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According to Buddha

The rains of life’s blessings cannot gather on mountaintops of pride, but flow easily into valleys of humbleness.

hb images - Sask - road trip - 1

hb images - Sask - road trip - 3

hb images - Sask - road trip - 2

hb images - Sask - road trip - 5

like a sorcerer’s cape
the rain ripped the lips off the mouth of the bay
rendered the eye
sleighted the hand
tricked the land and
blew the air away

then came a quiet no one should know


Regina Beach, central Saskatchewan, just off  Highway 54 ~ June 2018

  1. What a wonderful sky you were blessed with for these images, Hedy. Have a great week. Cheers

    • yes a calmer one I plan…yes Saskatchewan is land of living skies…so beautiful to me ☺️💫 one week and you’re done….I think…🤓 have a happy day!

  2. Such dramatic skies in the 2nd and last captures. Hope you had a great ending to your week and a wonderful week coming ahead.

    • yes…I enjoy Saskatchewan…of course now with family there…I see spaces and places I haven’t seen before…it’s really an underrated province I’d say 🤓☺️💫 smiles have a good week too…I will connect to find out your dates heading through the Banff Jasper coridoor 😃 🤓

      • Baby is due on July 13th although we all know about that. I will be leaving a day or 2 after the birth from Vancouver, WA whenever he feels like coming into this world.

  3. Dark and ominous skies. 🙂
    Cheers Hedy.

  4. That second image is great, although pretty ominous looking…as you said in your last comment sent my way: “…and yes inclement can be wonderful”. Best wishes for the week, Hedy.

    • Well yes inclement weather is fun… pretty rainy and windy windy here which is tough with my little black box… hoping your week is working good too Mic ☀️💫

  5. stunning clouds.

  6. And she arrives again with showers of word wisdom and visual delights.

  7. Hey Hedy such powerful photos … the last is a beauty 🙂

  8. I love those heavy, full skies.

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