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According to Buddha

I enjoy everything, but I have no desire for anything, so there is never any pain or disappointment from unfulfillment. Whatever I do, wherever I go, I enjoy myself.

hb images - cowboy trail - 7

hb images - Fernie - cowboy trail - 3a_

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hb images - Fernie - cowboy trail - 1a_

if this life is one act
why do we lay all these traps
we put them right in our path
when we just wanna be free

i will not waste my days
making up all kinds of ways
to worry about all the things
that will not happen to me

so i just let go of what i know i don’t know
and i know i only do this by
living in the moment


Hwy 22 – Cowboy Trail ~ July 2018

  1. I’m “no cowboy” but love a good prairie.

  2. All of this is a perfect message for me right now as I’m preparing to walk the Camino de Santiago and at the same time trying to recover from knee problems before I go. I’ve been so worried about the problems I might encounter because of my knees, but I just have to do as the Buddha says and “Whatever I do, wherever I go, I enjoy myself.” Also, to simply live in the moment! Thanks, Hedy.

  3. just gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing those. I wish today, that everyone would read or know, these words are sooooo true. IMAGINE the world, where everyone was not internally, secretly, worried about all the things that will never happen to them. IMAGINE that happy place. Keep up the real inspiration my sloppy friend. (and keep capturing beautiful moments in nature, to share!) momentummikey 🙂

    • dear momentummikey…thank you and yes I wish the same and I imagine a different world…so much fear isn’t moving us to a way of our true selves…I tired very hard this week to not listen to news…not much action in listening…some how I need to ‘do’ and ‘be’…I appreciate your thoughts and kindness compose a happy and fun day ~ smiles hedy ☺️✌️💫❤️

  4. Beautiful pictures.
    Such images prompt me to go back with my former hobby that I stopped years ago due to traumas (which I do not repeat here), Nature Photography and Landscape Photography.
    Theo Herbots

    • thank you kindly Theo Herbots yes go find your camera again…my little black box is very healing for me…so I promote all ways to take care…sending you creative vibes and big hugs…and smiles of course hedy ☺️💫🤓✌️

  5. So spacious, I love that magnificent sky – nothing gets in its way! But we sure do get in our own way, all the time. A good reminder. 🙂

  6. Such wonderful images, very striking landscapes. The air must have been electric.

    • yes it was outstanding to me…I could live in these places…you’ll need to travel this road when you go on your adventures 🤓 hope your relocation is coming along fine…have fun with those grand babies…they grow way too fast…hugs Terry ☺️💫✌️☀️

  7. Hedi, I’ll pay you rent if you drag me along for these trips and shoots.

  8. I enjoy the clouds

  9. Just stunning Hedy. You really captured the mood of the place. That second one especially with the cows on the horizon – so powerful. And then I looked at the third, and the fourth and fifth – all equally powerful. Well done!

    • Ahhh thank you kindly Alison so nice of you to say I appreciate your culling out too…I also love cows…I really want to photograph them close up…must try that soon 🤓 humble thank you…I too am enjoy your beautiful compositions 🤓☀️💫 long weekend enjoy ☺️

  10. I always enjoy your meticulously produced posts with photos that move
    my mind in ways not thought possible.
    This is a fine summer’s day.

    • Thank you kindly Eddie 🤓 humbled ☺️ I do love making them…I made it like a ‘work’ thing to grow and do better with my photos and most of all I enjoy composing my ideas…it’s my teacher brain like a little mini lesson for me…and now others also enjoy them…that’s also way cool to me 😎 have a beautiful weekend in your garden or baking…I’ve got relatives coming so we will have some fun! ☺️💫 thank you dear Eddie for your words and your beautiful posts that inspire and comfort me too 🤓✌️❤️

  11. Amazing clouds and light.

    • it was beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of it thank you kindly Rabirius ☀️✌️💫 have a snappy weekend ~ smiles hedy ☺️

  12. Looks like stormy weather time to ride on…

    • did see some ‘real’ cowboys moving cattle…it’s a wonderful highway to travel…many little towns and I could see the mountains…I love it out here…and yes I did go heavy on the vignetting 🤓☀️✌️ have a joyful weekend Luc ☺️

  13. enjoyed that
    moment 🙂

  14. Oh oh I just love these images Hedy! So moody, clouds and a landscape that grabs the eye.

  15. From Portugal to the cowboy trail… (Or backwards?)
    Desire… “At the beginning was Desire”. Rig Veda. In the Veda, the Creation is not by the Verb, but by Desire. There is no Creation without Desire.
    Yet, with Desire comes Pain.
    So? Balance is the key. As always.

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