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According to Buddha

Many teachers will tell you to believe; then they put out your eyes of reason and instruct you to follow only their logic. But I want you to keep your eyes of reason open; in addition, I will open in you another eye, the eye of wisdom.

hb images - whitemud winter - 7

hb images - whitemud winter - 6

hb images - whitemud winter - 3

hb images - whitemud winter - 2

maybe i was missing something initially
and maybe eventually it will all make sense
snakes against angels and stairways to heaven
i’m shaking all over and i can’t control it


etown river edge ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ February ~  2018


  1. A bit of fun with snow and shadows. So pretty. I hope you are still enjoying snow and life in genera1, Hedy. Cheers!

  2. I really like the bluish shadows on the snow. Excellent works.

  3. Snow!! 🙂❄️ Enjoy, Hedy… {Hopeful guidance from the Buddha today, too}

  4. Nice reminder about opening one’s eyes. Lovely pictures!

  5. The shadow of that pole! Endless. We had some frost over here Hedy. A thin layer of ice in a small patch of marshlands. I stepped on it and it wouldn’t hold me, so I got a wet foot. For the first time in… say 45 years or even longer. I had to laugh and felt young again 🙂 Warm greetings, Peter.

  6. Sublimely minimal. Thank you.

  7. Your sharing the Quotes has helped open my eyes. Wonderful captures, I can feel the chill in the air.

    • Wonderful Terry I enjoy my readings and it’s fun to share and I’m glad it resonates for you too 🤓💫 smiles have a happy day! 😀

  8. Love the deep blue shadows with that beautiful blue sky–and those little tree tops on the horizon! Thank you for sharing! Lovely quote, too. Hope you’re warm on this chilly day. <3

  9. Bleak and blue. Beautiful captures Hedy 💕

  10. Oh, I like this, it brings back nice memories. It’s been SO long since I’ve seen deep, white snow with blue shadows on it. I love the telephone pole view. All so clean and crisp and pared down.
    Hedy, I get this newsletter called “brain pickings” and a recent issue has a fascinating article about a project undertaken by a geologist who was a contemporary of Goethe’s. He decided to try to catalogue colors. The Smithsonian just made a reprint of his treatise. It looks like fun.
    (And the article links to a number of other interesting sources!).

    • Thanks so much for saying dear Lynn having a computer story to figure out 🤓😜🤓 so I will look closer in a day I appreciate your thoughtful comment have a happy V day!!’ Smiles 💫☺️❤️

  11. BOOM! and she does it again.

  12. That’s not Shaking all over.

    This is Shaking all over.

    • Well it was -30 sort of shaking ☺️❄️☀️ I’ll listen soon as I love music ❤️🙏 thanks kindly Hedy 😀

      • Yeah, I’ve noticed you have excellent and eclectic taste in music.

        You’ll love this one. An early 60s rock’n’roll classic by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates; covered by The Who, Suzi Quatro, Iggy Pop, Flamin’ Groovies, Cliff Richard, Horslips, Generation X (Billy Idol), Tin Machine (David Bowie) and Van Morrison among many others (including my old band). It’s got a killer bass line.

        I was a bit surprised to see another band do a different song with essentially the same name.

        If you’re shaking too much you should come down to Australia for a visit. We’ve been getting temperatures in the high 40s (Celsius) lately. Over 115 Fahrenheit.

        • that is also troubling…the whole world…i like music from the 60’s i remember Bowie, Idol and Van Morrison at a concerts…it’s a music day today…no news…i’ve been listening to Valerie June and Becca Mancari this week so fine…stay cool…and i’ll stay warm…working on keeping my heart soft…now tunes and tea ~ sending you joy ~ hedy 😀

  13. Oh, that pole…

    • ☺️☀️☀️☀️❄️❄️❄️❄️ it’s got that Fargo feeling to me Penny smiles from rainy etown 💦💦💦💦💦💫😀

  14. Remarkable pictures again. I can hear the snow crunching.
    Shakin’ all over… I’m not sure young women today realize how much the 60’s were a revolution that’s opened the way… 🙂

  15. love the middle two images 🙂

  16. ‘it will eventually all make sense’,
    this is the day.
    a smile brings it all together

  17. Stunning photography 😃 Is that shadow from a telegraph pole?

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