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According to Buddha

Environment is stronger than will power. If you want to be spiritual, seek good company and don’t mix with those whose bad habits may wrongly influence you. Be always with people who inspire you; surround yourself with people who lift you up.

hb images - regina highway farm and frost

oh ya
huh huh
oh ya
i will sing
for the ice to break
i will sing for the rivers to rise
i will sing for the spring to come
for the spring to come
for the spring to come

i said
for the spring to come
for the spring to come

oh i had a dream

for the spring to come
for the spring to come


just off Highway 11 ~ March 2018

  1. Thanks for turning me on to Digging Roots Hedy.

  2. The Buddha knew a lot about behavioral change. Great quote. I love the simplicity of your image. Cheers

  3. Your country has so much empty space! It’s art to make that emptyness visible. Very nice!

  4. Good advice from the Buddha–cool song too. Perhaps we need to play every Spring song there is to coax it along!

    • isn’t a good one…nice feeling and yes that sun is poking out…yes yes…along with some snow showers…but yes Alberta…it is “spinter” time 😀 <3 have a happy day Raven Wolfe 😀

  5. Love these lyrics and your minimalist image, Hedy.

  6. Maybe you need to sing louder? 😉 Such a pretty image though, even if it’s cold…the horizon so low, the sky dripping blue so softly, everything waiting….

    • i lo e that song…it’s stuck in my head now too…yes it’s been fresh very fresh…but so beautiful too…soon i will feel spring 😀 it’s bright and blue here like ‘bluebrightly’ :-D…i look forward to see your compositions and series too…been busy busy…all good and fun! smiles 😀 and thank you kindly for your comments i appreciate them Lynn 😀

  7. Beautiful trilogy there Hedy, precept-image-verse. May blessings tickle your heart m&l

    • yes M&L i like to work in threes…i like that “blessings tickle your heart”…back at you both ~ have a creative and fun week 😀

  8. “For the spring to come” – and yeah, it’s coming! Snow is still deep in many recesses and on the northern slopes. But today it’s been raining, raining, and it’s raining still. And starlings and lapwings defy the cold and ice and tomorrow the sun shall break through and they shall sit basking in the sun as if they knew all the time.

    • yes it always does Ellington…it’s the rhythm of life and change…you know…i appreciate your thoughtful words 😀 thank you kindly hedy 🙂

  9. wonderful, Hedy…. ….like an small island waiting in the sun for the spring to come… …melting the ice down.. …ice melting smiles over the pond 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • it would be a hard life on the land in this part of Canada, to me…but so beautiful…spring is coming…but still snow in Regina my daughter wrote me today ahhhhh….smiles 😀

      • … I can’t complain about the weather right here…. 😈 …I’m in Cambodia right know. 😁👍🏼 smiles

        • enjoy…i will look soon…BIG hugs and smiles…we also have no snow here in Portugal so wonderful! 😀

          • snow in Portugal? 😳 SNOW IN PORTUGAL??? ….what are you doing there? …establishing a little Alberta? 😂🤣😜
            Hedy, enjoy your stay!!! Have a wonderful time!! 🤗😊🤗😊 big hugs and cambodian smiles 😊✨💫

          • no no not here…over there in etown…now i’m here…here is Lisboa for a little travel adventure…it’s great…sending you hugs and smiles to Cambodia…enjoy and compose more beautiful fotos 🙂 hedy

  10. I’ve found the best company when seeking spiritual calm is being mindful deep inside a forest with Nature on my arm.

  11. Thank you for inspiring us. 🙂
    (Et bon voyage)

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