In Black and White Photography, Buddhist philosophical concepts, created by Hedy Bach, Edmonton, Foto, HB images, Monochromia, Photography, Street photography, Women's independence, Words of music on 2018/03/04 at 05:00

According to Buddha

Everything is the vibration of spirit consciousness condensed into electromagnetic images. The essence of those images cannot be severed by a sword, nor burned, nor drowned, nor suffer pain of any sort. It is not born nor does it die. It only passes through a few changes.

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

Hedy Bach Photography

aucune histoire banale gravée dans ma mémoire
aucun bateau pirate ne prendra le pouvoir
aucune étoile filante me laissera dans le noir
aucun trac, aucun…


downtown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ February ~ 2018

  1. Wow, very powerful images. You’re trying some interesting new techniques. Have a great week, Hedy. Cheers

  2. Lovely.
    The pictures remind me a bit on old silent movies.

  3. buddha likes wheels
    on the bike
    goes round & round 🙂

    • 😊👍🤣😂🤣 that’s my grandson’s fav song in the moment David 😀 he also tells me the budda figurines I have are babies 😁😉 giggles ~ hedy

  4. Aucun bateau pirate ne prendra le pouvoir?
    Sounds very Rimbaud…
    Merci pour ces mots.

  5. Et pour ces photos… Superbes… 😉

  6. Great vibration of spirit. Thanks.

  7. wow, again!!! ..what a wonderful free spirit in your images… 🙂 smiles to you 🙂

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