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CKGM radio station in Montreal

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According to Buddha

Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families and nations.

hb images - Lamont - 3

hb images - Lamont - 2

hb images - Lamont - 1

hb images - Lamont - mutton winner - 1

hb images - Lamont - 4

it’s 35 below or its 98 above
and he’s workin’ thru it all, cuz baby this is what he loves
drives a hundred-fifty miles make sure his kids are doin’ fine
and he sees ’em when he can but he’s married to his iron


Lamont Summer Sizzler Rodeo ~ Lamont, Alberta ~ July 2018

  1. Superb action shots, Hedy!

  2. When I lived in Calgary, I always meant to get to the Dogpound, AB rodeo, but never did. Is it still going? Have you ever been there?

    • I go to some little ones but I’m in the north…so I don’t know about Calgary rodeo’s I imagine it’s still going this one I posted here is from Lamont and it was their 100 year celebration ☺️💫 smiles Penny have a happy day! 😊

  3. Yeeeeh haw.

    • yes it was and some younger up and coming rodeo children…always so curious for me as a urban human…these ppl are a strong community…I appreciate that I’m allowed to photograph the events with my little black box…always fun…have happy day Barry ☺️💫✌️

  4. amazing photography, action shots in B&W, give the impression of the ‘good old days’ living forever in the hearts and souls of those who live it.
    kindness is eternal,
    be happy,

    • humble thank you dear Eddie…yes I love what you say kindness is eternal…I agree…I’m happy and soon off to a family wedding which will also be fun…have a beautiful day sending you joy ☺️💫✌️

  5. I love the vintage look to the photos and in black and white, you’ve really managed to convey a kind of nostalgia mingled with darkness. And of course, I always love the accompanying Buddha’s words and the song lyrics. Very interesting!

  6. Just great Hedy! The bottom picture is extra wonderful. It reminds of this scene in the movie Jezus Christ Superstar, where the priests are placed in this large rack while their black habits are waving in the hot desert winds.

    • humble thank you Peter…I also like the last one…the people were preparing to watch the next event which is a combine bashing…also new to me…the fun people can create…appreciate your comments ~ smiles hedy have a snappy day 🤓😊☀️

  7. What strange associations you’re making Hedy. A radio station that broadcasts on 690 ( I suppose the number of your post) mainly sports events with some vintage pictures of a rodeo in combination with a Buddhist quote about the need for kindness. Kindness = sports competition?

    • perfect strange is good remember I’m a sloppy buddhist…I read widely and I’m trained as a visual researcher…in my intentions for this blog you will see how I’ve connected my images and thinking in the moment…and yes kindness is always possible and as Eddie reminds me it is eternal and who am I to judge the community…I’m an outsider so I see myself as a guest in this community…and rodeo is a huge part of Alberta life…I’ve learned a lot about the events and the animals and I can see and feel the kindness in these humans….I’ve attached my page so perhaps, this will clarify why I do what I do Cryptomathecian ☺️💫✌️ I appreciate your comments…I may also have repeated this in my comment from my last post 🤓

      compose a beautiful day ~ sending handfuls of joy and kindness ☺️💫✌️ peace hedy 😊

  8. Beautiful shots.

    • thank you dear Alex always appreciated…I had a fun windy day outside…it was delightful ~ smiles over the pond 🤗❤️

  9. The rodeo clown photograph is enthralling…sacred clowns, courage in disguise. Wonderful, Hedy.

  10. Wonderful photos, really telling some of the story about a rodeo.

    • it was a 100 year celebration I was happy to be there…always curious and fun for me…plus outside it the best ~ smiles hedy have fun in the woods Terry ☺️💫✌️

  11. No. 2 again ☺

  12. ckgm fm was the first rock radio station in 1969 there was everything on the station french english music, french were learning the english music and the english were learning the french music everybody getting high lol

    • I didn’t know that Luc…made me smile as I understand what you’re saying 🤓😊 my French is poor sadly…have a happy day ~ smiles hedy

  13. In Montréal 🙂

  14. Yeah, rodeo time! What a great effect in this kind of black and white – can you tell me what is going on, processing-wise, beyond black and white?

    • yes always a fun and interesting time…here I used lots of contrast…highlights and shadows…and been playing with the curve tool…and I vignette them too…I think I left them a tad dark…that’s what I did…I think I used this piece…smiles hedy 🤓💫

      • Thanks, I would have thought it was something “more” than the tone curve, etc. But yesterday I saw how drastically just the tone curve can affect a photo. My mouse was acting up, and while processing a photo it blew over the tone curve panel, pulling the curve down, creating a powerful effect – the curve made a very steep descent to the bottom, then flat all the way to the left side, so the photo was mainly black, but what was left was so interesting. The color of it was affected too. Just goes to show you that we need to play and play and play.

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