1964 British Squadron film number

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According to Buddha

The astral atoms assume wonderful forms of light at the mere command of the imagination of one in this subtle realm, and disappear when s/he so wishes. They wake again, in an ever new garb of beauty, at his/her call. 

hb images - worn lights - 1_

hb images - worn lights - 2

hb images - worn lights - 3

hb images - worn lights - 4

quiero regalarte las estrellas
sola luna entera
una hora extra para respirar

un pastel
una cereza
un papel que tenga letras o también pinturas para dibujar



The Festival of Trees, Edmonton ~ December 2017

  1. Commanding the visual realm in beauty and form Hedy, you are so very accomplished
    at this. Celebrate life with love and laughter and the calendar turns once again. hugs, Eddie

    • Hugs back to you Eddie and I appreciate your words and kindness and I like this the calendar turns once again! Smiles and joy and hugs for a wonderful time…thank you for your teachings Eddie 😀☺️💫☀️

  2. Perfect visual story, May tomorrow bring you a shower of stars for 2018

  3. I’m not entirely sure what I am looking at Hedy 🙂 But the shapes and colours are wonderful. I wish you a wonderful New Years Eve!

    • Happy new year Peter these are heavily worked trees close up I had fun composing them in our cold snap 🤓❄️💫 sending you joy for all good things smiles 🤗☺️ hedy

  4. Wonderful abstract captures, wishing you and yours a wonderful New Years. Have a great 2018.

    • thank you dear Terry i appreciate your kind words and friendship on sloppy…compose a year full of adventures and fun…and live them to their fullest…i know you have a fun trip to Canada planned…i will get that map from Banff to Jasper to you…seeing my friend on the 12th i’ll ask him then ^_^ 🙂

  5. Such ethereal beauty you create. Happy New Year Hedy. May 2018 be all you could wish for.

  6. Beautiful dear Hedy .. happy NY!

  7. Yes, we’re getting seriously astral here! I love what you did with these, Hedy!

  8. artful.
    (I’m having problems with WP. it’s only showing me some posts from my friends, then there is nothing. very strange).

  9. wonderful sunny winter patterns … …you got an wonderful to capture that for us! Like always! 🙂

  10. Beautiful group. Perfectly realized.

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