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169 turned upside down

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According to Buddha

Love gives without expecting anything in return. I never think of anyone in terms of what he can do for me. And I never profess love to someone because he has done something for me. If I didn’t actually feel love, I wouldn’t pretend to give it; and since I feel it, I give it. Love cannot be had for the asking; it comes only as a gift from the heart of another. Be certain of your feeling before you say to anyone, ‘I love you’. Once you give your love, it must be forever. Not because you want to be near that person, but because you want perfection for that soul. To wish for perfection for the loved one, and to feel pure joy in thinking of that soul, is divine love; and that is the love of true friendship. 

hb images - 9th sunrise - vertical

hb images - web for blog 2

hb images - 9th sunrise - vertical foot bridge

don’t know much about geography,
don’t know much trigonometry
don’t know much about algebra,
don’t know what a slide rule is for
but i do know that one and one is two,
and if this one could be with you,
what a wonderful world this would be


just after the dark ~ Terwillegar Park FootbridgeEdmonton, AB  ~ July 2018


  1. Beautiful geography of love. Thanks.

  2. Buddha is wise this morning.

    • that Buddha has a lot to say for sure Barry 🤓✌️ always find something fitting in the moment…sending peace ❤️

  3. Excellent.

  4. Love transcends even feeling, like that gorgeous sky. Beautiful, Hedy. Thank you.

  5. Purely magical. Words and photos from the heart and soul

    • thank you kindly Eddie I appreciate your comments and kindness heartfelt…sending you another handful of joy and all good things for a peaceful week ✌️❤️☺️

  6. 169 is a square number: 13 x 13 = 169, and if each number is reversed the equation is still true: 31 x 31 = 961.

    The spiderweb made me think about a recent piece I was writing about Loki, who happens also to be the god of knots, tangles and loops.

    Also love can sometimes be a little more complicated than simple calculus. If you don’t believe me, check this algebraic formula:

    Nice pictures Hedy,

    • There are exactly 691 water fountains in the Pentagon.
      691 is the smallest prime that can be written as the sum of thirteen consecutive primes, 691 is thirteen squared, turned upside down.

    • god of knots, tangles and loops…I like that will look tomorrow with my tea…compose a happy day ~ smiles hedy ☺️✌️💫

  7. Great post.

  8. Wonderful rumination on love, Hedy. The sparkling web and the delicate reflection of lights on the water and the deep colors of the sunset pair beautifully with your words.

    • humble thank you Jane…appreciated 🤓 I was also practicing shooting vertically which doesn’t feel as natural to me or my eye…but it was a fun challenge…I’m up just after dark so it’s 4:45 ish…compose a beautiful day…happy snapping ~ hedy ☺️✌️

  9. So beautiful Hedy!!!

  10. excellent words.

    • 🤓💫 we need more love these days…smiles Gavin and thank you for your comments…have a snappy week…will visit Noir soon ☺️💫✌️

  11. Lifts me! Thank you.

  12. Thank you for the three parts. Buddha’s words and yours. 🙂 And your gifts of light and darkness in images.
    Sent from Paris with true <3

  13. How ever. Where is your true love? Where will they find you?

    • right here and I’m right here…but who knows Natalie☺️…as Rumi wrote…“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”…🤓✌️💫 thank you for your comment…made me smile ~ compose a beautiful day ~ 😊 smiles hedy

  14. Beautiful

  15. I love this quote! And nature’s beautiful necklace .. Thank you Hedy ❤️

  16. LOVEly pictures! Its been a long while. Hope you are doing great.

  17. I’m impressed by how much work you’re doing – really good work – one after the other! I like this triptych.

    • well yes I’m playing and fiddling and finding out more and more…I appreciate you saying Lynn…also did some Netflix viewing/listening and always fun for me to immerse myself as I art my way out of things…I think it is a kind of meditation for me…I also have an addictive personality so I keep trying to explore what can I do now…I also have a hedy head plan 🤓☺️ who knows it’s all practice for me 😊 have a happy snappy day dear Lynn ☀️❤️

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