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According to Buddha

Worry thoughts are a habit. They act like a poisonous drug on the mind. Learn to remove the causes of your worries without permitting them to worry you. Where the worries and trials of everyday life are concerned, the mind must be like water, which does not retain any impression of the waves that play on its surface.

hedy bach images - flowers and bubbles - 1_

hedy bach images - flowers and bubbles - 4

hedy bach images - flowers and bubbles - 3

hedy bach images - flowers and bubbles - 2_

i’ve been on the top
but i lay low
ignoring all the signs if you say so
i don’t miss a thing i already know
say it ain’t so.

we could be water…


flora + water ~Edmonton, Alberta ~ January 2018

  1. Excellent sights for eyes who long for just a little warmth.

  2. What a lovely pictures. Absolutely stunning.

  3. Amazingly beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous, Hedy.

  5. Water droplets… always stunning. Like you color tones, Hedy. Lovely compositions and images. Happy days. Reinhold

    • that’s exactly what i said when i started the workshop…kind of hard to not like a water droplet 😀 i am practicing and it’s a lot of fun Reinhold…hope you have a snappy day ~ smiles 😀

  6. Fantastic captures Hedy.

    • thank you so much Terry…i had a fantastic time playing and learning a bit more about my camera settings…i still felt my phone captured the details…i do like macro work…have a happy day! smiles 😀

  7. These series of photographs are incredibly beautiful. They give you such a delight to look at them.

  8. These are so warm and beautiful. We need a bit of color now. I’ve been shooting in black and white a bit lately because things tend to be a bit grey. Have a great day. Cheers!

    • and i’ve been inside more than normal for me…such cold days makes finger tips hurt…i think from past frost bite…so finding inside things has been fun too…cheers! 🙂

  9. Spectacular, Hedy! The details here are stunning.

    • humble thank you Lemony…i went to a workshop to learn more along the way…but i know your work has also informed me…appreciate you saying…have a stunning day! 🙂 hedy

  10. Or maybe the mind could be like water that beads up and sparkles in the flowers….these are fun, Hedy, and so well done….was the orchid at home and you doused it? I’ve read that people get this effect by using drops of oil, too. The last one is perfection.

    • it was a fun workshop…and i learned a lot…i still have much to learn along the way about ‘cameras and lenses’…and then the post editing work…this week i learned a bit more…about Adobe, Capture 1, Nic, Luminator…and some other raw transfer stuff…my mind and body are water…i’ve always believed i’m water…after the workshop i needed to practice on my own so i purchased a couple of flowers to play with and yes your suggestions of using drops of oil…i will try that too…the last one i did with my iPhone…i surrendered…i think a macro lens would be a lot of fun…i’m sharing what i wrote about my experience of the workshop here…today i’m going to a critique workshop also exciting for me…. 😀

      • Who doesn’t have much to learn? Technically, I could benefit from major doses of teaching! I haven’t used all those programs, but rely on LR and color efex/silver efex, which can yield so many permutations. It’s funny that the one you made with your phone is my favorite – sometimes that happens to me, too – either I don’t have the camera, or the phone’s wider angle works better, and then sometimes you get really great images. No reason to think of it as surrendering, just another good tool. I have a macro lens and I just love it….now I’ll go check the link….have a watery day, Hedy! (Personally, I’m earth and air more than water or fire, so I can use some more moisture! 😉 )

        • me too as i told my photo friend…i need you to repeat it many times and talk to me like i’m 6 then i can practice and practice til i get it 😀 i love water…i’m work to balance my ayurveda dosha’s my basic constitution is Vata, Pitta…but i think we are all five varying on what we are living in the moment…and those moments transition daily…but you know that…i’ve surrendered…it’s freeing…but always need some edge…you know…smiles many 😀 have a creative day Lynn

  11. Well these ones are especially gorgeous. And inspiring! Soon I will get outside with my camera!

    • it’s been so icy here…rain in etown in January isn’t my thing…so much ice…albeit i have studded cleats…i am hoping for snow now…it’s winter…and i love snow…hope you’re doing well and get outside…i will take my mutts soon as i do go out daily because of them 😀 smiles and joy ~ hedy

  12. Flowers and water. Beautiful photos.

    • dear Alex…thank YOU…i always appreciate your kind comments…i also know we need more beauty….have a beautiful day 😀 smiles hedy

  13. ppfff… …don’t know what to say… …beautyful !!! ….and full of warm colorful life. That is stunning, Hedy. I love it! What else can you feel than a pure joy in life! many smiles to you 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • my sloppy blog is about beauty…so that’s good you say…everyday i look for beauty and i have since 2011…this thinking and looking has changed me…and i post what i am processing…and each day has moments of joy…and i flow with the waves of all that life brings…and it feels good to feel! Many smiles back Markus always appreciate your thoughtful words and reflections…thank YOU! 😀 😀 😀

      • …so good the read about this ‘changing me’… …not only that you make us happy with it… …you do all this progress for yourself. And that’s wunderbar! 🙂 ..flow further with that waves… ..or in the word of your fellow canadian guys:


        There are witches in the hills calling my name
        saying come join us sister, come kiss the flame
        Come dance in the moonbeams, ride the night wind
        make love to the darkness and laugh at man’s sins

        I shiver with delight, I shiver with fear
        my heart wants to go but my soul’s filled with fear
        So I turn to my lover and ask what do I do
        do I answer their call or stay here with you

        But under spell of deep sleep he moans and turns away
        taking his protection and my desire to stay
        So I rise to the hill tops, I ride the night winds
        I make love to the darkness and laugh at man’s sins

        (Cowboy Junkies)

        • ahhhhh Margo Timmins…i do appreciate the Cowboy Junkies for many reasons…thank you for all your comments and cheering me on Markus…i appreciate it…and i can’t Fargo out of my mind now…smiles over the pond 😀 😀 😀

  14. after taking in your flowers
    i’m singing
    don’t worry, be happy 🙂

    • David…i can here that whistling starting…such a great song…i’m having a second coffee and listening to it now 😀 be happy! smiles ~ hedy thank you

  15. I read the article – good for you – and thanks for all the “Oh, now I see!” Moments. 🙂

    • thank you Lynn…it is all about seeing and looking…and being in the moment…thank you for all your thoughtful comments…one day we shall have some tea and talk 😀

  16. Bubbly and beautiful … brightened my day.

  17. Yes. Toxic thoughts (and people) can get to you. Hard to erase from your mind though…

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