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Hela asteroid number

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According to Buddha

Lust, anger, and greed—these constitute the threefold gate of hell leading to the destruction of the soul’s welfare. These three, therefore, humans should abandon.

hb images - Hamburg - St. Peter's - 13

hb images - Hamburg - St. Peter's - 10

hb images - Hamburg - St. Peter's - 8

hb images - Hamburg - St. Peter's - 11

hb images - Hamburg - St. Peter's - 14

hb images - Hamburg - St. Peter's - 1

hey, st. peter
before you ring your bell


Hauptkirche St. Petri ~ Hamburg, Germany ~ August 2018

  1. Again, excellent photos. Thanks for sharing, Hedy.

  2. Ah, you are/were in Hamburg! Great pictures. Are you having fun?

    • yes yes…it’s so nice to be away from etown…it’s beautiful here…I’m here for another week then onto Berlin and then Amsterdam to see some family before flying home…it’s wonderful Peter as you know 🤓✌️💫 happiness to you!

  3. Very nice images, Hedy. Sometimes, you can be around one building and see so much. Cheers!

  4. wonderfully taking
    it to the streets!
    nize streets 🙂

    • yes this is not Etown….many many ppl and beautiful architecture…oh we could learn about urban beauty if we only looked…etown is visual chaos…other than our river valley…it’s actually a ugly city so I appreciate being in Europe always such historical beauty….I will explore more David ~ smiles over the pond 🙂 💫☺️✌️

  5. Oh, that handshake picture. Mmmmmmm.

  6. Like I thought, very different from Portugal! This is really well done, Hedy, bringing all of these together….that pigeon, wow.

    • so so diffrent…feeling and energy of the ppl I’ve seen so far…I think the pigeon was unwell…I did not see it yesterday I went back to look 😢smiles from Hamburg Lynn ☺️💫❤️

  7. Great captures Hedy!!!

  8. So strange that the exponents of desire, the propulsion force behind all progress, can become counterproductive when extended to its extreme expressions. Sometimes I wonder how the world would have fared when the Europeans would have gone to the Americas to learn instead of to conquer. There are clear archaeological indications that some of those cultures already had some aeronautical knowledge although astonishingly didn’t invent the wheel yet. Keep it up Hedy. I liked the Mars crossing asteroid; seemed kind of fitting my mood (you know, Mars being the Roman god of war being crossed) accompanied by a frowning and contemplating st Mathews.

  9. a great story about observing a situation or spot… like it would be from St. Mathews diary of scenes that he can observe from his place on the wall. many smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. A beautiful series of photos, Hedy, you capture the essence of all that is around you so well. And the opening quote ~ brilliant. Refuse the destructive thoughts and enjoy the beauty of life right outside the door 🙂

  11. Great words of wisdom 😍 it thanks 🙏

  12. Great shots Hedy … more adventures! Nice to catch up with family and friends 🙂

  13. Nice photos. A different light in Germany, right? (How’s your German going?)
    Lust, anger, and greed… One of my problems with Buddhism is that one has to abandon everything. And I still go by the Veda (I may have said that before: “At the beginning there was only Desire…) I one eliminates Desire, one eliminates all that is Human… 😉
    Not Lust or Greed, just Desire…
    Tschüss Hedy

    • it’s not going Brian…I didn’t even try 🤓 yes it is ‘different’ light in Germany…Hamburg and Berlin have a lot of history…it was an intense experience for me…I’m a sloppy buddhist you know…and now I miss my king bed…which is not buddhist apparently one must sleep on a single bed…did that…yuck 🤪 I’m desiring sleep like a star fish 🌟 🐠 very very much…first the flight back over the pond 🤗💫✌️☺️ smiles hedy

  14. And since comments on Duodecimal 4a2 are closed (I am kinda slow):
    “Let the sunshine!
    “Let the sunshine in!”

    • I’m very slow…I took some holiday time…felt good…and yes let that sun shine Brian…big smiles from Amsterdam ☺️💫✌️🤓❤️

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