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According to Buddha

A smooth life is not a victorious life.

hb images - airplane Regina - 1

hb images - airplane Regina - 6

hb images - airplane Regina - 4

hb images - airplane Regina - 11

hb images - airplane Regina - 13

over the horizon
she’s smooth sailin’
these concrete seas
now she’s headed
east down the boule, the vard


Alberta and Saskatchewan ~ March 2018


  1. That’s a fantastic quote but it seems to be from Paramahansa Yogananda, if we can trust Google. I absolutely love this blog!

    • indeed Mike you’re right…it’s from one of favourite books by Paramahansa Yogananda ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’…and you must know I am a sloppy buddhist ☺️💫 compose a beautiful day and thank you kindly for your words…appreciated ~ hedy:-D

  2. Just wonderful ariel captures of the snowy landscape below. Showing natures randomness and mans hand in manipulating the land. Have a great week Hedy.

    • a lonely life…with all the snow blown covered roads…i imagine the plowing and shovelling to get off the farm…and all the trucks…makes me feel so so little…yes good week…you too dear Terry ~ sending you joy! 😀

  3. These are pretty amazing pictures. If you ever come down to the swamp, I’ll take you for a ride in a nice whirly bird. 🙂

    • fun fun iPhone…amazing little camera…i moved them into Lr and played 😀 yes i would love that…i’ll keep the swamp in mind…snowy smiles ahhhhh have a good one Ray 😀

      • You’ll enjoy it. I come from the flying philosophy of air speed not altitude. At least that’s what they taught my in USA flying school. It’s not as bed as it sounds. Heh!

        • we’ll stay in touch Ray 😀 i like speed too…

          • Have you ever watched a hello lift off with it’s nose tipped way forward? That’s an ex-military aviator flying for sure. 🚁🚀🛸

          • yes i’ve seen that…but i’ve never experienced it, yet! 🙂

          • Nothing like it, except that usually first time riders get pretty scared. Even when you tell them what you are about to do. Tipping the noise down allows the main rotor blades to get a bigger bite of oncoming air and therefore, more air speed. That’s in layman’s terms. 🙂

          • okay over and out…i’m a laywoman i don’t now much about mechanics…well you know 😀

          • This is physics. But, by the same laws of physics, there is no reason a helo should fly. 🤦‍♂️ It’s damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. 🚁🚁🚁😳🤪😳

          • isn’t it tee hee 😀

          • I suppose that I’m lucky to be alive… sheesh. And, the other side was shooting at me. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

          • now i’m getting lost…i’m back at the bakery 😀 😉 you mean shooting as shooting shooting or shooting as shot at???? i know people shoot me too when i do my street foto’s…. 😀

          • I’m talking about the whirlybird thing. I learned to fly for a war. Luckily, I flew medivac birds.

          • you’ve done so many things Ray…you’re a talented and kind being…medivac work would be tough…smiles over the pond…gotta check your photos so i learn more 😀 thank you!

  4. What an interesting way to see things from the sky…at first, they look like little circuit boards, then they slowly morph in landscapes from above. I think I’ve said it before, but I wonder what you’ll come up with next!! Have a good Sunday, Hedy!

  5. A smooth life is not a victorious life. This is a reassuring quote. Somehow with these photos it seems good in a spatial way.

    • indeed Steven…makes me feel assure 😀 knowing when to stay deep and surface….i do love looking out of the plane window ~ have a good day smiles hedy 😀

  6. I often think of the correlary to this, that turbulence leads to resilience. Great aerials!

  7. looks cool
    from up
    there 🙂

  8. Wonderful. Those lines! It’s real and also unreal. It’s drawn land but just under the surface, untouchness shimmers.

    • it’s cool at this time of year no doubt…plus winter storms…makes it surreal at parts…smiles from snowy Canada ~ smiles hedy 😀

  9. Nice images from above the earth Hedy. And I like the Buddha quote today. Good one. Cheers!

  10. Oh dear, when I write something down I know everything is been thought and said. This world is bringing me down, but up I go like the clown.
    Walking snowy on the moon, down this earth I will be soon.
    ‘A first photo of the moon is a giant step into the snow of Canada.’ Never heard? Shame on you!

    • always look up…that what someone taught me 😀 and yes Canada is worth a visit…very large and beautiful too 😀 thank you Leegschrift for your thoughtful comment ~ appreciated hedy 😀

  11. Loving your iPhone!

  12. An elegant series of photos Hedy. Love them.

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