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According to Buddha

Mediation won’t free us completely from all obstructions in us on the first day, but it is the beginning of a road we can travel that will reveal increasing divine light as we purify and open our nervous system further each day. The guru is in you.

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if i don’t turn around, you’ll always know where to find me
here’s to the lucky ones, let’s drink to better days
to you and yours everywhere, this one’s on me (for a change)
don’t cry for me, remember that no one and nothing is free
nothing is nothing and everything is so far away.


Leduc, Alberta ~ January 2018

  1. I once “ran away” with a woman from a pancake house. We ended up in Kansas, cold and flat. Your image reminds me that nothingness prods memories to fill in a personal landscape.

    Thank you for allowing that certain chemical to remind me of 1973.

  2. Beautiful pics and meditation quote Hedy!!!

  3. I like how the barbed wire and horizon lines are so similar.

  4. You have simplified these down to their essence. You need no more to convey the scene in front of us. WONDERFUL. Have a great week.

    • it was a ditch with snow…i had my mukluks on…deep little surprises but i wanted the shots…yes i will i have much to do! 😀 i will send that map of jasper and banff along too… 😀

  5. Lovely, calming colours! The quote is a nice reminder that we can have new beginnings…on different roads, whenever we need them. Love that.
    The second thing I thought of, after the beauty of the colours, is how many places my boy pup would love to sniff at and “mark” with his “scent” in a place like this. 🙂 Fence posts and tufts of organic matter are such interesting places for pups!
    Thank you for sharing! <3

    • yes i like these soft colours…windy and sunny…and yes new beginnings and travel new roads…i think your pups will have fun today so calm and soft light…smiles sending you joy <3 😀

  6. Wonderful pics and wise words, nice nice.

  7. You make the barren landscape look beautiful. Our landscape looks just like that, anxious for spring!

    • Oh I’m thinking spring is a wee bit away still ☺️ but yes longer days already 🤓 compose a wonderful day thanks for your comment ~ smiles Hedy 😀

  8. Exquisite – every one of them.

  9. Finally, some snowy photos from you Hedy. I hope you’re enjoying it. Cheers

    • not enough snow for me…still pieces of grass and land peeking through….today we had rain again…so wild anyways all good here…hoping your days are treating you well…have a good day!

  10. Love your photos and especially this: “if i don’t turn around, you’ll always know where to find me” – beautiful and resonates with me! 🙂

  11. All lined up! I imagine them side by side…such clean, clear colors.

  12. Happy new year Hedy.
    We have just come back from our trip, where Buddha seemed to be everywhere. 🙂 I hope his benevolence rubs on us.
    The good thing about January, as cold as it may be (and it is here in Mexico city all proportions considered) the good thing is that we are now on the same side as Spring.
    Tot ziens

    • the Buddha is everywhere Brian…and each day i strive for equanimity…spring is a while away here…but mild days…and then some very bitter ones…i want snow…heel erg bedankt dat je me altijd hebt geschreven ^_^ 😀 ciao ~ hedy

      • Sawadee kraaap Hedy. After Asia I understand more about Buddha being everywhere. And yet, watching my daughter I wonder about the ultimate detachment. If you push detachment – as the ultimate cure for suffering – to its limit, you end up feeling nothing. Neither pain nor joy… Will mull. 🙂 And you are testing my meager Dutch. If I understand correctly you thank me for having written to you (Altijd? Again?) 🙂 Don’t mention it. The pleasure is mine. 😉 Have a lovely week. (Maybe equanimity is the right middle term between passion (joy/suffering) and (total) detachment? 😉 A bientôt.

        • ahhh my Dutch is poor…and i’m a sloppy buddhist…i think there is always suffering…waves and moments of joy and happiness flow…to feel nothing is be comfortably numb…to me…i don’t like that space…and i’ve learned feelings have feelings…for me learning to feel lifts suffering so i respond to what i witness with eyes open…but then again i’ve had times of having my eyes wide shut…bientôt…i will also visit your blog…doing some work (ish) stuff…wishing you an equanimitous day dear Brian…sending you joy schrijf je snel op ~ hedy 😀

          • It is ok to close eyes. And to open them. I have done both under bright and dire circumstances. I’d rather keep the open though. When I close them, the black screen opens back to tragic. 🙂 Not always.
            Equanimity has worked very well these past few days. 🙂 Dankje wel.
            “write you quick on”. ? Or something like that.
            Tot ziens.

          • zorg voor je Brian <3 it's a beautiful word i agree 😀

  13. …nothing against your lovely Alberta… …but I’m sure I’ve seen this place… …this is FARGO… …the fence where they buried the money 😉 😀 …just kidding 😉

    Hedy, your images and words go hand in hand… …wonderful to see… …wonderful to read that!

    ..smiles.. ..over the fence.. 🙂 🙂

    • i did look at your market Markus will come over to write…and yes it is Fargo for sure now i’m giggling….smiles many and thank you for always writing…i really do appreciate it! smiles and hugs over the pond 😀 giggles

      • 😀 😀 😀 …hey, psst, lets find out where the money is buried in Fargo… …take it and spread it amongst the people who need it and do good things with it! ..and get ourself a good coffee and some cake. 🙂 coffee smiles over the pond. 🙂

        PS: It’s such a pleasure to follow your warmly post at your outstanding blog!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • thank you Markus…i also appreciate and always enjoy what you see and compose…so yes imagine money 😀 it’s in the snow bank…i do imagine a different world…so i compose my days…a nice coffee and some lemon cake…that would be tasty right about now…i appreciate your kindness about my sloppy blog…when i started i never imagine it would be so…i remember my first quote to myself was “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.”…that was 2011…i also said by 2021 i would say i’m a photographer…so i must go all the way! 😀

  14. Lovely lines and wood! Great pics .. fabulous quote Hedy! Smiles to you ..

  15. You capture the lines, colors and sense of winter’s chill, so well Hedy 💛

    • i love white and winter Val…i’m hoping for snow…although i’ve heard the birds singing happily…they like the warmth…smiles ~ hedy

  16. white, white scenes, blurred vision, where am ‘I’ going.
    must slow down, breathe in, breathe out. sit quietly.
    a most proper post for the season, smiling wide
    wonderful photos Hedy, have a quiet day

    • and now i’m smiling wide…thank you always for your teachings dear Eddie…i controlled my breath work a lot this week and spoke my truths…voicing them worked wonderfully…have a gentle and peaceful day ~ hugs hedy 😀

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