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Latona is a minor planet number

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According to Buddha

Life is a cosmic movie (projected within the screen of consciousness). I look at the beam of light, which is projecting these scenes on the screen of life (consciousness). I see the pictures of the whole universe coming from this beam.

hedy bach images - qe2 -b-w 5

hedy bach images - qe2 -b-w 2

hedy bach images - qe2 -b-w 1_

hedy bach images - qe2 -b-w 3

hedy bach images - qe2 -b-w 8

just another diamond day
just a blade of grass
just another bale of hay
hope the horses pass


QE2 ~ Central Alberta ~ January 2018

  1. Nice one !!

  2. Someone had fun editing. These are great. They look just like pen and ink drawings, Hedy. I’m off to an old fashioned ice cutting demonstration this morning. Stay warm.

    • well i was fiddling around…and at some workshops about editing programs…i did these in Lightroom…i’m off to a Competition details: to see some humans judging approximately 100 images from several camera clubs from Ontario, New York and Pennsylvania…apparently i will be able to see the scores posted for each image as the human judges determine them…must be like marking 😉 maybe i miss that…na na na…i’m happy i’m not marking all weekend anymore…and i feel like drawing…many smiles Chris…enjoy the art of art sculpture…my father made them too…that’s a really nice memory for me to think of today 😀 thank you for that too…appreciate your comments ~ smiles 😀 😀 😀

      • It sounds like fun, Hedy. I can’t imagine spending the weekend marking papers. Just planning lessons is more than enough. I’m glad my comment brought good memories. Cheers

  3. An open expanse readily accepting all life spreads wide before us.
    Dare we ask for anything more?
    Incredible share Hedy, stay warm

    • dear Eddie…’dare we ask for more’…that’s so true to me…i am grateful for life…i’m warm and cozy…coffee…dogs snoring…and some Bob Marley playing now thanks to David 😀 smiles joy and warmth maybe you will be in your garden…i’m off to the woods the end of dark is arriving soon 😀

  4. great quote as always. thanks for sharing it. and inspiring photos, too.

    • i thought so too papershots…the Buddha reminds me life is an illusion and each day find joy and beauty…appreciate your comments 😀 thank you kindly ~ have a fun day ~ hedy

  5. Really nice set, Hedy…the stark beauty of winter on the Alberta prairie.

    • thanks so much Mic 😀 i turned our bright blue sky into white…i like white 😀 smiles for a happy day 😀

      • Really!!?? That is eye-opening for me…I aways turn blue skies dark gray or black out of habit. The white sky really works on these images! I need to remember that… Wishing you a good week🙂

        • it’s bright here…of course we have grey days…but some times the bald headed prairies…have no clouds…i like the minimal feelings and it’s all practice for me Mic…have a fun day…i will also try to reverse some sky…smiles hedy 😀

  6. You are so good at this!!!

    • humble thank you Penny…i really enjoying composing them…it’s all in my hedy head so sloppy is a good release…and fun for me…appreciate your comments ~ smiles hedy 😀

  7. so much to see along the QE2!

  8. Stunning 💛

  9. So graphic, everything pared to its essence, a great way to do these images.I like the way you try different methods all the time. And you succeed in making beautiful images, all the time!

  10. Wonderful pictures these are! The silo’s like the skyline of a strange minimalist city, agricultural cathedrals.

    • yes almost from another world sort of feeling…towering on the flat land…that’s nice agricultural cathedrals…i like that image Peter…smiles from the flat land 🙂

  11. Very nice captures of the farmland of Alberta, so low key. Have a great week Hedy.

  12. These are really cool–they look like drawings–and very visually appealing!
    Hope you are staying warm on these very humid winter days! <3

    • layers lots of layers…i like snow…no more rain…i’m warm and busy in a good way Raven Wolfe…enjoy your horses and dogs…the arena looks amazing…smiles <3

  13. Perfect in every way Hedy.

    • gosh…thank you kindly…although in my hedy head there is no perfect…it’s all practice and learning along the way 🙂 have a creative day! 😀

  14. juzt like
    my dae 🙂

  15. i really like the second one.

  16. Very cool photos!! 😀

  17. Excellent!

  18. Every one a gem. I must get out more often! Into the wild. It’s very urban where I live.

    • i feel like i know the QE2 like the back of my hand…it’s a long line…with about 5 bends…i do like the open vastness…i am a urban woman though…i think Vancouver gives all parts of nature…i love the sea…we only have a river…and it’s very dry here…thank you for your kind comments Alison have a snappy day ~ smiles hedy

  19. I see someone who is very clever with her camera .. and has a great eye for editing 😃 Go girl!

  20. A very good selection again. Snow has a way of… simplifying. 🙂
    I remember skiing and mountaineering: once you are “in” the snow, peace and quiet settles in. And the only sound are your skis, or boots if climbing.
    A white path to tranquility

  21. Your talent captures such beauty of this big beautiful province. Thank you for sharing here. Been away too long. xo

  22. wonderful, Hedy! with such less black ink you draw so beautiful shapes and structures! Great work, again. 🙂 winter smiles to etown 🙂

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