10th 14-gonal number

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According to Buddha

The mother’s love is not given to us to spoil us with indulgence, but to soften our hearts, that we may in turn soften others with kindness.

hb images - Afurada - wash - 3

hb images - Afurada - wash - 1_

hb images - Afurada - wash - 4

hb images - Afurada - wash - 7

hb images - Afurada - wash - 5

hb images - Afurada - wash - 8

hb images - Afurada - wash - 9

blackbird claw, raven wing
under the red sunlight
long clothesline, two shirtsleeves
waving as we go by
hundred years, hundred more
someday we may see a
woman king, wristwatch time
slowing as she goes to sleep.


Afurada, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. Laundry can be a great photo subject. I like how you did it in BW. Have an awesome week, Hedy. Cheers!

    • indeed Chris and with the sea breeze even better…been learning from some presets and playing with the curves in LR…very fun for me 🤓💫☺️ cheers!

  2. Again you’ve opened my ears to some great music hedy, Thank you.
    Kinda witchy ain’t it?

  3. BTW, we’ve already had a few woman kings. Jadwiga of Poland, Wu Tien of China, Catherine of Russia, whole dynasties of them in Egypt … I can’t see they were an improvement over the ones with dicks.

    • well yes Cabrogal…what power/ego/greed does to humans…I’ve witness horror and ugliness…and I’ve worked with evil fe/male humans…organs don’t make a difference…I’ve appreciated the words of Ursula K. Le Guin…

      “Now indeed there are women who want to be female men; their role model is Margaret Thatcher, and they’re ready to dress for success, carry designer briefcases, kill for promotion, and drink the Right Scotch. They want to buy into the man’s world, whatever the cost. And if that’s true desire, not just compulsion born of fear, O.K.; if you can’t lick ’em join ’em. My problem with that is that I can’t see it as a good life even for men, who invented it and make all the rules. There’s power in it, but not the kind of power I respect, not the kind of power that sets anybody free. I hate to see an intelligent woman voluntarily double herself up to get under the bottom line. Talk about crawling! And when she talks, what can she talk but father tongue? If she’s the mouthpiece for the man’s world, what has she got to say for herself?”…

      have a powerful day many smiles hedy 🤓☺️💫☀️

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Hedy. Such true words & I am always moved by your photography. With love leesa

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    • thank you Leesa…what a surprise 🤗…thank you kindly for saying…I appreciate iy…love back to you…compose a productive day ☺️💫☀️smiles from etown

  5. and let’s not forget Cleopatra! recently viewed on tv where in one society woman maintained most political and social segments of their life. The men were happy about it and encouraged it to happen.
    only in western cultures it seems do we tend to question the validity of anything even if it’s working.

    • I’ve started reading a book Mirror, Shoulder, Signal…by Dorthe Nors…being in the drivers seat of one’s life…I couldn’t stand to be in political life…I can hardly bear the current events…I’ll go back in time…I know it was violent too…Cleopatra I’ve always liked the name…I don’t know much about her actually…but I do like Iron & Wine 🤓🥁🎹🎸

      ☺️💫🤓have a happy day dear Eddie 😎☀️

  6. I love taking travel clothesline shots. Thanks for these beautiful examples of what the world is wearing, Hedy.

  7. The beautiful alphabet of laundry. Nice pictures.

    • nice I like that “alphabet of laundry”…I was delightful and also neat to see such a public display of both washing and drying…the women were kind and receptive to my camera…it was a joyful visit to a lovely fishing village ~ smiles Alex…have a wonderful day ☺️💫❤️ smiles hedy

  8. Oh I love these, esp in B&W. I did a whole series way back in colour in Italy. Such a great subject.

    • I also liked them in b/w so many colours, shapes and textures…I liked the shadows and yes fun subject for sure…loving your IS images from Japan…you’ve captured such beauty…have a joyful day dear Alison ☺️💫❤️

  9. washing clothes is art and art is hanging them to dry.

    • you know I like laundry ☺️ this is an art for sure…would be a nice thing for large things like carpets 🧐 have a fresh and happy day Gavin ☀️😎 smiles 🙃😃

  10. a delightful laundry photo series, Hedy… …close up and tangible…. …what a pity that the laundry vanished from our all days life… …smiles over the pond and through the laundry 👋😊😊

    • thank you Markus ahhhhhh I’m glad I’ve got a washer and dryer…can’t imagine drying laundry here in the winter…but yes always possible when times were slower…just finished washing sheets and towels…I like to do laundry actually 🤪🤓 smiles back from sunny etown 😎☀️

  11. Great captures Hedy!!!

  12. Wonderful photographs and I learned some things. For one thing, I had never heard of gonal numbers 🙂 Also, I now have another village on my `to-visit-list´ …

    • thank you Kindly Ronald ☺️💫 appreciated and yes I’m always troubled by numbers and that is why I title my posts in order of composing them…so I learn a wee bit more along the way 🤓 yes many wonderful fishing villages…I agree they are the best 😃 have a joyful day ~ smiles hedy 😃

  13. Love the photos Hedy, especially in my favourite medium: B&W 🙂

  14. What a find, and you knew just what to do with it. The repeating shapes, intersecting lines, shadows – what a visual treat. The clothes are very neatly hung, aren’t they?

    • yes a tiny fishing village just over the river…it was delightful…so much to see…and the washing house was unique and busy…also stumbled upon an older one in Lisboa…I do think about women’s work…I do think about work…I was also impressed how neatly they are all hung…it was cool for sure Lynn ☺️💫🤓

  15. How I love this quote Hedy … so true! I adored my Mum .. Your photos are brilliant!

    • yes I also appreciated the Buddha quote 🤓 I have always had an odd relationship with my mother…she’s an artist…and was/is her own woman and I respect her. 🤓💫 smiles and apologies for slow response

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