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According to Buddha

Do something brave and lovely with your life!

hb images - flower groovy - 1_

hb images - flower groovy - 2

hb images - flower groovy - 3

hb images - flower groovy - 4

wouldn’t you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love
we got a groovy kind of love
we got a groovy kind of love, oh
we got a groovy kind of love


underwater rose ~ February 2018


  1. Very psychedelic, Hedy. It almost does not look like photography. But they are beautiful. Cheers

  2. you never know how beautiful life is until it is nearly at an end

    • yes this is true to me Eddie…I prefer middles…beginnings and endings are tougher for me anyways…compose a beautiful day ☀️ hugs hedy 🙂

  3. Groovy, yes!

  4. Wonderful abstract captures, have a great finish to the week.

    • life’s been blurry here all the days are merging into a dream like state…smiles back to you dear Terry 😀 thank you kindly ☀️:-D

  5. so stunning, again… …wonderful colors and lights! The second photo is my favorite… …hard to say why amongst this brilliant pix… …but it pulls you inside somehow! Great, Hedy! smiles over the pond! 🙂

    • yup that’s where I’ve been inside 🙂 thanks for all your kind comments and responses Markus appreciated 🙂 getting things back up and running here on my end again….smiles back over the pond 🙂 thank you!

  6. Oh Hedy, I think you’ve outdone yourself. These are absolutely exquisite.

    • well they were fun to create…been having computer issues and oh well 😔 my phone can also have some things to play with…hoping life is treating you well…I will drop by your blog soon…I’ve been delayed…smiles from sunny etown ☀️

      • I’ve hardly been blogging . . . . .

        • I surrendered the Fuji and went with my phone….it’s a fun little tool…hoping you’re doing well…sending you all good things…soon we will feel the warm spring days…I yearning gentler days….and light to leave early…hugs <3

          • I just got a new Panasonic mirrorless with a wide angle and a zoom – can’t wait to really try it out but for some reason not motivated to go out much except for exercise. Maybe it’s just the weather, but I don’t mind the cold as long as I’m dressed for it. I sometimes think my photography is only for travelling so I’m so inspired by your ability to make gorgeous pictures from your everyday surroundings. I keep looking around, but no, nothing grabs me. It’s probably just a phase and I surrender into that. My focus (ha ha) is elsewhere – on planning for Japan and China, and on getting healthy and fit again. Sending all good things to you too. The light it slowly returning to us . . . . . . .
            A. xox

          • so fun…is it nice a light too?…the creative process has a life…just have fun…and yes you’re focused on healing…for new adventures…those will be so exciting…and wonderful places and spaces…we’re in a winter storm…ahhhhh it’s all weather…just look up…BIG hugs read this the other day…Japan was fascinating to me…

  7. These are SO fascinating! I love the movement in the second one–it is so artistic and beautiful! The last two are the rose? Very interesting–I see bits of Haida art imagery in them–but I find their art interesting too. Lovely pics–thank you for sharing! <3

  8. Beautifully executed.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful hedy.

  10. Awwww…. how beautiful this is, my dear Hedy, but then all that you do is! 🙂 xx

  11. Oh! These are so dynamic in color, shape, and line!! With an iPhone??? Sorry to hear about computer problems, Hedy…the Fuji is ok though I hope…Best wishes for a speedy recovery from all ills, whatever they may be.

    • well it was a fun moment with the circular app…and after a yoga class…it was relaxing and interesting to play with and yes I’ve got my LR back…I have all my work backed up…just those LR catalogues…they hide…getting all my dats back though the clouds and time capsule…today I learned I have 2 clouds…ahhhh all this learning along the way…but I think I ought to play with LR this weekend…tomorrow I’m off to take some street images…we have a winter storm warning…inclement weather fun! thanks Mic…I’ll visit soon 🙂 smiles

  12. Well, you’re doing something brave, lovely and groovy with yours these days!

  13. groovy special
    what that camera
    & you did, hedy 🙂

  14. What a great idea Hedy! 😃

  15. Very Op-Art. Good work.
    I also like the fact that you change “focus” from one post to the other.

  16. Wonderful world of flowers.

  17. I love these photos!

  18. What a startling transformation – multi-dimensional freeze frame perspective that turns ‘giving a flower’ into ‘giving the universe’ – lovely!

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