1. Loving the captures of the gentleman waving and the cat resting in the window. Excellent.

    • it was a wee walk after a lovely traditional Portuguese lunch, finished with a Port 🤪not sure about that…but nice wine and fish always delightful…I must look again Terry I thought I photographed a woman…and another thing I love about what I see in Portugal is natural aging…that’s always refreshing! have a good day…it’s already May 🧐 more good things are coming up! smiles many 😁😁😁

  2. Azuelo time! Bright light, bright colours. Friendly eyes that see the blue-ness of a clear mind.

    • so much Azulejo time…I love the blues and whites…so pretty and clean looking I like that very much Peter…and yes a bright cheerful day…and clear minds they do have so nice to chat with ppl even shortly and smiles are exchanged as I speak no Portuguese, yet! have a creative day Peter…smiles hedy ☺️💫☀️

  3. Beautiful photos, Hedy. It’s funny how you can look at a place and know that it’s not your usual environment. Cheers 😊

  4. If I don’t travel to Portugal in this lifetime, it may mean I already spent too much time
    there in another lifetime, if that is possible.
    Your photos remind me of home. This is a great day for a smile

    • I think I may have been there before too Eddie…since I was 8 years old I wrote I love Lisbon…who knows but I clearly have some girlhood connection as I read in a notebook…and my teachers’ comment was “why would you want to go there when you can go to London, Paris or Amsterdam?”…I never responded back…now I just wonder…thank you for your kindness and words…I appreciate them Eddie…handful of joy your way with many smiles 😁😁😁❤️

  5. smiling to yours
    and all the
    of friendships 🙂

  6. What happiness….the first two are my favorites, what a nice pair of images, too.

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