seiscentos e sessenta e três

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According to Buddha

You should be able to succeed in any profession or do anything you put your mind to.

hb images - Porto - alley evening walk - 7

hb images - Porto - alley evening walk - 1

hb images - Porto - alley evening walk - 6

hb images - Porto - woman and laundry evening_

hb images - Porto - alley evening walk - 3

sometimes, i feel like i can do anything and
sometimes, i’m so alive
sometimes, i feel like i can zoom cross the sky and,
sometimes, i want to cry


streets of Ribeira, Porto, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. Lots of atmosphere. Des.

  2. I like the somewhat darkish atmosphere in the pictures.

  3. Stretching our imagination and going beyond the normal routine re-routes the brain
    and allows new pathways to be developed.
    There’s still time to change the world, it all starts with the self

  4. This is truly beautiful. You captured the feeling of an old Portugese city perfectly. I love the image of the cats and cars and the bird outside de window.

  5. Ah, Portugal now. You are making the rounds Hedy. I hope your travels are treating you well. You’re certainly getting some nice images from them. CHeers!

  6. Such atmosphere. A lovely place to stroll and get lost in.

  7. i can relate
    to how it feels,
    sometimes 🙂

  8. Great captures Hedy!!!

  9. Love the light effects and coloration, Hedy!!😊ellen

  10. Hello. Just want to let you know that
    your poem is lovely and the photos are fabulous.

    Neil S.

  11. The picture, second from the bottom. It needs to be 6×4… feet. And, hung in a large space. 🙂

    • humbled Ray…thanks for saying 😀 smiles over the pond!

      • You’re welcome. We all need an old fashioned picture editor sometimes. Heh, heh.

        • funny thing is yesterday i received an email…” I’ve selected the image of the woman hanging her laundry for Discover. It will appear on April 30th. I love how her lighted window draws your eye up the photo. Great work! Krista”…so that’s kind cool for me…sure made me smile 😀 thank you for your teachings Ray…i appreciate them!

      • I’m having a hard time replying to your comments. I think it’s on your end because I can reply to everybody else. I’ll try another way in a bit.

        • my sloppy delayed replies and WP comments are a tad scattered at best…no worries…have a gooder! smiles hedy…and i think i capture them all sooner than later 😀

      • In reply to Portugal being easy… I’ve never been there when I wasn’t working. In fact, I rarely travel any more just for me. I say that I will, but when I get home I just want to be home.

      • I more or less don’t even talk about him. I worry more about who is behind him…. somebody had to vote for him and they still aren’t happy. The next guy could be worse or his supports could get more radical right wing.

        • and who is behind behind him…it’s a strange world…as i’ve said often i imagine another world…i’m off to walk some new streets and have some Portuguese foods ~~~~ smiles Ray!

  12. Gorgeous – every one of them. You have the eye girl!

  13. The beautiful city of Porto. Nice pictures.

  14. Beautiful light and ambiance. Thinking of you! Mati

  15. Vocè pode fazer tudo o que Vc quizer. 🙂
    Love those Porto pix. (How was the Port?)
    Boa semana Hedy

  16. There is a quiet in these photos. Soft darkness and heavy light. The people–as if they’ve appeared out of nowhere. There’s a sense for me nothing belongs. It is all temporary. It is all just this fading light. Really beautiful…


  17. Such cool images dear Hedy … Portugal divine, and wonderful food

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