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According to Buddha

Adopt plain living and high thinking.

hb images - Geneva - stair way with windows_

hb images - Genva - housing an d light_

hb images - Geneva - flowes and antena_

hb images - Geneva - cafe with people above shot

hb images - Geneva - man carrying bags

hb images - Geneva - men at cafe_

when i was young i lived in a world of dreams
of moods and myths and illusionary schemes
though now i’m much more grown up
i fear that i must own up
to the fact that i’m in doubt of
what the modern cynics shout of
they say it’s spring

this feeling light as a feather


downtown Geneva, Switzerland ~ April 2018

  1. Beautiful light and color!

    • thank you kindly David…I appreciate you saying…yes the colours over the pond are so different than our Alberta bright/blues…have a happy day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  2. Switzerland a beautiful country.

    • indeed…it appears to be clean and orderly from my outsider view 🤓 have a happy travelling day Terry ☺️ we’ve got a houseful for the weekend 😁☀️😎 and it feels like summer…with a lot of wind 💫

  3. Great capture Hedy, Geneva is so beautiful, I love Switzerland, now I’m in Ittigen, do you know?

    • it’s a unique and tidy city…this was my first time…and of course I appreciate the his/herstory…and the architecture I’d love to see the mountains next time too ☺️🤓💫 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy

      enjoy Ittigen Paolo I will look at it now…Switzerland is a beautiful country…I only seen Lausanne 🤓

  4. Amazing compositions, Hedy. Like the color tone. Looks a bit like Italy. Would have been my first guess. Enjoy Switzerland 🇨🇭. Reinhold

    • humble thank you Reinhold ☺️ appreciated and yes so wonderful to travel and see new places and spaces…I am grateful for that ☺️🤓

  5. You taught me a lot about creating series. It’s not just a couple of pictures put together, it’s a composition in it’s own, mood, colour, topic, a rythm. In this series the last two pictures I find extraordninary. The guy with the bags (with another mural dude watching him) and the yellow line around the corner meeting up with the line of the parking spot. Very very nice! You are getting a bunch out of this trip in Europe! Greetings from the same side of the pond – Peter. 🙂

    • thank you Peter for saying and nothing…I do have teacher/researcher schooling as a narrative inquirer…🤓and now playing with the little black box and LR it’s been a fun adventure…I appreciate you looking and your comments…as I learn more along the way…compose a creative day smiles over the pond 😎☀️☀️😎 hedy 💫

  6. These are amazingly interesting photos. Beautiful display of art. I am inspired very much by the writing style.

  7. i really like the flowering tree, and the last photo. it has a kind of ‘retro’ feel.

    • yes it was a delight…and Geneva has a retro feel…well to me at least ☺️💫 have a happy day dear Gavin 😎☀️

  8. The spring of life, our youth, is a world of dreams. And so many springs those buildings have seen. You produce very inspiring art and words.

    • thank you Kindly Will…I appreciate your comment…and yes a world of dreams always a lovely image…compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

      ps. one of my intentions is to share words of music I like and think fits my narrative I wrote about them on this page, just so you know. 🤓

  9. Wonderful angles, Hedy – the shadows framing the building in the first one, the precise positioning of the streetlamp in the second, the Magnolia bursting from between the chimneys (seemingly), the quiet intimacy of the view from above the restaurant, the curve of light on that walkway (and the painting on the door!) and again, a sense of precision in the last photo, the way the car is parked, the lines are painted and the tables are placed. Beautiful processing all around, too!

    • humble thank you Lynn…so appreciate your words and vision of my images…thank you very much ❤️ smiles from summer like etown 😎☀️

      • Where you’re probably taking photos as I write…smiles to you too!

        • I was and have been up at the crack of dawn…too early but it’s the best time to see the beauty in the woods to me…now I will take time to read and look at others wonderful posts and blogs…hugs Lynn! ☺️💫

  10. Hey dear Hedy .. your photography just keeps getting better and better 😍

    • well I try my best to practice and learn along the way and I also love creating it 🤓☺️💫 humble thank you dear Julie…so nice you say 💫

  11. you got an wonderful eye, Hedy to put such all days life things in such a stunning composition. I love to look at these images. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • humble thank you Markus…and thank you for looking and commenting…apologies for late response…life’s been a tad hectic 🤪☺️💫 smiles hedy

  12. In lieu of high living and plain thinking? 😉
    Where do I sign?
    Great photos. I’d never have guessed Geneva.
    Have a lovely evening Hedy

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