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According to Buddha

Death is not as terrible as you think. It comes to you as a healer. Sleep is nothing but a counterfeit death. What happens in death we can picture in sleep. All our sufferings vanish in sleep. When death comes, all our mortal tortures cease; they cannot go beyond the portals of death.


i am my father’s daughter
i have his eyes
i am the product of his sacrifice
i am the accumulation of the dreams of generations
and their stories live in me like holy water
i am my father’s daughter


high tide at Felgueiras Lighthouse in Porto Portugal ~ April 2018

in memory of my dear father Anton Albertus Fynebuik
Date of Birth : 1931-11-10
Date Deceased : 2017-04-18

  1. So sorry for your loss Hedy. May he continue to live on in your heart and mind, as well as in the mirror 💕

  2. They always continue to live on in our hearts and minds. We grieve as we shall not see them, talk to them, laugh with them but we must remember the goodness in their hearts and the love they gave to us. Take care my friend and have a lovely day.

    • yes you know dear Terry…and yes it’s all love…it’s almost hard for me to believe it’s been a year…i’ve been so fatigued that getting my energy back feels so so good!!!! i’m having a lovely time…i really do love Portugal…now off to explore some more 😀 hugs for a happy day Terry <3

  3. My thoughts and heart are with you, Hedy. My condolences.

    • dear Lemony…thank you kindly…the high tide was a one year celebration…and i’m surfacing again…it’s a year of learning more about grief, mourning and seeing the beauty every day…my camera has also been a healer for me…big hugs back <3

  4. May all the fond memories of your dear father stay strong forever

    • thank you Eddie and yes each day…some memory/thought/sight comes up…”all good”…as i told him that so often….”all good” was our little joke…the power of the ocean was amazing to me a land locked human 😀 smiles and joy <3

  5. That’s quite the high tide. It’s important to remember those who played such a big role in our lives. I’m sure your father would be pleased. Enjoy your day across the sea.

    • and Anton was the best father…and I know he was always proud of me…even when I was a wild child 😉 😀 the high tide just seemed so fitting to me…smiles over the pond Chris…have a good day teaching ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  6. Beautiful video. A big hug.

  7. Rest eternal, and light perpetual

    • i like that notions of perpetual light…and yes i feel him often…and every day he is in my thoughts…have a happy day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  8. Condolences on your dad passing

    • appreciated Kayode…he taught me a lot and continues even a year later…most importantly that death is normal…thank you for your kind thought ~ compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  9. So sorry for your loss Hedy. When I lost my dad I was a mess for a long time. Hope you’re doing okay. Hope the good memories help ease the loss. Big hug.

    • dear Alison…it was exactly one year…so this high tide is another way to make sense of mourning and grieving…i witnessed my father’s last 5 years…he took a hard road and it difficult and sad…he taught me about death and dying with dignity…so i was prepared and was with loved ones…but this past year since his death has changed me…i was so fatigued…i spent much time in silence…but now i’m surfacing and ready to do my work…the one year mark…and all the firsts are toughest for me…i’m doing fine…i blogged and photographed his death and dying…my little black box was very healing for me…now i’m off to see a little more of Lisboa…thank you for your kindness and hugs <3

  10. may your heart be comforted
    by loved ones & friends.

    • Thank you, dear David…and yes i am surrounded by loved ones…and still am…i am loved and for that i’m grateful…it was exactly one year ago…my father took a long journey…and he taught me about dying with dignity…over this past year i learned a lot about grief and mourning…about diving and surfacing…so the high tide on April 18 was such a beautiful and over whelming feeling…i felt his presence all day and every day…he will always be with me…sending joy and love you way <3

  11. your genes and mine are connected…

  12. was not able to view the file 🙁

  13. it worked on this computer.
    love those waves.

  14. yes you are. Your father’s daughter. As we are all our fathers’ children, and our grandparents’ and all those before that.
    My condolences about your father. A year already. Are you all right? Anniversaries can be… unsettling.

    • I’m alright Brian thanks for asking…I experienced a level of fatigue as never before…I was quiet for many month…I’ve been an absent friend to many here but about a month ago I could feel myself surfacing maybe that was layered along with the bitterly cold winter…I read/learned about grief and mourning…I accepted my feelings and I knew for many months before my father was dying…he suffered needlessly in my opinion and having my mother and sister witness his prolonged journey was hard…being his agent meant I had some fights with government services and many exchanges on the philosophy of dignity of dying with his doctors…we have a lot to learn in Canada about death and dying with dignity…as death is normal…I was fortunate to have the resources of a death doula and privileges of access to get supports our family needed…as dying has become big business here in Alberta…my father gave me a job…so I am also beginning to work with

      • Dear Hedy, I understand totally. My mother spent months dying of cancer, and I found myself in charge. Hard. But we owe it to them don’t we? 🙂
        I hadn’t heard of death doulas. Worth exploring.
        And I am glad you are… “working” around the pain. 🙂 That is good. If you ever want to “talk” about it, my mail is on my Gravatar.
        Boa noite

        • thank you dear Brian “all good”…I’ve had lots of time to prepare and process…I’ve surfaced I can tell…and most of all it’s being truthful…🤓💫☺️❤️

          • Good to hear. Take advantage of the trip. Nothing cleanses the mind better. <3

          • it’s true to me…and then there is a sort of sadness upon return with some joy of course…but etown isn’t aesthetically appealing…but that’s just some lingering lagging in my mind…I love to adventure and see other places…💫☺️🤓

          • Don’t we all? 🙂 Yes there is a melancholy in returning. But all the better to prepare the next trip. (I’m already counting the days to Paris in July. Miss it so much)
            Welcome home then. Vc fiz uma boa viagem. 🙂

          • yes yes the anticipation is a big part of the fun…and yes before you know it July will be here…you’re a world traveller Brian 🤓💫☺️

  15. I’ve missed a lot of your posts, Hedy….some have comments closed, but please just imagine mine. I read “Date deceased” as “date Released” here, and I hope there was some of that element in his passing. One year anniversary’s of deaths can be difficult. The video shows the circle of life. Good for you for working with Death with Dignity – yes, a long way to go. My mother’s death from pancreatic cancer 18 years ago led me to social work. These events are powerful.

    • oh yes yes…release was the word my sister and I used often…he had a long journey and suffered…it was profound experience…I am grateful that we were there til he took his last breath. He taught us about dying and death…he was a teacher too. 🙂 <3

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