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According to Buddha

It is not our passing thoughts or brilliant ideas but our everyday habits that control our lives. 

hb images - Tpark wolfmoon - 3

hb images - Tpark wolfmoon - 4

hb images - Tpark wolfmoon - 2

hb images - Tpark wolfmoon - 5

hb images - Tpark wolfmoon - 6

there’s a brand new world around us
lots of good news on the way
and for each and everyone of us
it’s a brand new day

there’s a brand new kinda meaning
to the words that people say
and for each and everyone of us
it’s a brand new day

Terwillegar Park, Edmonton, Alberta ~ January 2018

  1. More like Planet 9 with a sharp left turn out of my freezer. Brrrrr.

  2. love those skies… gorgeous moody shots, Hedy…

    • yes we have a lot of sky here…it was a beautiful morning with the moon and sun…different light…thanks for saying
      Alexandra…have a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  3. I love the silhouettes here, Hedy. Hoping you have a great week. Snow or rain this week?

  4. thanks for presenting
    a brand new day 🙂

    • ahhhh David i think many Buddhas say that…i learned it from Thich Nhat Hanh…a brand new 24 hours…it’s a wonderful to me 🙂 hoping you are having a meaningful and productive day ~ smiles hedy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. You’ve done it again Hedy. Amazing post. Superb images – great music. I am really curious what the wire structure is.

    • so kind to say this to me Mobius…thank you…it’s all practice and composed in my hedy head moments…i enjoy creating posts and glad you say…i called them ‘things’ but if my memory is correct it’s for birds and nesting…for protection..i’ve never seen a bird in one…they are just there at the edge of the pond…have an arty day ~ smiles!

  6. Those colours are so beautiful! I see a bit of colour in the night sky, but it’s never as gorgeous as the morning sky–which I usually miss. Thank you for sharing! <3
    I agree with the Buddha this time! 🙂

    • it was so pretty Raven Wolfe…quiet and pink…i need to try more night walks but yes i’m an early bird i know that…ahhhhh those Buddha’s always have so much to say 😉 i don’t always agree with them…i like to ‘trouble’ their words too 😀 smiles from cowtown!

  7. Stunning!

  8. Great captures tell a story with a single photo. Oor everyday actions define who we are.

    • some one once told me to choose your habits carefully…as eventually you will have to stop them…i’m a fairly routine kind of being…i have an everyday practice…smiles Terry…thanks for your comments i always appreciate them…i do wonder about the stories ppl tell with a single photo…or a string of photos…so many possible interpretations always ~ ~ ~ 😀

      • Yes we all interpret them for what our vision sees, that is what makes life so enjoyable. Have a wonderful week Hedy.

  9. Gorgeous images Hedy … I’m lost in their loveliness. And that quote is a classic too, so true

  10. I love these, Hedy, what magnificent colors, especially with the silhouetted plants and fencing. Just delicious! Some of my favorites, I think! 😉

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