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The Council of Twelve book number

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According to Buddha

Read a little. Meditate more. Think of Spirit all the time.

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paperback writer, paperback writer.
dear sir or madam, will you read my book?
it took me years to write, will you take a look?
it’s based on a novel by a man named lear,
and i need a job,
so i want to be a paperback writer,
paperback writer.


Livraria LelloPorto, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. By chance I am about to read Andrea Carlino’s Paper Bodies. Text on 16th century visual culture, body and soul.

    • well I’ll take a look at that Jeb….sound intriguing…happy reading…smiles hedy ☺️☀️💫

  2. You’ve captured such a mood here. Now I want to go to Portugal just to hang out in that library.

    • it’s beautiful and I love it…I noticed an increase in tourists…many buses and ships…apparently Portugal has been ranked highly as a destination to travel in the past year to two…which is good for their economy but as I said to my Portuguese friends I’m not fond of tourists…so we found new and unexplored spaces to be a wander as there are many places to avoid those huge arrivals of humans…I was surprised by the amount of April tourists I can only imagine august…many smiles and there is only a tiny piece of ice left on the land here…so as Lynn told me I’ll have 2 springs…which is the best ~ smiles from sunny Etown ☺️💫☀️

  3. Great colors and feel with these photographs ~ like perusing an old, beautiful book. Accompanied with the lyrics of one of my favorite song, perfect. Wish you a great week ahead, Hedy. Take care.

    • yes Randall so rich and filled with layers of stories…if the walls could talk 😀 having a very nice time…now back in etown…culling through the thousands of images I captured…felt good to be away…I’m grateful to have adventures 😀 have a good week too dear Randall ~ smiles hedy 💫☺️☀️

  4. I like that book shop but sometimes there are too much people. Great photos. Enjoy.

    • yes I agree Alex…almost need a not foto hour…so may iPhones it was rather overwhelming at times…even bordering on annoying…I’m not so fond of tourists and loud voices…now one also purchase a ticket to enter…so that was yet another line up…I’m also not fond of line ups 🤪 but I went inside my hedy head and did enjoy the experience 🙃😉 hugs Alex…I will need to contact next time I visit Portugal…🤓

  5. What a wonderful bookstore, I would love to spend an afternoon or most of the day wandering the shelves. Bet they had some interesting books there. Have a great day exploring.

    • I’d love that too…a tad too many humans for me though…it was beautiful for sure…I also realize how much I use my reader and purchase less books in the real these days…but it was an outstanding bookstore for sure…smiles Terry…have a happy day 😀 ☺️💫☀️

  6. What an incredible bookstore! Great pics of that staircase–wow–what a a grand building that is! The lighting makes it look so relaxing. I think I will listen to the Buddha and read more. 🙂 Happy Spring–glad it is finally here!

    • yes Raven Wolfe…apparently one of the oldest bookstores in Portugal and frequently rated among the top bookstores in the world…truly amazing as we have so few bookstores left here in etown…and yes spring has sprung…hooray arrive home to tiniest bit of ice…let the flowers bloom! gotta get down to the stable soon…and see your beautiful horses <3 happy s fun day!

  7. good advice – and an enchanting, magical bookstore!

    • it’s beautiful Penny I wished I could be in there alone…many humans…too many actually but it was a quieter time apparently…the architecture was stunning for sure! have happy spring walks…smiles hedy 😀

  8. What a magnificent place. I would hide away in a corner until they close it at night to roam around at ease. 🙂

    • many tourists for sure this was apparently a ‘quiet’ moment…but really hard to browse so so many humans with their iPhones shooting away…J.K. Rowling was writing in Porto for 2 years apparently…so a big part of the draw of this beautiful bookstore is Harry Potter. 😀

  9. And thank you for the lyrics. I’d never really paid attention to the detail of “the man called Lear”. 🙂
    Just watched the Fab four on Youtube. My God. They were so young…. 🙂
    Enjoy your trip Hedy

    • it’s a wonderful place and so nice to be away for sure Brian…and was all age like fine wine, well mostly 😉 have a delightful day ~ smiles hedy 😀

  10. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of books created by thinking minds deeply exploring the fathoms of being human.
    Great photos displaying the exploration of this subject.
    hugs dear heart, Eddie

    • ‘You’d almost expect to bump into Harry Potter himself at this book shop in Porto, Portugal. Or that the exquisite red staircase might move.’….amazing bookstore with so so many people wanting to see/photograph…and of course some book browsers…it was tough to more around and one needs to buy a ticket to get in…and apparently this was a quiet moment…I’d love to be there after hours…sipping a port 😀 and yes exploring the fathoms of being in a human suit 😀 sending you book joy…many smiles hedy 💫☺️

  11. wonderful… …what a calm, cosy and respectful mood in this photo series! smiles to you 🙂

  12. What a rich, rich environment, and how beautifully you have conveyed it. You must have had such a BIG time, full of impressions, sights and sounds and ideas you’ll be digesting for a while?

    • yes for sure…also digesting the amount of humans with iPhones…and self sticks…many wonders for sure 🤓☺️🤪

      • The open space where you come from must have a very different relationship to people than European cities….and for sure, there are more and more people, tourists, etc.

        • yup…I avoided humans when I came back ☺️😂😁…and yes the world has many travellers…hope your adventures are fun…will visit tomorrow 🤓💫☺️

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