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According to Buddha

The greatest loss of time is delay and expectation, which depend upon the future. We let go the present, which we have in our power, and look forward to that which depends upon chance, and so relinquish a certainty for an uncertainty.

hb images - wax wing - 2

hb images - wax wing - 6

hb images - wax wing - 4

hb images - wax wing - 7

hb images - wax wing - 9

if these wings could fly
oh, lights go down
in the moment we’re lost and found
and i just wanna be by your side
if these wings could fly


waxwings ~ Edmonton, Alberta ~ March 30 ~ 2018

  1. Very beautiful series.

  2. Thank you for the reminder❣

  3. Gorgeous.

  4. Oh to be able to fly free as a bird to view the wonderful landscapes below our wings. Have a wonderful day Hedy.

    • thank you dear Terry busy busy days all good and yes those birds so so many….it was a sight for sure…hoping your week is going well…it’s already April…hooray!

      • Yes April, will be traveling to Washington for the 3rd birthday of my grandson up there the end of the month.

  5. I admire your eye for detail and the ability to create series. Beyond the anecdote.

    • humble thank you Peter…i was trained a visual narrative researcher so it is one way i make sense of my hedy world 😀 appreciated very much.

  6. What a sweet series. I especially like the 3rd one – fabulous shot. And thank you for that lovely Buddha reminder.
    Alison xo

    • thank you Alison for your sweet comment 😀 appreciated spring is arriving the birds are starting to sing here 😀 enjoy your lush greens <3

  7. Yeah. What Alison and Don said.

    • yeah that was nice 😀 BIG smiles Ray enjoy your days and your yoga too! 😀

      • 🙏 My yoga started as PT and evolved in being “sloppy yoga” I do it twice a day, everyday.

        • it’s all practice…i try daily…now i’m off to a healthy hips class 😀 om 😀

          • That’s what I try to keep healthy since one is already metal. When I had surgery for it, my orthopod used a medical term to describe the missing soft tissue. “Toast.” Quite a joker, that one.

          • well bed side manner isn’t often their strong point 😀 😉 at least in my experiences….

          • Nah. My guy was great. Even now I talk to him about my osteoarthritis issues, because I can’t find a doc with anywhere near his talent. And, he’s in New Mexico.

          • i’d like to see New Mexico some time, in a few years 😉 smiles Ray 😀

          • Sometimes I think I made a mistake coming back to the swamp…

          • i sometimes feel that being in etown…i don’t want to die here i always say…but who knows parts are beautiful others are simply ugly….smiles 🙂

          • Yeah, but I’m talking about the entire United States. 🙂

          • i’m loving the Portuguese comments on America in this moment…ahhhhhh…it has to change, i hope…

          • I never listen to any of it. I get really tired of apologizing and explaining that he didn’t win the popular vote. And, that I cannot stand that idiot. 🙂

          • yes i can imagine…most humans here say ‘i can tell you’re not American’….hmmmmm they are concerned…and yes i wish the terrible telly leader would end…it’s a bad netflix series…but i know many wonderful and lovely Americans…and they say exactly what you say Ray 🙂 smiles over the pond!

          • For some reason my reply to medivac won’t post so… one, I’m old. Two, I flew rather than being drafted because my ping pong ball was 13.I should’ve just gone north to 🇨🇦.

          • you can always come we have lots of space and places, you know that 😀 have fun in Switzerland Ray 🙂 smiles from Porto ~ hedy 🙂

          • Cascais in July. Four whole days in one place. With all the food in Lisbon (12 miles away) to eat. My favorite grocery store in the world. Jumbo. Canada.? Hmmmm…

          • well i love Portugal a lot….hmmm Jumbo sounds big…have a good day dear Ray 🙂

          • Portugal is a really easy place to be. Jumbo is their version of a big box store. But, unlike the wal-Marts of the world, it has fresh fish and veggies. It was good for us because a lot of us like to cook. Stop there, buy what you need, cook it and eat it on the beach. 🙂

          • the best…fresh…and delicious for us as land locked humans…cooked and ate out…it’s so lovely here…and the people are very kind…well most 😉 😀

  8. Ah, you’ve gone to the birds. A nice series, Hedy. Have a great week. Cheers!

    • tee hee Chris…yes they were a surprise…good week for sure…and you too i hope enjoy your students and your walks…smiles hedy 😀

  9. A beautiful series of photos ~ from the quiet setting to controlled chaos. A perfect example of your opening quote, which I think is perfect: “We let go the present, which we have in our power, and look forward to that which depends upon chance, and so relinquish a certainty for an uncertainty.” Cheers to a great day ahead Hedy.

  10. Transcendent! That third one, the light through the feathers, wonderful, Hedy!!!

    • well Lynn it was a whole grateful surprise…i was looking for a hare but then suddenly a flock of so many birds…the came in and flew out after they ate the entire tree bare of dead crabapples…it was very cool…i made it pink for easter 😉 😀 hope you’re having a productive week…many smiles hedy 🙂

  11. Your bird images are stunning Hedy .. as for that quote, so true

  12. Your photos and quotations make us fly !

  13. “Blackbird in the dead of night…
    “Take these broken wings and learn to fly…”
    (Thank you for the lovely images and thoughts)

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  15. cool… ..this red color spots in that images… ..and you can feel the tension in the images, that the birds are about to start to fly

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