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Jufridar’s Km number

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According to Buddha

One should forgive, under any injury.  It hath been said that the continuation of the species is due to human’s being forgiving. Forgiveness is holiness; by forgiveness the universe is held together. Forgiveness is the might of the mighty; forgiveness is sacrifice; forgiveness is quiet of mind. Forgiveness and gentleness are the qualities of the self-possessed. They represent eternal virtue.

hb images - Lisboa - close to home - 3_

hb images - Lisboa - close to home - 1_

hb images - Lisboa - close to home - 7

hb images - Lisboa - close to home - 2_

hb images - Lisboa - close to home - 4

hb images - Lisboa - close to home - 6

the tree don’t care what the little bird sings
we go down with the dew in the morning
the trees don’t know what the little bird brings
we go down with the dew in the morning
and we breathe it in
there is no need to forgive


random streets in Lisbon, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. A very nice quote Hedy with beautiful pics!!!

  2. Great urban scenes, Hedy. I love that people still hang out laundry. (We have a clothesline.). Cheers

    • well I loved the clothes line…did hang clothes while I was there…but at home just use the dry or hang dry inside…I do see neighbours hanging out their laundry…I think it is a lot of work too ☺️💫 week is too fast 🏃‍♀️weekend will be fun! sending you joy summer term must be done soon…sending joy!

  3. Lovely photos and good words. 🙂

  4. Once again, I love the wise words and song lyrics, Hedy. And I love the filter on the photos, giving them the feel of a bygone era.

  5. Beautiful street scenes, they tell a story of this location. Have a wonderful week.

    • so many streets and hills to wander…I remember how tired my feet were…you know I love urban wandering…thank you Terry…week is going too fast! 🤓💫

  6. You got some nice shots there… Thanks for inspiring me to visit Baixa Chiado and get some shots one of these days. Even though I don’t like to be in Lisbon that much. Too noisy, too smelly and too many people – especially now…

    • yes Ronald the gulf between the two main hills…we were out of the busy zone in Príncipe Real…and as you know wandering in Lisboa is easy and it’s easy to walk 12-15 km a day…I love this part as being an outsider…I was there in April and yes I can imagine the crowds and tourists during summer months…I was amazed at the increase of tourism in 2 years time…so enjoy when you go…it is one of my favourite cities…I really loved Porto too 🤓☺️ have a snappy day ~ smiles hedy

  7. These colors are so yummy! Just beautiful shots.

    • thank you kindly Nita…yes I needed that tone too…felt soft but yummy is even better ~ compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫✌️

  8. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful Hedy.

  9. E X C E L L E N T… ….this color key lifts your story on a different level… …it generates a complete different story… …wow 🙂 🙂

    • yes the pinkish feeling made it feel blended but also neighbourhoods are coloured coded as I look at my images…whites, yellows, pinks…and of course some others but always an aesthetic pleasure to me thank you for your comments….appreciated sending you joy! ☺️💫✌️

  10. KM# 693 is the numismatic classification number of the Great Britain Penny from 1826.
    See that you like employing your camera to register institutionalized neglect to raise awareness and prompt us to think about beauty in new ways. Time is the biggest equalizer and eraser.

    • I like this “camera to register institutionalized neglect”…fits with my past academic work of the evaded curriculum…also I appreciate you saying time is the biggest equalizer and eraser…although the eraser part is the challenge for me…imagine if we could erase history 🤓☺️ thank you for your thoughtful comments I appreciate the Urban (🤓) hope that’s correct 🤓 compose a beautiful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  11. I love them all, Hedy, and I’m glad you made so many photographs while you were in Portugal. It’s enjoyable to keep seeing them. The last one is fun, but the 3rd, 4th, and 5th together are perfection!

    • oh that was one of the best months away for me in many years…as I wrote I felt calm and present I love Portugal…still have a couple little narratives I’ve composed…then I go away to gather new “data”…sending you all good things Lynn 🤓✌️❤️☀️💫

      • Where are you going next? Now you’ve got me curious…oh, just heard raven overhead, so nice. 🙂

        • Germany and the Netherlands 🤓 and I also love the sounds of the ravens…now I’m off to the woods with my Spanish relatives…maybe we’ll see a bison…they are hoping to see some wildlife 🤓✌️☀️ have a wonderful day Lynn 💫

  12. Hey Hedy .. morning 🙂 love the quote , thank you for sharing. Great images, what an eye you have

    • good morning dear Julie thank you for your wonderful comments and support on my blog…I appreciate it ☺️ sending you joy 💫✌️❤️

  13. Dark streets Hedy. 🙂
    I hope ur well. Sorry for disappearing a bit. Travel doesn’t leave me much time for blogging and the Internet here is bl..dy slow… It takes forever to download one or your posts. I will save them for when I return. 🙂
    Be good. Always.
    (From Paris at 34C. I think the computer is going to dissolve)

    • it’s summer and we all have lives no worries Brian…I leave soon too getting excited now…I will visit along the the way and see what you compose…we have all kinds of weather we live in Alberta…now 16 this week 30+ up and down and all around…just nice to have bare feet! 😊🤗😎☀️ be happy enjoy Paris ~ smiles hedy

      • Thank you. Normally as the last week comes, a sense of semi-urgency comes along. But this year, I have seen about all I wanted. So I just walk around. 🙂
        Bon voyage to wherever you are going. <3

        • over the pond to Germany and to the Netherlands…I’ve never been to Germany so I look forward to see a little slice of Hamburg and Berlin…and then my roots 🤓❤️

          • Fascinating. Never been to Hamburg, but I did travel quite a bit to Germany for work. Went to Berlin once a few years ago. Mixed feelings. For Hamburg, I’ve reblogged a post of a friend of mine. Quite a good post.
            Now Holland… That should be a nice experience. I take it you have been before? Where is your family from? Amsterdam? Rotterdam? Den Hag? 🙂

          • it will be interesting for sure…I’ve never been…I could not have imagine going while my father was living…he would never approved…as you might imagine…so now it’s a little family joke…as I will go now 🤓✌️ I will come and visit that post you shared 🤓…I’ve have had family from Catalonia visiting now…and yes my father was Den Haag (Scheveningen) and my mother Groningen…and now I have cousins all over 🤓✌️ have fun where ever you are Brian ~ smiles hedy ✌️😊🤓

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