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Number of the Beast

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According to Buddha

Always remember that you belong to no one, and no one belongs to you.

hb images - Porto - moring walk - 1

hb images - Porto - moring walk - 8

hb images - Porto - moring walk - 7

hb images - Porto - moring walk - 14

hb images - Porto - moring walk - 13

i don’t belong here
no doubt about it
this life i’m living
she bribes me in

this feelings i feel
they urge and shout
i don’t belong here
i don’t belong


streets of Ribeira, Porto, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. Great blues, but given the title of the post I’d have opted for something more metallic (though perhaps not Iron Maiden).

    • dear Cabrogal…I’m not such a metallic music lover…but perhaps, I preferred Portuguese Frankie Chavez…he’s new to me….have a great day writing and listening to some of Frankie’s works 😉 😀 smiles hedy 😀

      • But you liked my post on the queen of punk-metal, Wendy O. Williams.

        In any case, I hope your post encourages readers to spare a thought for whoever lives at 664. It must be hell being the Neighbour of the Beast.

        And yeah, I have had a pretty good day listening to Chavez tracks. Thanks for pointing him out.

        • yes it fits your post…I had Portuguese music in my hedy head 🤓💫 I’d need a stiff drink and a dance floor for Wendy O. Williams. 🤓😁

          • Hmm. Maybe you should shave your scalp. That way if a wolf asks you to let him in you can reply “Not by the hair that my hedy head had!”.

          • that’s funny 😆…about 30 years I cut off all my long hair into to a buzz cut well a sort of like Annie Lennox look I left a long side tail…for that rocker look 😉 it was a fun coiffure…shocked many ppl…😂 no wolf after me know 🤓

          • It’s been over 30 years since I last cut my hair. I find Annie Lennox much scarier than wolves. Nightmares are made of this.

          • 😂 I loved her ☺️ I even did some fotos from that time in my life they are for my graphic novel…have sweet dreams I hate nightmares…🤓

          • I think we’ve gotta agree to disagree about Annie and Dave. I find their music uninteresting and the look creeps me out. As for the soundtrack they provided for the movie ‘1984’ … well, I can sure see why it was mixed down so far and hardly used. I reckon they should have junked it entirely and paid Bowie royalties to use songs from ‘Diamond Dogs’.

          • I appreciated her works in the early years now it’s more mundane but her voice always moves me…and I always love Bowie from zingy star dust 💫☺️ and music situates me in time and place…I don’t know the “1984” movie royalties story…I’ll listen to diamond dogs…my mutt has healed so I’m off to take her to the woods now…talk later Cabrogal 😎🐶🌞

  2. a good thought to remember…

  3. All I can say is wonderful. THe quote and photos. Have a wonderful end to the week my friend, off visiting I go up to the PNW.

    • you’re on adventures too Terry…just shaking off the jet lag…not so bad this time…it was such fun to be away…you know ☺️💫🤓 sending you joy and sunny days Terry…have lots of fun!

  4. i love the second one and the last one.
    fab shots.

  5. I agree. Nice shots.

  6. Good photos and words to remember your trip to Portugal

    • back now and a tad lagged but not so bad…it was wonderful…I enjoyed being away now as Lynn said a second spring 😀 smiles fro etown Eddie have a happy day! 💫☀️😎

  7. feeling safe
    & belonging
    here at
    the moment 🙂

    • that’s such a good feeling David…enjoy the moments…everyday we have beautiful moments:-D happiness your way ~ smiles hedy 😀

  8. Wise words and absolutely stunning images .. hubby and I went to Porto a few years back 😃

    • first Porto visit such a wonderful city and I loved the ocean 😀 also I noticed many more tourists…popular destination I think 🤔…according to friends Portugal has been highly rated in travel magazines etc…and they have seen huge increases in tourism… sending joy your way Julie 💫☺️☀️

  9. …pure life that you caught there… ….great!

  10. These images are full of the good side of belonging – a sense of place and groundedness and love for the ordinary. Beautifully done, Hedy!

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