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According to Buddha

Refuse to be bound by karma; it is an old superstition of the ignorant to believe you cannot change your destiny. 

hb images - Porto - day 1 - 1
hb images - Porto - day 1 - 9

hb images - Porto - day 1 - 4

hb images - Porto - day 1 - 2

hb images - Porto - day 1 - 3

hb images - Porto - day 1 - 5

quer o destino que eu não creia no destino
e o meu fado é nem ter fado nenhum
cantá-lo bem sem sequer o ter sentido
senti-lo como ninguém, mas não ter sentido algum

ai que tristeza, esta minha alegria
ai que alegria, esta tão grande tristeza
esperar que um dia eu não espere mais um dia
por aquele que nunca vem e que aqui esteve presente


Porto, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. Stunning set of photos, Hedy. The third one I find to be a perfect shot of the above quote…following a path, and then a complicated fork in the road appears. B&W theme creates such great contrast.

    • thank you Kindly Randall…I thoroughly enjoyed Porto…so much to see…and experience…and just wander urban life…I loved it there 🤓💫 have a creative day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  2. It is after all, what we do or do not do, that decides our fate, in this life and the next.
    Incredible photography Hedy. Each photo telling a story of its own

    • yes indeed…I was reading that again…and I also read more on fate/destiny

      Every human who comes into the world carries within a general chart of his/her life, the details of which s/he fills in throughout his lifetime. The highways, and some byways, are already in the chart when he is born. These are traits he brings with him form previous incarnations. You are born with about 75% of your life predetermined by your past. You will make up the remaining 25%. If you yourself, through your own free choice and effort of will, do not determine what that 25% will be, the 75% will make the 25% for you, and you will become a puppet. That is, you will be ruled absolutely by your past, by the influence and effects of your past tendencies. This is why spiritual training is vital. It takes into consideration not only the 75% of our lives that we already are, but also designates the methods to mould the brand new 25% that we ourselves are going to create by the exercise of our freedom.

      but I don’t know 🤓…just chewing on these ideas Eddie…I appreciate your comments about my images too…thank you very much ☺️💫

      • Thank you for this very interesting information. What I wonder the most about are the percentages you provided. For instance, the figures can not be routine for everyone. Each of us will walk at our own pace and each evolve in that same manner. i.e. Some of us may have evolved 50% while others 90%.
        Karma (I call it work, or ‘self work’) plays a big role in determining this.

        • I agree karma is ‘self work’ and since I’m not good with numbers and percentages it’s just knowing every one is at the right place on this stage of life…but I don’t know…I do imagine a kinder gentler world ☺️🤓💫 happy day dear Eddie ☀️

  3. Fotos maravilhosas Hedy!!!

  4. Wonderful BW images Hedy. Have a wonderful week. Cheers

    • fun and a bit of stress filled days makes everting feel too busy but all good…thank you Chris…I hope you know I always appreciate your kind comments and support of my work here…hoping your teaching days have been delightful…have a happy Sunday smiles hedy ☺️💫☀️😎

      • Sorry to hear it is so busy there. I’m glad to support your work Hedy. Classes are starting to wrap up for the year in the next three weeks.

        • always loved end of term…and new teaching beginnings…enjoy your days…and yes some busy is always good for me 🤓☺️💫

  5. Strong Black & White work, Hedy!! Enjoy your ‘summer’ weather …

    • yes it’s truly summer hight 20’s unbelievable makes it hard to be inside…but also dry…and lots of pollen blowing everywhere…have a good week Mic…happy snapping I’ve been back in our woods and see some of the things you see too…many smiles have a happy day ~ hedy ☺️💫😎☀️

  6. a stunning set of b/w photos. i like #2 and #3 the most. the man has life written all over his face.

  7. Awesome!

  8. Ah Porto! The city that stole my heart many years ago. It was kind of ramshackle then, kind of dirty, port houses at the other side of the Douro, the smell of river and oak barrels, the Eiffel & cie bridge, steel with a purpose. Wonderful to see the city again in your pictures Hedy!

    • it was my first time Peter…and yes it has a his/herstory it has so much to see and feel and taste…I loved it…the ocean was so powerful and the bridges and streets full of life and my mind seemed to drift to times gone by…it is a magical city…I would return in a heartbeat 🤓☺️💫 smiles to you Peter…have a fun filled week ~ hedy 😃💫

  9. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful Hedy.

  10. Wonderful photos Hedy. Thank you for sharing Porto and it’s peeps with us

  11. Thank you for this powerful collection Hedy 💕

  12. Ah Hedy .. such marvellous shots. Black and white is often so moody and dramatic. 💕

    • humble thank you dear Julie…I truly appreciate your kind and encouraging comments…many smiles over the pond ☺️💫❤️😎☀️

  13. all powerful images.

  14. These are the best yet, Hedy, beautiful, beautiful beautiful. It seems you were inspired by/on your trip. There is soul in these images!
    As for karma, it’s a very difficult subject, full of traps, I think. Just now I finished Oliver Sacks’ wonderful memoir, On the Move. In the last chapter he talks about theories of mind and consciousness, as set pout by people like Frances Crick, Gerald Edelman, etc. He talks about how humans become unique individuals through processes in the brain – on the neuronal level – relating to the way we constantly try things as we perceive the world, and are creating maplike structures in our neuronal groups that speak to each other in complex ways, also constantly changing. It’s life as continual creation, a little reminiscent of Indra’s net, and dependent origination. In their view, very little is programmed in, and each biological being’s life is very particular, as it results from a myriad of choices and experiments and perceptions, organizing and reorganizing the brain, and thus, the individual. Another point of view….

    • appreciate other points of view always Lynn…good to see and hear widely I say 🤓 also I’ve always been a fan of Oliver Sacks…and I understand the meaning making of creating maplike structures…and I agree life is a continual creation…that’s the adventure and choices we make while we dance here on this place called earth…I imagine many other places too…and yes I’ve been in camera and LR world…and you writing…I try each day to write…sometimes it’s only a word…smiles from summery etown ~ I see your compositions soon too 🤓☺️💫 hugs hedy

  15. this series of photos vary from the others… …as a viewer of these great photos I felt more like a native… …I do not see these places with tourist eyes… …I like the mood in that photos. 🙂

    • I see myself as outsider…not as a tourist…I work at staying away from tour buses and places tourists choose to go…we had a wonderful apartment in old Porto…and lived there for 2 weeks…I loved it…Porto is magical…thanks for your comments Markus I appreciate them always! hugs and smiles 💫☺️🤗 hedy

      • in 1991 some friends and me bought us a INTERRAIL/EURAIL ticket (with that ticket you could cross Europe by train for 30 days). I remember that time in Porto so well. We had a wonderful time… …so it’s great to hear, that you had a wonderfull time as well. hugs and smiles to you 🙂 🙂 have a creative week, Markus

  16. Beautiful images, Hedy. The black and white really makes the intricacies of the patterns in the environment step forward I think. These beauties are 75% objective reality, and 25% of your pure genius. 😉


    • humble thanks dear Micheal…I appreciate your kind and supportive words…compose a wonderful writing day 🤓💫☺️❤️

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