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According to Buddha

Watch the meadow grasses as they wave in the wind. Imagine the breeze as spirit’s breath blowing over the world, inspiring all beings and giving them life.

hb images - calgary - 1_

hb images - Calgary - outside storm - fence

hb images - calgary - 2

let’s get away from who we think we are
and the things we cannot do
look into the mirror and pretend you’re me
and i’ll pretend i am you

take a little sunshine
give a little teardrop
everybody needs to love someone
even in the silence
you can listen to the rhythm
and have a little dance around the circle of the sun


Range Rd 292, Crossfield, AB

  1. Thank you for showing me the light in an impending day 💕

  2. Very dramatic clouds – a beautiful sequence.

  3. These clouds are being blown by the spirit breath dropping the nutritious water to feed our mother earth. Beautiful.

    • they were intense wonderful drive into cowtown…and the thunder was great ☺️💫☀️ happy moving Terry ~ sending you joy…safe travels.

  4. your storms
    are special, hedy 🙂

    • well…sure…nature and some LR heightened contrast but not much…it was so so dark…blue/black…with thunder…cool storm! ☺️💫 sending you joy David ✌️

  5. Yup, I thought that looked like Alberta… 🙂

  6. Just as a solid rock is not shaken by the storm, even so the wise are not affected by praise or blame.

    This is a genuine Buddha quote. It’s from the Dhammapada

  7. big clouds !

  8. Wonderful quote dear Hedy! And those pics are just super .. so dramatic! 🙂

  9. Always a ray of light. Beautiful clouds.

    • we do have big sky…and many storms this summer so exciting visually on the land ~ smiles hedy have a happy day Alex ☀️💫✌️

  10. wow, that’s what I call light… …I’m fascinated how you did that! 🙂 🙂 smiles to you 🙂

    • not much…little edits with LR it was black/blue and lots of thunder Markus…summer storms in Alberta ~ smiles from Hamburg now 💫☺️✌️❤️

      • wow, you are in Hamburg !!! ENJOY! Wonderful town. Enjoy the fish-market at the harbor… …and try something of the tasty things… ..looking forward for you images and stories 🙂 🙂 from Russia with smiles, Markus 🙂

  11. That’s very heavy weather! Like the poetry 🙂

    • yes 2e0mca we’ve had some heavy storms before leaving we had so much smoke from BC it was difficult to be outside 🤢 but now I’m over the pond…the words of music can also be heavy…but today have a lighter day ~ smiles and joy to you 💫☺️✌️

  12. Beautiful pictures (stormy weather…) and thoughts. One of the most soothing things is to watch the play of light when the leaves of a tree dance in the wind. (Birch trees are particularly good for that) 🙂
    Are you in Holland already?

  13. wonderful!

  14. You get powerful skies where you are, and you make the most of them! The more lighthearted thoughts are actually a nice pairing with the stormy skies – all beautiful, all good!

    • yes my heart was heavy with my dying dog story…we released her and now we’re over the pond…I feel lighter again…learning a lot from death and dying these years…I had fun composing these images Lynn…smiles from Hamburg ☺️💫❤️

      • I’m half German….another place I need to go….I bet you’re having a great time, and it will be interesting to see the images you bring back. Very different from Portugal. I’m sorry to hear about your dog, that is so, so hard, but it’s understandable that getting to the other side of the pond would hale you get to the other side of the grief. Talk about distractions! 🙂 Enjoy, Hedy! Don’t eat too many brats, OK?

        • I’m 100% dutch…this is my first time…for many reasons I never came here…it’s very different than Portugal not really easy to compare…there is a intense energy…still another week to see here then the basketball is done and we go to Berlin and then to Amsterdam where some of my family lives…yes seeing all the little dogs here still makes me miss mine…the big dog is fine and is having fun with a woman who lives in our house when we go away…I love dogs…maybe today I’ll need to have a brat! 😆🤗✌️ and also visit your blog…I’m terrible at writing on my phone so I need to be at my computer but I look forward to read and see the beauty you create Lynn…hoping the transition is going smoothly 💫 smiles many❤️

  15. as in, bratwurst…

    • haven’t had one yet…but we’ve had beef tartare as we met a couple at the restaurant who said it was the best in Hamburg…along with chips and Rosé it was delicious and nice to meet them…they invited us to their home and last night we had German bbq…meats and salads and delicious wines…so delightful…and fun to meet new locals…✌️🤓💫

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