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According to Buddha

Someday, you will know yourself to be subject no longer to the tides of destiny. Your strength will come from within; you will not depend on outer incentives of any kind for motivation.

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maybe all i need is a little motivation
if i want it, i can have it
if i want it, i can have it


downtown etown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ February ~ 2018

  1. these photos do make you think… paired with the quote

  2. Really shows life in a urban setting, your street photography is wonderful. I saw the first one and all I thought about was “I’m flying”.

    • I think with our malls and indoor pedways I see only the outside humans…and yes the youth man was running very fast…like he was almost late late late 😀 I enjoy the people who smile and talk…or as one man did ‘bark’ at me…always a fascinating and troubling experience for me…but I do love it! Thanks kindly Terry for your comments I appreciate them 😀 💫☺️

  3. Love that first shot, Hedy, what a moment!

    • finding people doing things aside for being on their phones or smoking or wearing black…it can feel rather bleak here…also many many people on the margins…I can hear my father’s words…’we can do better’….and I know we can…I start to see the same men…and I wonder about their stories…I’m trying to go weekly…I have some hedy head ideas brewing…thank you for your comments Lynn appreciated ☺️💫

      • This time of year places like that can feel especially bleak, but it’s not a passing problem, is it? Rich get richer…it’s nice to have your father’s voice as encouragement, your inner compassion as motivation…

        • yes I think of him so often when I’m downtown…today I read more about young men and work in Alberta…it’s bleak…but something has to shift….soon I hope for us all….smiles Lynn ☺️

  4. People on their way to and fro. Nice street shots Hedy. No classes today due to snow. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

    • yes I read the news Chris…such a winter ❄️…thank you for saying about my street shots…it was so bitterly cold all I could see was people smoking or on their phones…I was happy to capture the running portfolio man 😀 have a joyful weekend 💫☺️

  5. Incredible…the last shot.

  6. Beautiful pictures.

    • thank you kindly dear Alex I appreciate your comments and your visits to my blog…compose and happy day! smiles hedy 😀 ❤️

  7. Excellent, Hedy.

  8. The walking dead in Canada?
    I was shocked in San Francisco at the number of homeless in the streets.
    Close to 6,000…

    • I remember being there right after there was a huge government change…I also remember San Diego…Washington…we have TO…and yes something is not right in my opinion…snow ❄️ ⛄️ day have a good one Brian!

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