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According to Buddha

There is no excuse for a wrong state of mind.  You must be always positive-minded, cheerful, smiling, vibrant.  By all means, practice this mental youthfulness that comes from the core of your being.

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i spent the day in bed
it’s a consolation
when all my dreams
are perfectly legal
in sheets for which i paid
i am now laid
and i recommend to all of my friends that they

stop watching the news!
because the news contrives to frighten you
to make you feel small and alone
to make you feel that your mind isn’t your own


Strathcona Antique Mall, Edmonton AB ~ December 2017

  1. If eyes could tell a story… they would have a lot to say. Cool idea and prefect setup. Stunning and a bit freaky. 🙂 Smiles to you. Reinhold

    • well i think they do…the light shines from inside…yes i had fun composing this little post…thank you!…many smiles back to you Reinhold ~ smiles over the pond 😀

  2. Beautiful, and great advice from Morrissey…won’t spend many days in bed, but have begun to shut down the news. Thanks, Hedy.

    • no no i do love my bed though and it’s been bitterly cold over the holidays so bed, books and photo editing did happen 😀 i love Morrissey’s song too ~ many smiles Van 😀

  3. o.k. i’ll just have to keep practicing , although usually i’m fine 😉

  4. In Dzogchen we call it remaining in a constant state of contemplation. Observing all events as they pass through you absent of decernment. It’s tricky, we’re so easily led astray by ‘ordinary mind.’

    • Mike and Lori yes the ‘natural primordial state of being’…yes it’s all practice…i try my best…i’ve embrace my monkey mind at this point and practice daily…well mostly, i’m sloppy 😀 smiles hedy 😀 thanks kindly for your comments…appreciated.

  5. Have to disagree with the Buddha here…I’ve come to believe this idea we should be positive all the time can be dangerous. Sometimes we need to feel the sadness and work through it, otherwise it will come back and can be dangerous. As can self pity–gratitude is extremely important. I think we need to learn to navigate the adversity and appreciate the lessons…if we can. And cry when we need to…it’s a really important release. (My opinion.)
    Those doll eyes are kind of creepy!
    Happy 2018! <3

    • ahhhhh creepy eyes and yes those Buddhas…who knows Raven Wolfe…i took it as ‘mental youthfulness’…so i thought about how i respond to news/life…do i bounce right back up in a vibrant cheerful way…not staying submerged too long…so of course i want to feel all emotions…when i feel sad/mad negative emotions i then know i feel joy/happiness positive emotions…i understand with what you written and i do have ‘pity parities’…sleep is my best meditation…i’m reminded of Sara Ahmed’s work The Cultural Politics of Emotion…

      “The impossibility of ‘fellow feeling’ is itself the confirmation of injury. The call of such pain, as a pain that cannot be shared through empathy, is a call not just for an attentive hearing, but for a different kind of inhabitance. It is a call for action, and a demand for collective politics, as a politics based not on the possibility that we might be reconciled, but on learning to live with the impossibility of reconciliation, or learning that we live with and beside each other, and yet we are not as one”

      happy 3rd day of 2018 <3 delicious sunshine <3 hugs!

  6. Yes, yes stop watching the news! It’s so toxic. Be as this child – wide-eyed and curious. Lovely shots Hedy.

    • thanks Alison and yes news can be toxic we need more ‘good’ news…i’ve always been curious…i have memories of my father calling me curious George 😀 hope you’re well and having fun in Montreal! ~ smiles

  7. News is the evil in society. Hard to believe any of what is said and ruins our outlook. I am more at peace being away from all media. Great captures of the doll although reminds me of some old scary movies. HAHA. Have a great day Hedy.

    • yes unplugging is good…for some reason i always feel a need to know…after about a week…i do peek and then have my wonders…authenticity is refreshing isn’t it 😀 have a gooder Terry 😀

  8. Most news is only a human interpretation of what is going on.

    • ahhhhh yes all perception and illusion some say that to me anyways ~ compose a news free day Elaine ~ thanks for your comments ~:-D hedy

  9. Great compositions here. 🙂 Happy New Year, Hedy!

  10. What a creative and cool idea. I like that you did it in BW. Wishing you a warm and fun filled weekend, Hedy. Cheers!

  11. eyes tell a story all of their own, sometimes we know right away what they may be saying, other times the mystery remains deep inside the drifts of time.
    fantastic eye photos Hedy, bring it all together nicely.
    stay warm

  12. wishing you time free
    of cold, news & scary
    baby eyes 🙂

    • David…yes those baby eyes 🙂 we’ve had delicious sunshine…now just some snow…hope you’re having a fun weekend ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  13. There is nothing like mental youthfulness, especially as we grow old. My Mum always said be positive .. and I believe that that was great advice! I don’t find your doll creepy .. just being positive 🙂

    • ahhhh yes…my mom says that too and along with some other cliches…which i of course love and makes me giggle or wonder…off to see my mother now…have a joyful and fun day Julie! smiles and yes i agree i thought the eyes were bright and wide and alert and so so round…funny what we see 😀

  14. Dark and bright eyes. And all the images inside. Beautiful and scary at the same time. Nice pictures.

  15. Very odd and almost disturbing doll’s eyes. Not sure I agree with you about not watching the news as I think we have to be very aware and informed these days and strong but certainly ration it and make sure there is also a Good News feed!

    • good morning Trevor and Georgina oh yes i remember a song titled “good news” from Lillian Allen…in this post i borrowed words from Morrissey – Spent the Day in Bed…i like the song very much ~

      being awake matters…and i do question the “news” i question what i hear/see/…also what i’m not seeing or reading beyond network television news…reading widely is a good thing for sure…also knowing as long as i’m not at the table i can only work on me :-D…my daily habits control my life is also what the Buddha teaches me 🙂 hope you’re having a good day ~ smiles hedy 🙂

      • Agree, I suppose ever since Brexit and Trump I have felt the need to be more vigilant about the news and try not to suffer from what Chomsky suggests is an amnesia about past news. Guess it goes into an oblivion but I think if we try to be more Buddha aware we possibly can know where truth and compassion should lie in our political structures!

        • never normalize them…and yes the historical parallels…i heard a talk from Arthur Brooks last week…and response to political beings…of course as kindness is always possible…but some things are necessarily troubling…now i’m off to the land for fresh air…thanks so much for this note…i also appreciate the works of Chomsky…the Democracy Now program was powerful…bye bye for now ~ hedy

  16. That’s a great juxtaposition, the lyrics and doll photos. Wow, good idea, Hedy, but then, you have lots of those, don’t you? It’s a pleasure getting back to looking at blogs when they’re as good as yours….

    • humble thank you Lynn…i enjoy composing them…and yes side by side…picture by picture…word by word…i appreciate your comments and time for stopping by…compose a wonderful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  17. Hedy, I think I see a thought progression in your ‘according to Buddha’ postings. Very nice 😀 And your excellent photos, I like. 😁

    • well that’s good to know Robert…appreciated…i’ve been learning and surfacing from my grieving process…word like *cogitation*contemplation*deliberation*excogitation*judgment*meditation*reflection*rumination* bubble up for me…and that Buddha always has something to say that fits what i’m feeling and un/learning…and my little black box i love it like a good friend…i always have her with me 🙂 compose an excellent day ~ smiles hedy 😀

      • My little black box goes with me too. I mostly remember to let go or as the Beatles said, let it be. That and my subtitle here say it all for me. Take care, Hedy. ☺️

  18. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ‘matter of fact, as I came back from Asia, I deleted my app for daily French news. Such a relief. 😉
    Sawa dee krap!

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