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Agnes the stony Florian asteroid number

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According to Buddha

The astral world is the subtle sphere or heaven behind the gross physical world.

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another time
in the age of wonder
another world
another time
this land was green and good
until the crystal cracked!
once more, they will replenish themselves
change and then wait
the power of their source…
the crystal…


south etown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ running errands ~ January 2018

  1. That looks quite snowy.
    Here we have only rain. 🙂

    Excellent photos.

  2. The snow looks wonderful. The 3rd capture of the man walking shows me the chill in the air. Have a wonderful week.

  3. A bit of your world on a snowy day, eh? Nice. I like the train tracks in snow. That looks really cool. Have a great week, Hedy.

  4. Great sequence Hedy. 🙂
    I’m guessing, like us, you are a bit below normal snow levels. Cold, then mild, then cold – the snow pack grows & shrinks in uncertainty.

    Tried commenting on your Twitter post about a bit of synchronicity . I use the word try because my Twitter skills, like the snow pack, seem to grow then shrink from day to day. 😀

    I also just noted your list of recent posts reads like coded instructions – A poem of secrets & ambiguities. 🙂

  5. Each year the world of white subsumes the one of color, and then, after a time and the working of its invisible magic, returns it to us renewed…

    Lovely images as always, Hedy!


  6. Brr–you really captured the feeling of how cold it is! Well done! I would know it was very cold even if I didn’t know! 😀
    The days are getting longer! Stay warm and safe! <3

  7. Great snowy photos Hedy!!!

  8. Indeed Hedy, indeed.

  9. These are lovely!

  10. Oh the light and the clarity! Beautiful shots Hedy.

  11. I do have a problem with black and white, dichotomous, subtle/gross divisions of what is. Even when it’s a quote of the Buddha. To me it’s only when the astral and the physical are both given a place in my life that I truly live. What about you?
    Is that a permissible thing to ask?

    • dear Ellington…of course you can ask 😀 i’m not sure i can answer as i am not a Buddhist i’m a reader of some of the writings of Buddhas…i’m seeing in the dark and hiding in the light i wrote that once…all divisions are artificial to me…places and spaces merge and i live in the grey…i don’t know…but i do trouble understandings i used the quote from Paramahansa Yogananda in this post metaphorically in relation to the architectural ‘ugliness’ i see in etown…perhaps, a false dichotomy…i was looking for beauty…i felt i found it in the light and colours…awaken to both the physical and astral world…perhaps, astral planes are of differing atmospheres, or vibrations, and each soul that passes on from this earth is attracted to whichever atmosphere is in harmony with its own particular vibration…now i will chew on your questions…thank you for that Ellington ~ smiles hedy 😀

  12. Great photos, Hedy! The first, second and third especially, and the last is like, wheeeee!

    • you’re the best at culling them out…i appreciate that Lynn….the sofa on the balcony of the fourth one for me was….well…ugly…as i look for beauty…these captures seem crude…unattractive…yet the sunlight was beautiful…with the blanket of white…so looking at what ‘is’…trying to make the ordinary extraordinary…tee hee 😉 smiles ~ hedy 🙂

  13. Love the top and bottom images.. 🙂

  14. It does seem like ‘another time’ now when the snow was deep and it was so very, very cold.
    Long ago, and far away…crisp and clean photos that easily remind me of distant memories.
    hugs from down the street, Eddie

    • hugs back dear Eddie…it’s true you are just down the street…a long one but i like that very much 🙂 hugs back and a handful of joy! 🙂 hedy

  15. with this warm light your photo got something innocent and fresh… …and then there is this fourth images.. ..diferent to the other ones… …is that a sofa on the balcony? 😀 fresh and innocent mornings smiles to you 🙂

  16. Beautiful photos and snow.

  17. I am late… Mails piling up like snow, and I wish to keep the best for last and sometimes not reaching the best…
    So much snow.
    I think about my compatriots who got stranded all night around Paris with 3 inches of snow. Haha! And of course blame the government for it.
    Very nice sequence. (I’ve put an extra sweater on)

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