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According to Buddha

If your heart is small, one unjust word or act will make you suffer. But if your heart is large, if you have understanding and compassion, that word or deed will not have the power to make you suffer.

hb images - Regina frost - 8

hb images - Regina frost - 5

hb images - Regina frost - 4

hb images - Regina frost - 3

ooh, ah
ooh ah
did you ever want it?
did you want it bad?
oh, my
it tears me apart

Regina, Saskatchewan ~ March 2018

  1. A perceived lack brings uncertainty, resulting in doubt, insecurity and suffering.
    The richness of heart displayed in your phenomenal photos could easily dispel
    any doubts and discomfort. arms around the world, Eddie

  2. Beautiful woods. Trees with long arms. The heart full of snow. But sprint is here.

    • yes Alexis the arborists did a beautiful job on the Legislative grounds here in Regina…the trees have a heartfelt spirits <3 hugs Alex ~ smiles hedy

  3. I have been accompanying your work with enthusiasm, admiration and I let myself be enveloped by your sensitivity. to every post an infinite settles in my heart. thank you so much.

  4. oh oh ooh, ah these are so beautiful, from your big heart.
    Alison <3

  5. I’ll have to keep this in mind…

  6. Lovely snow! That tree – the one in the last image, which is also in the one above – what a beauty. You were smart to zero in on it. It’ so cool when snow coats branches all around like that.

  7. SO beautiful! In the third pic, the trees look fragile and delicate–like lichen. Frost is so magical, and you have captured it so well. Thank you for sharing your artistic eyes and your large heart. <3

    • it was a magical day and walk to the museum also fun fun…thank you for your kind comments and support Raven Wolfe ~ appreciated ~ smiles and <3 hedy <3 😀

  8. Fantastic Hedy. And the Buddhist concept you mention is a look into the deeper aspects of karma, which is generally misunderstood.

    • thank you kindly M&L do you karma is real? i wonder…i continue to read widely and wonder along the way…thank you for your teachings…i appreciate them…sloppy buddhist smiles 😀 hedy

      • It’s always a pleasure to engage in discussion with a colleague Hedy. All beliefs have two levels, exoteric, the general held beliefs that exists on the surface level and the esoteric that goes into a deeper mystical realm. My studies have focused in the esoteric. Regarding karma I believe in simple causality. Latent karma, the belief that we are forever suffering from past misdeed that go back hundreds of past of life times is to fatalistic to be comfortable with. Karma, like many belief system precepts was primarily established to keep our behavior in check. A good thing. However one can actually advance beyond traditional karmic consequences through the process of eliminating the belief attachment to it. However a person capable of reaching that state of awareness is already beyond improper behavior. As Longchenpa, the great mystical Dozgchen adept said nearly a thousand years ago, “There is nothing, nothing whatsoever. Only the vast expanse of empty open evenness.” Bright Blessings and Merry Meet Again. M&L

        • nothing whatsoever…
          keep our behavior in check…
          a person capable of reaching that state of awareness is already beyond improper behavior…
          only the vast expanse of empty open evenness

          i wonder about uneven…

          i see the Base, the Path and the Fruit.
          i’ve not read any work of Dozgchen…i read this now…”Dzogchen is widely translated as “Great Perfection”, but this may imply a perfection that we strive to attain, and this is not the meaning of Dzogchen. Dzogchen is explained as Ground, Path and Fruition, and from the point of view of the Ground, it is the already self-perfected state of our primordial nature, which needs no ‘perfecting’, for it has always been perfect from the very beginning, just like the sky. It is uncreated, yet spontaneously accomplished.”

          i appreciate the notion of ‘not to believe in anything.’

          much to ponder on the road of being/becoming a sloppy buddhist…i appreciate your teachings M&L thank you kindly 😀

          • Good read if you haven’t already: The Basic Space of Phenomena”. Longchen Rabjam (Longchenpa)

          • thank you kindly M&L for your teachings 🙂 i may have said this already but i really do love to learn more 🙂 thank you kindly

  9. Oh, pretty ice covered trees. I hope you’re having a great week, Hedy and are up to something fun. Cheers

    • always…i look for beauty and fun….that way i can do mundane with joy 😀 😉 have a happy weekend Chris…sending you joy 😀

      • Thank you, Hedy I hope you enjoy the weekend also. Cheers

        • yes i did i’m looking forward to some tea time and relaxing….soon…now just busy but it’s fun busy…getting ready to leave for a while 😀 smiles dear Chris thank you for always commenting and supporting my sloppy blog…i appreciate it! Gotta get to Boston….smiles 🙂

  10. Oh ah, indeed, Hedy. Beautiful words, thoughts, and of course photography – the third shot captures the essence of nature ~ something so powerful and open to all. Cheers to a great weekend ahead.

  11. I’m sure those trees are dancing 😃 super images dear Hedy

    • weren’t they just divine Julie…such a special morning for me 😀 thank you so much for all your kind words ~ appreciated hedy smiles over the pond 😀

  12. How you manage to extract beauty of so much cold…
    Saskatchewan? You may run into distant cousins of mine…

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