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According to Buddha

Habits are simply thoughts grooved deeply into the brain. The needle of the mind plays those records of habits again and again. Even the chemistry of the body responds, as with addiction. Applying mind and will can change those patterns. Don’t immediately attempt dramatic changes. Experiment in little things first, to train your inherent power of command.

hb images - winter horse - 10

hb images - winter horse - 9.jpg

hb images - winter horse - 4.jpg

hb images - winter horse - 3

hb images - winter horse - 5

hb images - rider and horse_

say a prayer for the cowgirl, her horse ran away
she’ll walk until she finds him, her darling, her stray
but the river’s in flood and the roads are awash
and the bridges break up in the panic of loss

and there’s nothing to follow, nowhere to go
he’s gone like the summer, gone like the snow


Free Rein Ranch, Lamont, Alberta ~ March 2018

  1. According to Buddha… exactly. That’s why new photographers should make pictures on a daily basis. Not only does the act of making a picture become ingrained, but it become a reflex done without thought or fear.

    • I try my best most every day I photograph and make images…I love it…and now I do this practice since 2011…I never tire of the possibility of creating something…sending you joy and smiles Ray have a good day! ☺️💫☀️☀️☀️

      • Well, that how you get good. A wise musician once told me that a song teaches you how to play it after you’ve played it live for 500 or 600 times. Same thing with us. Have a great day up there.

        • I’m doing good yoga and watching the mutt heal…playing in LR…that could become a habit 😉🤓💫 Malcolm Gladwell‎ talks about practice…I will call myself a photographer after 10 years…2021…got lots to learn yet!

          • I’m not a big fan of Adobe products anymore. This, after about 20 years of using them. Gladwell does talk about it. Ansel Adams once said your first 10,000 pictures are your worst pictures. Considering that he used large format cameras, that was saying something.

          • yes I know other photographers who say this…I enjoy the development module I dislike the catalogue but had a private lesson and now have it figured out correctly…still don’t know where the back up get saved…I’ve had Adobe on line help which I do appreciate but as I told them make it smoother like a Volvo or Bose…too many strange terms for me…I don’t fall in love with my works…I see growth and I just want to get better at creating images and blend my academic background with my images…I imagine doing photo essays…some meaningful work some how…but I know its all practice…and yes Adams with his cameras agreed amazing…smiles Ray ☺️💫

          • I never used Adobe’s catalogue. I built own well before that file libraries were developed. I had to. That said, assuming that you use Apple computers, the file is buried in a sub file under pictures, or you can click on the image and then show in finder. If you are using Lightroom you might want to download the Nik suite and install it as a module in Lightroom. It’s free. It is very good for manipulation.

            Photo essays. Hmmm. 😆 Think like a journalist and answer the question, who, how, why… or process. Beginning, middle and end. There are basic formulas that serve as guidelines. You might want to check out Ripple Effect Images, which was founded by Annie Griffiths. They are a woman’s group of very heavy weight photographers. They photograph the kind of important stories I think you mean. ⚜️📷🎺

          • yes I have downloaded that Nik too now 🙂 thanks so much Ray…I will look I’m a light weight 😉 but I know what I’d like to do…appreciate this comment…smiles from snowy etown ❄️ 😀

          • Then you should go do it. 🙂

            Ten year of practice means you’ll just be starting ten years later. How Taoist of me. 🙂

            There is a difference between photojournalism and art portfolios. I barely understand the latter, coming from a PJ background. They make their own kinds of statements and the pictures end up in famous galleries and museums. My kind of work doesn’t stand I chance.

            But, and this is the good part, I don’t care.

          • Artificial boxes, perhaps…I also hear what you say…I know…but I still imagine 🤓💫

          • Never put yourself in a box. For me, I’ve become a better photographer now that I don’t care… It took a long time. The hardest discipline to learn was not to think when I photograph. Just react… that happens about once every month for two minutes, but when it happens…. ooooooh.

          • someone told me if I get 12 a year it’s a good year…I don’t know all I know is I really love all the parts of photography…and I love learning….hope you had a good day Ray ☺️💫

          • I think I told you that because I was really paraphrasing Ansel Adams. I usually hope for two or three good pictures a year. I made one on Monday night. After 49 years of doing this stuff I’m really starting to strip it all back to what’s important to me. I hope today is a good one for you. 🙂

          • it is i always find moments of joy and fun…sending you joy too!

          • The whole process of making pictures is my fun. Sometimes when people ask what I do for fun I sort of stumble around answering the question because one of my most fun things is pictures

          • meditative for me…and most all lots of fun…i know what you mean Ray 🙂

          • When I make the kind of pictures that I published today, it is anything but meditative for me. But, I have a routine prior to hitting the streets. If I’m lucky I get fairly clear. That happens about 10% of the time. 🤷‍♂️

          • after being on etown streets i need the woods to refill…my little black box is the mediative part…i can think just about seeing…well most of the time…streets bring out many many wonders for me 100% of the time…i’m in my hedy head a lot…so it’s the feeling part…my routine is practice every day…and try my best…have a happy saturday Ray enjoy your streets…it’s – 23 here very fresh.

          • Ah, man… it’s very gentle mid 70s here. The sun is shining and there is a breeze blowing. For me, I’ve gotten to the place where I don’t think at all while I’m making pictures. It’s hard to get there, but when I do it’s all magic.

          • one day we will have to have a big yak…i not sure how much i think when i’m shooting it’s a feeling thing…it has to feel…not think for me too 😀 it’s magic and i look forward to composing many more Ray 😀 smiles from fresh Alberta

  2. Great advice from Buddha … I do think people get stuck in patterns. My mother cleans and organizes everyday … she’s stuck in that pattern. Other’s constantly check their phone or Facebook … they are stuck too. Great post and fun pictures!

    • yes that Buddha always so much to say 🤓☺️…for sure I’ve been stuck many times in my life…and then poof something releases and like water I can flow again…being outside is the best…and this day was horses and dogs my favourites…and well some people too 😉compose a fun day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  3. Changing ones habits is a daunting task, it would be like trying to scale Everest on your first camping trip. Wonderful captures Hedy.

    • indeed daunting but doable…baby steps…day by day…word by word…picture by picture…imagine hiking Everest…have you thought about it Terry? 🤓💫

      • Yes I have, but I’m not in any kind if physical shape to do such a task. First goal if I want to conquer a mountain top would be Mt Whitney here in California. But I’ll stick to my travels that make me happy right now. Peace be with you my friend.

        • om shanti Terry…I’m so urban but I love the outside spaces and I’ve done little hiking…Jasper is still 4 hours away from etown…that’s why Calgary is better…closer to the big rocks…yes your travels will be fun and filled with adventures…smiles my friend ☺️💫

  4. Be still, my heart! These pictures are so lovely! You really captured some beautiful moments with these creatures! (Horses stir my soul and make me teary at times.) Interesting quote–trying to change the “habits” of the brain is difficult. Working on that myself. Thank you for sharing!

    • yes I know…and yes they are so powerful…I love their totem meaning…yup be careful which habits you choose…I remember someone telling me that…glad you enjoyed my post dear Raven Wolfe <3 I will come to see you and your horses one day soon! 💫💓💫

  5. i do love horses, and the way they connect to humans.

  6. Wonderful shots again Hedy. I think I need to get back to photography. I’ve pretty much not done any for months. You do it every day and it shows. The creativity shows. If I start small, and even if it’s garbage, I know I’ll redevelop that muscle. Gotta get ready for Japan!
    Alison <3

    • yes I do daily with my Fiji or phone…it is a part of my being now…as I look for beauty daily….you won’t lose your style and signature with your photography and you’ve got some excitement to anticipate which is always motivating…well it is for me…when do you leave? and yes Japan is fascinating…smiles and creative vibes from sunny etown Alison 💫❤️☀️

  7. Delightful photos and verse Hedy. Horses, magnificent creatures with magical souls.

    • thank you Kindly Mike and Lori 😀 oh yes I love horses and they are magnificent…have a creative day ☺️💫 smiles hedy

  8. Ah, my dear Hedy, all I need to do is look at your images to find bliss!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 Have a wonderful day, my dearest friend! 🙂 xoxoxo

  9. May your horse never run away, Hedy, and may the horsepower always be with you, as it surely is today! 😉

    • I work on keeping them working horses or they need to be set free…it was a delightful horse day always makes me extra happy 💫 smiles from snowy etown ❄️💫

      • Hedy, that was an interesting conversation with Ray above…re a number of things…Brooks Jensen has things to say about series of photos vs. single photos that probably would make a lot of sense to you – they did to me. He’s at Lenswork, but I don’t know where specifically I saw those remarks, sorry. I appreciate the way you are sticking to your path, even as you wander and find the way.
        Re LR backup, I am grappling with how to put a good system into place for backing up edited images. You and I both love to do the processing, right? The catalogue can be backed up easily to an external hard drive, but what about the edited images? We are left on our own to work out a solution. (I get angry with Adobe too, but the product is too valuable to me, to stop using it). I’m going to figure out a way to regularly send copies to an external drive, and possibly to a cloud service as well. I also delete poor/useless images from SD cards when I have time, and save the card. I don’t erase and use again. It’s another safeguard and they’re not that expensive, I figure (especially when your sweetheart gives them to you as gifts!).

        • I don’t know about all this holding on to…but I back up and I’ve learned a lot this past month again…as I started over…I come from a research background…so I’m trained as a narrative inquirer so yes the series makes sense but of course one single image does and can also tell may stories…and yes I’m learning more about post work…I do some…not like some photographers I know who do a pixel at a time…sometimes I like to make all the choices not the development model but I learn to see what can be done…all the space required…I’m shooting jpeg…all the raw files are so huge but I know I need to change this too…but for now I’ll play with Adobe and keep on my hedy path 🙂 yes I know the journal Lenswork…I’ll go back and look at it…thank you for this information Lynn…I appreciate your expertise and knowledge thank you…smiles from snowy Regina….it’s spring winter here too…but I’m with the little grandson…that’s the best! smiles ☺️💫

  10. You made some new friends, Hedy! Wonderful shots. My fave is the second to last with his big nose. Cheers!

  11. Beautiful images dear Hedy 😍 ..

  12. Horses in the snow. Wow. Never did that. I’d be afraid that the horse should fall in a hidden hole. Used to ride near Karen Blixen’s house. In Africa. At the foot of the Ngong hills. No snow there. No ma’am. 🙂

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