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According to Buddha

Moods are often a result of environmental influences. Each one of us is affected in different ways by the world about us. But you should not allow yourself to indulge in moods over external conditions. Why should you take on the effects of your environment? 

hb images - Porto - b-w street buildings

hb images - Porto - b-w street iphone woman and bird_

hb images - Porto - b-w street building and bird_

hb images - Porto - b-w street laundry_

hb images - Porto - b-w street building tunnel

sunbeam, stop tugging me
pull that door shut quietly
darling, what are you doing?
we don’t have time for this
mmm dey mmm da mmm daaeeoo
mmm dey mmm da mmm daaeeoo


Porto, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. Another wonderful series, so moody, and the Buddha’s quote is so right on. I know I am often affected by the environment, but there is certainly beauty to be found even in gloom and rain. I love your poem too. 🙂

  2. Currently it is challenging to be not effected by the environment (Berlin), Hedy. But I try to see the potential and fun in it. Your compositions are so inspiring and excellent. I have only be once to Portugal… a business trip. Ages ago. But it looks like a stunning place to to spent some time and to capture some great images. Images 1-3 are my fav’s. Looking forward to see more images from Portugal. Happy days and smiles. Reinhold

    • yes I can imagine…I will get a little experience of that late August…thank you for your comments Reinhold humbled…☺️💫 I did take a lot of shots and I’m enjoying sorting and culling and deleting 🤓 also thank you for saying your favs ~ smiles from rainy Etown 🌦

  3. Portugal looks like a lovely country to explore. Great set of captures of city life.

    • it’s a lovely life…something so different than here…of course as an outsider I know but I love the ‘feeling’ of the spaces and places and people we have met along the way 🤓💫☺️ sending you joy Terry 🤗

      • Yes looking in as an outsider we see many different things. The history, people and atmosphere are all so different than what we are use to although isn’t that exactly why we travel and explore to gain these insights and experiences.HAve a wonderful rest of the week my friend.

  4. Black and White photos add a sense of drama to it all no matter the scene.
    Although there are deep cast shadows, obvious in the last photo, implying sunshine.
    Living with daily rain becomes a happy time when it’s spring and the gardens are
    blooming and reflecting it very joyously.
    Grow, grow, grow gardens grow

    • yes I’ve learned when it’s raining the earth is healing…a student told me that once…it’s always stuck with me…Porto had a greyish tone…where I feel Lisboa is more golden…it’s also fun to practice…thank you off to see little grandson so that will be fun few days…excited to see him grow and grow too…I’ve just planted a few seeds…next week I’ll head back into the garden and see what I can grow…I don’t have the best green thumb 🤪 smiles

  5. Beautiful cityscapes Hedy. I hope your week is going well. Cheers!

  6. I don’t know, everything just seems so monochrome…

    • I don’t know either Mike 🤓☺️ but yes I composed a monochrome post ☺️💫…have a colourful day ~ smiles hedy

      • That was an attempt at a joke referring to “you should not allow yourself to indulge in moods over external conditions.” You do black and white incredibly well.

        • Ahhhhh I’m slow today 😜 going to get some sleep…thank you for your fun comment I appreciate humour too 🤓☺️💫

  7. Lovely

  8. Planning a trip to Portugal this fall. Am moved by your pictures.

  9. muito bem. anita

  10. the one with the bird is so brilliant.

    • thank you so much for your comments Gavin 🤓💫 I appreciate them…that was with my iPhone…a grateful surprise to me ☺️💫

  11. oh, hedy
    now the sunlight
    out that window
    is pulling me
    away from the computer
    again 🙂

    • that’s good David…unplugging does feel so good…but I also love technology…and being outside the most 🤓💫☺️ smiles to you have a happy day ~ hedy 😁

  12. More really wonderful photos….I’m glad you were so inspired, Hedy. The second one especially is a treasure.

    • thanks dear Lynn for saying…and yes I enjoyed each day…it was a wonderful month away…I will treasure it for a while yet…smiles from etown now ☺️💫😁

  13. Oh yes dear Hedy .. the environment sure can influence our moods. But then so can a collection of super images. Big smiles your way ..

  14. Brilliant pictures.

  15. Great views again. An insight into a distant country. A viagem que Vc fiz.
    And, yes, we should not let ourselves be affected by our environment.
    But to do so would mean complete detachment. And that is a long way ahead still.
    Be good Hedy.

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