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According to Buddha

Winter always turns into Spring.

hb images -house and barn to bw

Hedy Bach Photography

hb images - humans + dogs b-w minimal_

these cold dark places
places i’ve been

in cold dark places
i dream of spring
in cold dark places
i dream of spring


outside of etown ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ February ~ 2018

  1. white on white spaces, open and free, limitless, timeless dreams
    sending love and happiness, enjoy every moment, hugs, Eddie

    • I love white…soon it’s the white season and I can put away all my blacks and greys…I’m enjoying and surfacing and each day has beautiful moments Eddie ☺️💫 thank you for your kindness 💫 hugs and joy to you ☺️ smiles hedy

  2. Beautiful and vast images. Perfectly waiting it seems.

  3. Beautiful representation of winter for this time of year…what we looked forward to four? months ago has become monotonous (literally and figuratively) as we wait for spring. It is coming…we have little flowers poking up through the ground in spite of cold temperatures. Wishing you a warm and sunny week, Hedy!

    • well flowers will be a ways off here…but it is melting lots of slush and ice…and delicious sunshine 🌞 ☀️ 👍 I see your spring days and pussy willows I love them ☺️💫

  4. I like these, Hedy. They are very minimalist.

    • yes minimal I like that too…I also wondered about abstract minimal…I still don’t know these divisions…hoping your week is going well…I’ve been working on healing a mutt…time for me to sleep soon ~ will come to see Milford street tomorrow 💫☺️

  5. These are great captures Hedy, I can feel the weather and see my breath leaving my mouth. Have a wonderful week my friend.

    • yes it’s fresh and we will have some winter still it is part of the north…I’ve had a busy week…all good (ish) just so fast! smiles dear Terry…have a happy week too! ☺️💫😃

  6. Nice almost abstract landscapes. Spring is around the corner. Beautiful images.

  7. Love these–simply beautiful! You have such an artistic eye. (I think both of them are likely very artistic!)
    Very happy to hear the Buddha agrees that Spring is coming. Thank you for sharing! <3

    • it is it is…the air feels softer and the light feels light and happy…I’m ready for the changes Raven Wolfe 😀 thank you for your kind words always ☺️💫❤️

  8. So beautiful

  9. Perfect verse and photo. Love the simplicity with such impact.

  10. into the great wide open…

  11. photos like a view from the train window… …like something that you can’t reach, but the joy just seen it predominate your feelings 🙂 🙂

  12. Walking the fields
    Green and brown,
    A morning of fog and frost
    Recalling these sparse winter photos.

    Lovely 🙂

    • humble thank you Robert 🙂 I feel the sparse these days ☺️ the light is getting longer so lovely…compose a happy day ~ smiles hedy 😃

  13. I love, especially, the second image. The spare white landscape and sky melding, the latent life of barren trees, dreaming of spring.

    Perfect note of winter.

  14. So simple .. and yet so full of life! Lovely Hedy …

  15. I missed this one! Nice use of the graphic image. Happy dreams of Spring to you! 🙂

    • well it’s Alberta…we have snow and sun and some melt spring will emerge 🙂 sending you joy for a happy spring day Lynn ☺️💫☀️

  16. Excellent work again. How to make the most of the snow that blurs all…

    • I love snow…but not 6 months but this is it…going out soon to see what I can find 😀 thank you for all your kind comments Brian I appreciate them ☺️💫

      • My pleasure Hedy. The squirrel in the tree outisde my window just whispered: “it will come some day”. 🙂

        • always fun to read the animal totems….the squirrel is delightful…”Squirrel’s Gifts Include ability to solve puzzles, resourcefulness, quick change of direction, storing for the future/planning ahead, balance in giving and receiving, power of rest during times of non-movement, warning, discovery, change avoiding danger by climbing to a higher place, action.”….yes it will come…just not yet! smiles Brian 🙂

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