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According to Buddha

Those who allow their minds to ossify are truly dying. To solve the mystery of life you must be born anew every day. This means you must strive daily to improve yourself in some way. Above all, pray for wisdom, because with wisdom everything else comes. Be controlled not by moods, but by wisdom. And with that wisdom, develop creative thinking and activity. 

DSCF4005 2


DSCF3965 2

ice age
don’t cry baby

’cause we’ll ride it where it goes
and we’ll dress up for the cold
there’s gonna be nice days
in the ice age


woods ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ February ~  2018

  1. A collection of frozen things. How beautiful, Hedy. Cheers. Have a good week. 😃

  2. Excellent, minimal shots.

  3. incredible photos Hedy, let’s see more
    a beautiful day, isn’t it? with smiles, Eddie

    • Humble thanks dear Eddie…so appreciate your kindness and your teachings more than you know 😀 <3 thank you very much <3 it's beautiful day here today sun and so blue <3

  4. Wise words, poetic images, feelings to warm you up. Let’s jump on the ice and melt it to everyone’s heart. Love,

    • <3 yes all together we are all love…I agree…I agree we need more wisdom and kindness is always possible BIG smiles over the pond hedy 😀 😀 😀

  5. The message…thank you as always, Hedy.

  6. Lovely minimalist high key captures my friend. We learn something new each day if we just keep our minds open.

    • thank you kindly dear Terry…apologies for late responses…ugh computer issues…a first world issue promblematic nonetheless…it’s weary business 😀 smiles for a happy day! sending hugs and joy <3

  7. Absolutely gorgeous pics–such delicate remnants of the previous year’s life. Lovely in black and white! Thank you for sharing. <3 Getting warmer and brighter out there at last–excited to see the growing cycle begin again!

  8. Indeed hedy. Understanding rides in on on the wings of wisdom and brings quintessential peace.

    • rides in on the wings…means I always look up! and I try my best every day to do that Mike and Lori…thank you for saying I appreciate your thoughtfulness 😀

  9. Love the minimalism and humor Hedy. Keep wrapped up for a bit longer!

  10. I love the image of the stalk bending in the wind. It’s amazing how so little can say so much. I suppose it is about what we bring to it, too. It’s hard not to a relatedness there–a playfulness of plant and wind in one moment, a clinging in another, a hanging-on… It’s all there somehow. Everything at once, in the simplest things…

    Beautiful frames, Hedy.

    • ahhhh yes I’ve had this a hanging-on feeling a lot this winter…thank you for your thoughtful and kind words…appreciated hedy <3 😀

  11. soo minimalistic…. …but soooo strong. I love it, Hedy. Especial the first one… ….so full of life, so human how that plant is struggle with the wind. 🙂 🙂 wonderful work, Hedy many wintersmiles to town 🙂

    • wintersmiles back Markus…many I wish you a creative and productive week and send you joy and all good things! thank you kindly you’ve made me smile BIG wide smiles back 😀

  12. I was the one hundred and first to like your post. (I am a tad slow) That is the square root of 10201.
    I’ve printed your post. (Which is possibly only the second or third time I ever print one)
    Nice words and images to… ponder. 🙂
    (I am still a ways away from meditating…)
    Shall I get there?
    Thank you for your thoughts.
    May I send you a penny?

    • just do little meditations…I do mindful walks…and try each day to sit…be still…I also have teachers who guide me…this is also a worthwhile site to check out

      I’ve still regaining my ‘stuff’…so all this computer stuff is taking too long and too much time…but now I’ve surrendered ^_^ just finished a yoga class and meditation so I’m staying in the zone for a while today 😀

      • You’re the second person today to tell me of … how shall i put it? Insight techniques? Maybe the world outside is – turning – so ugly, one needs to turn inside? Hmmm. Food for thought. Merci. Dankje wel Hedy.

        • being inside can be a wonderful Brian like a cave…being inward is also needed…the world is very loud…I enjoy quiet these days….smiles and heel erg bedankt voor het schrijven en je afvragen … altijd op prijs gesteld 🤓😊☺️

  13. There’s nothing ossified about your photography, Hedy! You’ve explored another technique with great success – I like this. Another nice day in the white-out ice age! 🙂

  14. Delightful, delicate photos Hedy .. a quote of wisdom 🙂

  15. Delicate and powerful photos.

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