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According to Buddha

You don’t need any methods to get rid of the wrong ideas you have about yourself. All you have to do is stop believing them. The best way to do this is to replace them with ideas that more accurately reflect the real state of affairs.

hb images - reflect buildings b-w - 5

hb images - reflect buildings b-w - 2

hb images - reflect buildings b-w - 3

hb images - reflect buildings b-w - 1

entre la nuit, la nuit et l’aurore.
entre les voyants, les vivants et les morts.
if this is heaven
i need something more

i thought, i found a way to enter
it’s just a reflektor (it’s just a reflektor)
i thought, i found the connector
it’s just a reflektor (it’s just a reflektor)


downtown etown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ January 2018

  1. Very well done, Hedy. Great pictures!

  2. Really nice set, Hedy. I don’t get into urban downtowns very often…I like the lines, mergers, and reflections a lot. Especially in black & white…. 🙂

    • thanks Mic…i try to do more street work…i like being in urbanspaces and wandering too…not many humans in these temperatures…i have fun playing in post editing trying some little sliders too…enjoy your beautiful nature…i love the woods too 😀 have a good day ~ smiles

      • Urban spaces have a lot to offer visually. I see that in your work and that of others, too. Have a good day, Hedy!

  3. BOOM! That went the distance Hedy.

    • etown downtown is growing but it’s small and being updated now…so there is a lot of empty spaces in these buildings next to the ice district…have a creative day Mike and Lori 😀 appreciate your comment!

  4. Oh, I absolutely LOVE these images. Especially the 2nd and 3rd! The lines, angles, tones, reflections… ahhh wonderful!

  5. Nices pictures.

  6. Beautiful cityscapes. A good idea in cold weather. Cheers

  7. Fascinating images, Hedy. Beautiful work and they are so effective in monochrome. You have a great eye for composition and patterns. Happy New Year to you!

  8. Amazing photos and very reflective!

  9. The idea of these images and the quote together is funny, to me. The images have so many layers, they are without any accurately “real state of affairs.” Here’s to getting lost in reflections, Hedy! 🙂

    • me too…it was a reflective time…it’s good to not hang in the rear view mirror too long 😀 have a happy and creative day Lynn! 😀

  10. wonderful photos and advice: replace them replace them replace them 🙂

  11. Nice Images – should be entered for Cee’s B&W Challenge ‘Corners’ – If you haven’t already that is! I really love that last image 🙂

  12. Very good Hedy. Both text and visual.
    We are but reflections. Something that stops photons on a photograph. Frozen for eternity.

  13. ..that is excellent… …I always got the feeling that it’s so easy to dive into your photo series and let me carried away. Wonderful single photos combined to a harmonic story. I’m impressed that you are able to breathe so much life into your images. My big respect for you!

    • i’m doing a crit this week with some photographers…i will use your words ‘breathe so much life into your images’…i like that some work i am looking at is so ‘tight, sharp and perfect’…i want to mess them up…throw some paint around…thank you for your thoughtful response…appreciated! 😀

      • so true, Hedy. I got a feedback for my photos, between the lines, from someone who stands for ‘more clearness in photos – less distortion’… …I think and and I feel that life is not ‘clear’ or ‘sharp’… …life is, where you find the beauty in the dirt, where you *feel* the colors and shapes that you does not see with your eyes… …that’s why I’m capturing moments. I appreciate and be full of respect for photographers who capture things in a technically perfect way. In a way which I maybe never be able to do it. And I enjoy the work of my fellow photographer friends. …but I can only capture what I feel, what I see… …and in the end it’s my story that I want to tell… …and that’s the best chance to let people find out who I am. 🙂

        • i heard a lot about ‘tack sharp’ all weekend…i am an imagemaker…i think photographers who have studied their practice know much more about the science…the mechanics of making images…and i appreciate their understandings…i think throwing some paint and mess making would loosen up the reins…but who am i…i just makes more sense to me…i remember hearing a prof say to me “Facts don’t care about your feelings”…in my hedy head I thought what an absurd way to start a conversation about the art making process…for me feelings have feelings…and i am using your line of ‘breathing some life into’ into your work for my crit…i’m having fun/making plotting it out…using artists works…i look forward to sharing it with the ‘real’ photographers…apparently there is a history of only men doing this with them…so i’m make it soft filled with feelings….tee hee…i’m learning lots and i love that…later Markus…have a creative and fun day! smiles 🙂

          • „Facts don’t care about your feelings“ wow, what a brilliant start.. 😀 ..what about “feelings create facts” ? …but I guess it’s this never-ending discussion between technique and emotions. Of course I will not refuse to learn about techniques. I would like to improve my skills, because they offer me a tool, a brush with which I can paint pictures. All my life I felt that I had two left hands with only thumbs in art… …and even at school my art teacher told me “..but you a good boy, Charlie Brown”. 🙂 It’s not my goal to take the ‘most sharpest photo’ ever, but with this tools I learned, I try now to paint my emotions… …and in your case, we all see that it works.
            Hedy, I feel honored that you will use the words ‚breathing some life into‘… …and I’m interested how this story continue.
            Breath a lot of life and smiles in your day. 🙂

          • i did it…something fell out of my mouth…i was a tad nervous…a mic and podium are not my style…i felt confined as i normally like to pace when i lecture…anyways i did use “breathe some life” into your works…i also relied heavily on visual representations to have them ‘look’ and ‘see’…apparently no one has ever spoken to them as i did…so that was good…always good to nudge ppl and i also learn when i experience some discomfort…i will do it again…it’s about language and position and what humans perceive to be real or true to them…i also talked about pin hole cameras…that was fun…i also made them laugh…and i always love that…i shared some of these images from Nick…

            now off to see more Fargo like etown in the snow…i can’t get it out of my mind…ppl walking against the snow…just like the scenes from Fargo really ~~~~ smiles over the pond ~ later Markus 😀

          • so great, Hedy! Wonderful. I love it to see when someone one step beyond. That is so motivating and encourage me to think about, where I can step over lines in my life, instead of standing still. Thank you, Hedy.

            Wow, this “Brighton Solargraphs” pix are amazing. A 5 month exposer time… …you can really feel how this images capture the time. Unbelievable how beautiful the sun had draw its path! many smiles over the pond 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..and enjoy your wild Hedy Fargo moments.. 🙂

          • i am gotta get out tomorrow and go downtown…it’s not hard to find here 😉 😀 smiles Markus!

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