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According to Buddha

Most problems, if you give them enough time and space, will eventually wear themselves out.

hb images - LIsboa - street and grafitti_

hb images - LIsboa - man on street with cig

hb images - LIsboa - window with note_

hb images - LIsboa - street with pink and yellow and woman

hb images - LIsboa - building with note_

hb images - LIsboa - street with 4 men

it didn’t feel like sunday
didn’t feel like june
when he met his silent partner in that lonely corner room
that over looked the marquee
of the plaza all-adult
and he was not looking for romance
just someone he could trust


random street in Lisbon, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. These are fabulous! The expressions of the men in the last one are fantastic. I love the textures and lines of the first one. I especially like the 4th shot: the lines, colors, shadows, face on the wall, etc. all make for such an interesting image.

    • humble thank you Lemony ☺️🤓 men talking loudly the closer I walked the quieter they became…they did smile by the end but I liked the characters but not the loud voices…it’s a wonderful city Lisboa I love it there…smiles from etown ☺️💫 have a wonderful and creative day ~ hedy 🤓💫

  2. Who would deny that your quality photographs express much more than could
    ever be said in words. Awesome images Hedy!
    it’s a perfect day for a smile

    • indeed Eddie…humble thank you for your comments and support…I appreciate it…I have been composing sloppy posts for 7 years now according to my WP message this morning…😳 I also found a article this week about blogging and photography…for me it’s all practice I still have much to learn along the way…mostly it fun for me…and I’m happy others enjoy sloppy too ☺️💫 I’m sharing it here

      have a joyful day hugs hedy 🤗💫☺️☀️

  3. This too shall pass?

  4. Great images, Hedy. Were the older men curious, angry or what? They have interesting expressions on their faces. Have a great week. Cheers!

    • lively conversation…and the closer I came to the quieter they became and I have no Portuguese…so I don’t know…but we all smiled at the end of the moment ☺️💫🤓

  5. Some amazing expressions! Intense. I think you’re brave…. 😉

  6. i particularly like the man with the cigarette in his mouth.

    • ya he seemed very cool to me too…always fun meeting for a moment with the street photography stuff…I like that part and the little encounters with humans 🤓☺️💫 smiles to you Gavin! have a good day 😁

  7. Your photographs say so much about the city. Just wonderful!

    • it’s one of my most favourites cities I could live there…I also loved Porto…it is all so wonderful! thank you for your kind comments Jolandi ~ smiles hedy 💫☺️

  8. Agree with Buddha. I have a few problems that need to be left sitting on their own, far away until they (dis)solve themselves… 🙂
    Great photos again. The men were a bit… taken aback? 😉
    And isn’t Romance just another word for Trust?
    B. Good

    • yes I also heard that Brian…and I think some others have also taught me that…yes the men didn’t expect me to keep on walking into their rather loud conversation…they smiled…it was a giggle ☺️💫

  9. Hedy in the middle of it… …wow… …pure life… …I love the second one with that man and the cigarettes… …wonderful. I’m impressed. Thank you Hedy 🙂 🙂 smiles over the pond 🙂

    • best place to be in the middle or the muddle ☺️💫 smiles to Georgia enjoy your days 😃😃 💫 sending you joy!

  10. I love your photo series, your Buddha quote (very hopeful!) and your poem at the end. Very nice all around! 🙂

  11. Trust is beautiful. Old things and the next buddha around the corner.

  12. LOVE that one-liner about problems… Overlaps with a comment hand-lettered on a piece of cardboard in a laundrette window I saw in Toronto this winter: “The way to clear a pond is to stop poking it.”

    • thank you Penny…that’s a wonderful saying…smiles to you hoping spring is treating you well…nice to hear from you hope you are well ☺️💫🤓 smiles hedy 😁

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