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212212 in base 3 and 2552 in base 6 number

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According to Buddha

Essentially, conditions are neither good nor bad; they are always neutral, seeming to be either depressing or encouraging because of the sad or bright attitude of the mind of the individual concerned with them.

hb images - bridge - winter morning_

hb images - etown drive - 3

hb images - etown drive - 2

hb images - etown drive - 6

hb images - etown drive - 5

hb images - etown drive - 7

i spent a lot of my time looking at blue,
the color of my room and my mood:
blue on the walls, blue out of my mouth;
the sort of blue between clouds, when the sun comes out,
the sort of blue in those eyes you get hung up about.


river drive ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ February ~  2018

  1. In the eye of you, I feel the blue. When the sun shines my face, you fill the picture with grace.
    What a picture, what a life, what a world to see through eyes of every mind.

  2. Growing tired of the cold.

    • yes…my lips and face feel chapped and it’s so dry…i dream of being in humidity and little clothing and bare feet….soon i keep telling myself…i hope you are growing tired of my cold posts…big smiles and have a creative day Barry 😀 smiles!

      • I am not getting tired of any of your posts. They are always a highlight among others in the inbox.

        • Humble thanks and yes it’s winter here so I look for the beauty and the fun! You’ll see more yet if you choose too ☺️ thanks for cheering my blog on Barry I appreciate it ~ smiles Hedy 😀

      • You should try Louisville. Winter is taking a break and find it almost 70 degrees F this early am with rain. How crazy!

  3. This is a great set, Hedy. 1, 3, and 5 are really dynamic; love the blue hour photos. Snowing here in Ohio…

    • enjoy Ohio snow i love snow it’s white here and warming a tad bitter those -30 are well chapping my lips…and freezing my finger tips…warm smiles have fun skating Mic 😀

  4. The second picture… always go with the other Canadian, called the best of all of them, for Blue. 🙂

  5. again another wonderful quote. i keep repeating myself in every comment i make… 😉

  6. I remember when I stopped differentiating events. What a relief to discover how pointless and cumbersome my options were. Beautiful photos, blue indeed.

    • it’s the best to evolve i know that feeling too now….it is much calmer to just ‘be’…albeit harder to live out…but of course possible and to strive for 😀 thank you for your thoughtful comments ~ appreciated hedy 😀

  7. Stunning pics–the second one stirred my soul–wow! Thank you for sharing!

    • you’re always welcome dear Raven Wolfe…it was beautiful light…you know ~ hugs for a lovely day…it’s warming up i think 😀

  8. I want to know how you got the image on the bridge without getting run over, Hedy. Nice set of images.

  9. All of them so clear and crisp and winter-moody. Especially like the opening shot of the bridge. Have a lovely evening Hedy in snowy Etown. We’re hunkered down in Vancouver’s endless rain. Whatever! I go walking in it anyway!

    • it’s been bitter and bright…i left Vancouver i couldn’t handle the endless rain and grey as a prairie girl…and for sure it’s all about the gear…now i’m growing weary of hats and mitts and snow pants…that Michelin Man feeling…ready for bare feet and minimal clothing but we know it’s Canada land of the coats 😀 have a happy day…hugs! 🙂

  10. The quote works well with the images, which might be read different ways, depending on one’s mood. We bring so much to the table, don’t we? (Did you jump out and stand in the middle of the bridge??)

  11. yes, blue … the winters we lived in the Laurentians north of Montreal, my mum would refer to the “blue time of day”, just before dusk

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