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According to Buddha

Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open.

hb images - Lisbon - out of the window - 2

hb images - Lisbon - through the door - 3

hb images - Lisbon - wine lookers_

hb images - Lisbon - through the door

hb images - Lisbon - out of the window - 1_

my window looks out over the park
and every year i move another story up
so now i’m almost close enough
to the roof of the sky to touch it

there must be a highway somewhere, roads i’ve missed
something more than sky out beyond the window

views out of the windows ~ in Lisbon, Portugal ~ April 2018

  1. Excellent photos and great framing.

  2. So beautiful pics Hedy and the fourth one is close to Principe Real!!!

    • yes yes Paulo this was a early morning walk…we were not far down the street and down a hill and by a little park…it was so lovely…stay cool I read the heat warnings in Portugal…stay well smiles and joy over the pond ☺️💫✌️😎☀️

  3. Brillant work, Hedy! Superb framing and what a great take on “Look at situations from all angles, and you will become more open.” Thank you for sharing!

  4. Various perspectives help make it perfect.
    Your tantalizing photos illustrate the creativeness of objectivity.
    This is a fine day for a smile!

    • it is a fine day to smile…I smile a lot I’m told 🤓 the sun is out I have relatives here from Spain…and we’re going to the woods soon…breathing in and breathing out…thank you dear Eddie sn=edning joy ☺️💫✌️❤️

  5. Amazing.

  6. You had some nice views in old Lisbon. Cheers

  7. Stunning captures my friend.

  8. Excellent sequence. 🙂

  9. Hedy, I love your photos, particularly your travel photos of everyday life. Beautiful.

    • Humble thank you Laurie I appreciate you saying and I loved my time in Portugal this year so much…living in a neighbourhood is the best…have a creative day writing and painting ☺️☀️💫

  10. I love everything about your posts, Hedy, the photos, the lyrics and the quote. Your photography is amazing.

  11. Oh, that first shot.

    • out of the bedroom window…such a wonderful place we stayed in ☺️✌️🤓 smiles to you have a wonderful walk Penny 💫

  12. they have a ‘retro’ feel about them.

  13. again… …wow…. …what a beautiful story. All your images look excellent. In that preview window, I really thought the images are framed…. …but then it turns out that these frames are real, living… …and so full of life. Thank you for that post. 🙂 ..many smiles to you through all that frames 🙂

    • yes they are ‘real’…two were from the apartment in Lisbon…66 steps to walk up…I counted 🤓😉🙄 smiles back from Etown…soon flying over the pond 🤗 have a happy day Markus ✌️💫

  14. The point of staring out of a window is, paradoxically, not to find out what is going on outside. It is, rather, an exercise in discovering the contents of our own minds. It’s easy to imagine we know what we think, what we feel and what’s going on in our heads. But we rarely do entirely. There’s a huge amount of what makes us who we are that circulates unexplored and unused. Its potential lies untapped. It is shy and doesn’t emerge under the pressure of direct questioning. If we do it right, staring out the window offers a way for us to listen out for the quieter suggestions and perspectives of our deeper selves.

    • I appreciated reading this Urban…it’s new to me…and sometimes it is just difficult to sit and look/stare…as you write here we rarely do empty our minds…I really enjoyed this connection appreciated ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫✌️

  15. I wonder how old are those bottles 🙂

    • I think no so old…it was a wine store…with a few tables for having some charcuterie…I was hangry…when I photographed 🙄😊 smiles hedy ☺️💫

  16. Windows should always be open. 🙂 Beautiful shots again Hedy.
    And yes angles, angles. Those are the keys.
    (Factor analysis taught me to look at many objects from different angles)
    Enjoy NL

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