday season and new year. Be well.

    • Thank you dear Alison and thanks kindly for all your kind and thoughtful comments I appreciate them…having a ‘soft’ holiday season this year…and some fun! Send some snow for us ❄️ it’s beyond beige here…and i do love snow…sending you joy and wishing you all good things too <3 hugs hedy

  10. wonderful storytelling, again. “The Taste of Luxury”. Stunning photos… …and the fact, that the first four images captured the direction of movement from right to left and vice versa, emphasize a ever stronger monotony in that story, because a capture by that angle got usually nothing to do with capturing people because the focus is towards the building. The last photo breaks that anonymity… if you step in their way.. encounter the people.. …a change.
    smiles to you 🙂

    • thank you Markus for taking time to look and comment i appreciate that…and yes here i look for ppl i may have taught at some point in my life…and i hope that they rebuild this space soon…but it’s etown and i often doubt what happens…but of course prefer the believing game…change is possible 🙂 many smiles back! 😀

  11. thanks for reminding me
    to keep change in my pocket
    for those i encounter
    who are in real need!
    happy, relaxed holiday
    to you, hedy 🙂

    • dear David
      i appreciate
      your words
      and your wonderful works!
      compose a delightful and joyous holiday
      and yes i’m planning a ‘soft’ one…we have BIG snow flakes and i love snow 😀 thank you David ~ smiles and hugs hedy <3

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