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Anders’ debut EP number

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According to Buddha

Constructive thought will absolutely, like a great hidden searchlight, show you the pathway to success. There is always a way to be found if you think hard enough. People who give up after a little while bedim their power of thought. In order to gain your end, you must do your utmost to use thought until it is luminous enough to reveal to you the way to your goal.

hb images - Porto - light house - 1

hb images - Porto - light house - 5

hb images - Porto - light house - 2

hb images - Porto - light house - 7

hb images - Porto - light house - 3

hb images - Porto - light house - 6

tú nun güelvas más a mio casa
faciendo ruiu con les madreñes


Felgueiras Lighthouse, Porto, Portugal ~ April 2018

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    • thank you kindly Tiffany for sharing my work…I appreciate the acknowledgment of my photography ~ compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫☀️

  2. Beautiful lighthouse images Hedy. I like making images of lighthouses. They are both pretty and have such symbolism. Cheers

  3. “One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world” Buddha

    • yes Mike each moment is a gift…all decisions are made moment to moment…have many joyful moments today ~ smiles from summer like etown ~ hedy 😃☀️💫

  4. The power of the ocean is a fantastic sight to behold. Outstanding captures my friend, have a fantastic week.

    • It was Terry makes fireworks seem so nothing….it was memorizing and the sound was so loud and then it felt soothing…high tide a few days later was also a stunner for me 😳🤓👍 have a great day ☺️

  5. I always feel at peace when I’m on, in, or just admiring the sea. Perhaps that’s why I lived on a boat for 21 years. 🙂

    Beautiful photos!

    • Oh cool a house boar I’ve seen them in Vancouver and Amsterdam not here in Alberta….the Atlantic is wonderful in Porto….I’d love to live closer to water…thanks kindly for your comments ☺️💫 appreciated compose a beautiful day ~ smiles Hedy

      • No, I didn’t live in a house boat, both were sailing boats. The first one we built from plans and lived on it for 20 years, then sold that. The second one we bought in Long Island then sailed it away from the US. 🙂

        • oh yes after I wrote that I wondered as ppl do sail and sail the world…I’ve never been sailing…and then I re-remember your life at sea and a image of you driving a boat…I’m revisiting your “about page” …sharing here so others can see too 🤓

          thank you kindly Nilla…you’re a world traveler…thank you fro writing me ~ smiles hedy 💫☺️

          • Hey…that’s very kind of you to share my About page – much appreciated. Travel is in my DNA. I’ll continue to travel until I physically can’t any longer. 🙂

          • you go! and you’re most welcome ☺️💫 I try to imagine living on the sea for so many years as a land locked human…perhaps, in my next life…as I love water 🤓 have a beautiful day happy travels! smiles hedy 😁

          • Ha, ha I’m sure you would take to it easily then…it actually took me a long time to get used to living back on land once more. ☺️

  6. Wow these are very beautiful snaps!

    • thank you kindly Andy for acknowledging my photography appreciated ☺️💫 compose a snappy day! smiles hedy 🤓💫

  7. A pounding surf is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

    • Amazing got to face it…certainly no where to run 🤓 I was a tad frightened actually 😳 shortly after ppl would told to move off…I did return for a high tide experience…such power…love that land/seascape ☺️

  8. Hedy what we like about your blog is it’s multidimensional subject matter. You start with a very profound Buddha insight, add incredible images or writing advice and then end with a brief poetic comment and it all ties together, Remarkable my friend, remarkable. I lived on the coast for 28 years and experienced the power of the Pacific, at times it was a thundering display that humbled the sense of self and thrilled the soul. Sending our best m/l

    • thank you so much M & L 🤓 please know one part of my intentions on sloppy is to share my love of music…the ‘brief poetic’ words are words of musicians…as you can click the highlighted text, if you like to hear the song…I choose one that fits to my sense making of my images…but you are right in my hope of tying these 3 things together M & L..each post I compose are my thoughts in the moment…and yes the Buddha has much to say 🤓…here is my link about the ‘whatness’ of sloppy…my intentions for this blog…thank you for your kind support ~ appreciated ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  9. i can feel the power and wetness.

    • well as a land locked Albertan the power and wetness was amazing…profound feelings for me ☺️ have a joyous day Gavin ~ smiles hedy 😁

  10. Great set, Hedy! The power of those big waves is amazing…captured well in your photos along with the stormy sky off shore. I would love to spend a year living by the ocean…such a dynamic interface at the shoreline.

    • oh me too Mic…I would love to try that…no where to run…would be a good meditation sort of place I imagine…thank you for your kind comments ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫☀️☀️☀️

  11. Hedy, these images are so powerful and fascinating. great work. smiles over the pond 🙂 🙂

    • yes yes for me for sure…my heart was pounding as I don’t know and I thought perhaps it was a bit dangerous but I did venture closer as a cautious Canadian would 😉 just so wonderful ~ smiles from sunny etown now 😎☀️ ruminating over my images and memories of beautiful Portugal…well that’s my hedy thought anyways, I love it there 😁☺️💫

      • you are so right… …Portugal is a wonderful place… …and it has its own speed of living and feeling… ….enjoy all your wonderful memories… …smiles to Etown 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. I just love these images .. so powerful and captivating. You are so good at that Hedy 😀

    • humble thank you Julie…I appreciate your support and I work and practice and do my best…thank YOU 💫☺️❤️☀️ compose a beautiful day!

  13. Thank you for the thought. So true.
    And the images. So strong.

    • good I’m glad they are strong…I want to be strong 💪but also soft and kind…that fine balance…mindful I don’t leave to big of a wake…or that I’m too noisy…you know 🤓☺️

      • Balance.
        Again you are right.
        Strength does not exclude softness…
        Another point I need to keep in mind. 🙂
        Dankje wel Hedy

  14. Love the faded and just on-point images! Great work 🙂

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