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According to Buddha

All nations should unite to non cooperate in every way with those nations that want to start wars of aggression.

hb images - Geneva DT - sunday - 4

hb images - Geneva DT - sunday - 3

hb images - Geneva DT - sunday - 1

hb images - Geneva DT - sunday - 5

hb images - Geneva DT - sunday - 2

look over yonder
what do you see?
the sun is a’rising
most definitely

a new day is coming, ooh, ooh
people are changing
ain’t it beautiful, ooh, ooh
crystal blue persuasion

better get ready to see the light
love, love is the answer, ooh, ooh
and that’s all right


downtown Geneva, Switzerland ~ April 2018

  1. Sheesh. We are in Zermatt. Timing is everything.

  2. How nice to have some travels. Enjoy!

    • it’s lovely to be away and see our beautiful world…feelings of gratitude for sure…have a happy day dear Chris ~ smiles over the pond 🙂

  3. GREAT photos, Hedy…I’m impressed that you’re blogging while traveling….and glad you’re enjoying….I remember THAT song! A mellow one. 🙂

    • well i upload daily and then drink coffee…i find my sloppy blogging relaxing…also i have that addictive personality so it’s just me 😀 i will visit your beauty soon too Lynn…smiles from Porto 🙂

  4. i really like the third one. fabulous.

    • thank you Gavin…i appreciate knowing which ones ppl prefer…culling is a good job for me…smiles and joy for a happy day! 😀

  5. These are all fabulous. Enjoy Switzerland!

  6. Great compositions. Bon voyage.

  7. Love the memories of the song/lyrics. Great photos and the caption to start it all off holds many truths. It’s a great world out there ~ you make it better 🙂

  8. wishing you wonderful adventure 🙂

  9. Have a great time Hedy … those images are special

  10. Great stuff again. Particularly love the baby carriage. Much less dramatic than in Eisenstein’s Potemkin. 🙂
    Compliments for blogging while traveling. 🙂

  11. These pictures remind me, humanity is the key to unlocking peace; reality is a mirror, sliced; and everywhere is good to stop for a moment and read a few beautiful words. Best wishes on your travels, Hedy! Glad you’re having fun…


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