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According to Buddha

O blazing light! awaken my heart, awaken my soul, ignite my darkness, tear the veil of silence, and fill my temple with glory.

hb images - Peony - 8

hb images - Peony - 2

hb images - Peony - 7

hb images - Peony - 1

when we were younger
we thought everyone was on our side
then we grew a little
and romanticized the time i saw
flowers in your hair

see it takes a boy to live
takes a man to pretend he was there


Peonies ~ summer solstice ~ June 2018

  1. Another gorgeous series, Hedy. 🙂

  2. Beautiful.

  3. I just realized that what I thought were roses were actually Peonies. Yes, I have achieved Peony realization.

  4. ^^^Sorry about that. I got error messages when I tried to comment for a long time!
    Lovely pics of such beautiful flowers! I love peonies! I wish they lasted longer–I try to tell myself we may appreciate them more because of their brief presence, but I think I would still love them if they lasted all summer.
    Happy Summer!

    • yes received Raven Wolfe I think fb made some changes in the access to apps and 3rd party stuff…who knows…I’m glad you could comment again…so nice to here from you here on sloppy…always appreciated…yes it’s so dry…I love the warmth…now I feel a tad cold 😳 💙 have a happy day ☺️💫 happy summer and yes the peonies are magic 🌸💫

  5. Bloemen? Dankje wel.
    (Nice shots of colour)

  6. Oh divine … lovely images. They look much like camellias. Now imagine a lipstick that colour Hedy 😃

    • thank you dear Julie…yes pink lips…even though I can’t remember the last time I wore lipstick…just a wee bit of gloss…pink ☺️🌸💫 smiles

  7. Oh blazing heart indeed, what a glorious dip into pinkness. Peonies are some of the MOST delectable flowers, aren’t they?

    • and ants love them too…and yes I love them…I’m at my sister’s now and her yard is full of many varieties of pinks…so pretty ~ smiles Lynn (ps. doing the elder care tomorrow…will know more 🤓 smiles for a wonderful holiday ❤️

      • Oh yes, the ants, I remember that from when I was a girl, because we had a few big peony plants behind the house – what a wonder they were! Your sister’s lucky to have them, they are lushness personified. Let me know if you run into any “situations” or puzzlements with the family goings-on.

        • ahhhhh yes all such a mystery this aging story…and now my dog 14.5 has some cancer so I’m walking her to her death…I’m learning a lot about death and dying these days…but this week a wedding which will be a good family time…I will dance 💫☺️❤️ thank you for your kindness and support I appreciate it Lynn…always happy I’ve got my little black box to art my way though the waves 🤓✌️❤️

  8. beautiful photos and flowers, I can smell the sweetness

  9. Nice shooting

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