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According to Buddha

People talk about doing big things, leaving a legacy, and making a difference in the world. But every extraordinary change comes from within you.

hb images - Porto - sunday ocean walk - 3

hb images - Porto - sunday ocean walk - 2

hb images - Porto - sunday ocean walk - 4

hb images - Porto - sunday ocean walk - 5

hb images - Porto - sunday ocean walk - 6

gonna wash the dust off my soul
gonna listen to some rock ‘n’ roll
no cares, come what may
i’m making a beautiful day

gonna drive my car to the sea
swim out far cause i believe
that waves will wash the grey away
i’m making a beautiful day


Porto, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. Very nice effects. Des.

    • humble thank you Des…been having some fun playing in LR…trying to create a bit mood and mystery from the grey in Porto…beautiful place…compose a beautiful day smiles hedy ☺️💫😎

  2. Stunning pictures Hedy!!!

  3. great and moody moments you captured there… …makes me drift away to that wonderful places… …send you smiles from there! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Incredible photos coupled with insightful words have produced a most interesting post.
    Each photograph deserves deep contemplation Hedy. What a great day to do it!

    • Eddie humble thank you…I had much fun on that walk…and the ocean does allow for contemplation…smiles from land locked Etown…it’s been a summer like week here 😎☀️😎💫 hugs hedy

  5. Excellent capture of the man casting. Caught it perfectly. Have a great day my friend.

    • I know little of fishing but it was fun to watch him…I’ve seen some amazing fisherman images…it was a wonderful Sunday walk ~ smiles Terry have a happy day ☺️💫

  6. Beautiful Hedy, simply beautiful.

  7. Lovely images, Hedy. The man casting is amazing–the perfect poise of motion on display. But the thing is…how could there just be one boot!? 🙂


    • I don’t know about that boot…as I wrote Brian I have good thoughts of it…but I see the power of that water…it was amazing to me…I also know some history of Porto and lives lost at sea…I was reminded of Nova Scotia…peace and love to you ~ 💫☺️ have a beautiful day ☀️

  8. Can the waves wash the grey away? Dunno. One day I will have to face the Sea and what it’s done. Right now, I can’t stand it anymore… 🙁
    Love the boot. What happened to the fisherman?

    • I can imagine…heartfelt…and the thing about facing that water is there is no place to run…I was awed by the force…and as a land locked human…I did feel some fear…as it just didn’t stop moving…I don’t know about that boot…I planted a good thought, you know 🤓 BIG hugs and gentle thoughts dear Brian 🤗🤗❤️

      • Dankje Hedy.

      • (About the books that people don’t buy ‘ny more) (Comments closed?) I know about books. Yet, there has to be a different way. Just as happened with Gutenberg and the print. We just have to figure it out. Something about McLuhan’s media… Maybe the media is just here: our screens. We are just missing the economic model.
        Graphic novel? Thrilling. I am a big fan of.

        • I need to do a few tech things here on sloppy comments and some other things that Ray also mentioned about privacy etc….and yes we are missing the economic model…well I am as I also have bills to pay…but also knowing the arts is also a tough life but it is so enjoyable and I only want to do things that bring me joy…so I make choices, you know….I will look up McLuhan’s media…thank you dear Brian for all you share and your comments I enjoy them ☺️💫 smiles from rainy etown 🌦💫

          • Rain now? Darn. 🙂
            Yes, there are choices to be made. And even in the absence of economic benefits, blogging is such joy… Getting in touch with fantastic people like you is priceless. 🙂
            Be good.

  9. the fisherman is awesome.

  10. A nice series, Hedy….interesting colors, and boy, didn’t you click at the right instant for that fisherman! 😉 Have a great weekend!

    • ☺️💫🤓 thank you Lynn…it was a wonderful Sunday walk…and yes now it’s Sunday again…time flies…having fun + some stress with my mother…but all good (ish) for now…☺️💫

      • Nothing like family to amp up the stress and then let it go too….beaming good thoughts….

        • Thanks received I was telling friends I was feeling more me ☺️ and then 6 hours later my mother fell and is in a trauma unit 😩 but she’s a tough old bird so I’m going with that for now 🧐☺️

          • Falls! They’re hard to cope with! I hope you have good people on your side at the hospital.

          • it’s always brutal…I’ve just recouped from my father’s 5 year adventure…I can’t bear to watch my mother…but she’s a tough old bird…frail and tiny but she does walk and has walked all her life…but her ribs will take time to heal…and we know this will change her…I can’t do the hospital story in this moment…feeling gratitude for my sister…I do the research part and plan the next step…now it’s a waiting game…and Alberta is great with human warehousing…we treat elders poorly here…not sure what I will do with my mother’s next chapter…will stay in touch with your kind offer dear Lynn…thank you so much ❤️💫☺️

  11. Excellent.
    I like the somewhat vintage look.

  12. Now that fisherman is having fun .. 🙂 The solitary boot is great! Wonderful images .. super quote Hedy

    • well those Buddhas do have a lot to say…always something fits into the moment of the day…and yes that boot…it was lonely looking…also made me think about the power of the sea…Porto has a long history of people working on loss of life at sea…it’s so different than the land here…thank you Julie for your comments appreciated 💫☺️☀️ smiles hedy

  13. Those waves are amazing! I love the toe of the colors in these. Cheers!

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