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7th Kaprekar number in base 10

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According to Buddha

Emotional sensitivity is the cause of suffering. Do not be so sensitive.

la la la la
take me home
mama, i’m coming home


Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Berlin Germany ~ September 2018

  1. Beautiful video from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Hedy!!!

  2. Pigeons are in Berlin often referred to as “flying rats”. So are tourists (in certain circles), because their accommodation is partially blamed for the scarcity on the rental market, causing booming real estate prices, and by consequence rising rental prices while salaries aren’t keeping up with this trend.

    • Hmmmmm well that’s starting to sound like a worldwide trend Urban everywhere I go Vancouver or Netherlands or Portugal people talk about the rental and housing markets being bought up by Russians and Chinese….and Airbnb but I don’t know 🧐 something is awry when places cost 500 to 700 euros a night…indeed something isn’t right…and as a “flying rat” I would also add that I think some Berliners/Germans could learn from Canadians about hospitality and tourism…I imagine tourism also pays some of their salaries…I appreciate seeing some of Berlin and Hamburg…but I doubt I’d ever return…I enjoyed the pigeons 🤓💫☺️ smiles Hedy

      • The vast majority of the voters in big European cities like Berlin or Barcelona isn’t concerned with the small minority who earn a living out of tourism. Politicians, of course followed suit and introduced legislation to criminalize airbnb or other forms of budget traveling (of course in collusion with the tourism industry who claims unfair competition). 65 % of the Berliners are tenants and the local laws are written by politicians who’re keenly aware of that fact. And pigeons are a pest in some cities. People are advised not to feed them and authorities try to figure out some birth control to reduce their numbers.

        • hmmmm I know little as an outsider about Euro politics…of course I read and hear from relatives about issues but just like here ppl love to name, blame and shame politicians…I don’t know Urban…I think it time or overtime for communities to take charge of things…the world seems strange to me and I imagine a different world…imagine if we each took responsibility for our lives…and yes I imagine those pigeons can become pests…maybe time to get more peregrine falcons…but I don’t know…of course stopping to feed them is posted…I appreciate your comments…always thoughtful and gives me more to think about…will come to visit Cryptomathecian for more to think about ~ smiles jet lagged hedy ☺️💫✌️

  3. Great post 😁

  4. Perfect group of photos for delivering message.
    Especially like the bird in the scene.
    Home is where the heart is.
    Nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Enjoy

    • Oh I’m ready really really ready for my sloppy Buddhist king bed where I will star fish for 1 day…home is in my body but yes I do love my bed…I’m exhausted in a good way Eddie…wonderful experiences and adventures…I’m grateful ☺️💫

  5. I think you’ve broken through.

    • 😂🤣😂 well yes then off to Amsterdam which I love and feel my roots Ray….hope you’re doing well! Smiles Hedy

      • You didn’t understand. That okay.

        • good…I think its my face plant…which is now yellow and soft purple…I will have some brain power soon again I hope 🤓😳 smiles from ❄️❄️❄️ etown!

          • It was a compliment of the highest order. If your lens was embedded in you forehead you would never need another camera again. Heh!

          • humbled and thank you dear Ray…that face plant I did…not my finest moment…and yes I’ve wondered what it would be like to have one as a contact…hmmmmm….hands free…I did save my camera though so that was the best! smiles for a joyous day ☺️💫✌️


          • I see the collection of commuting feet as being something to be hung in a gallery or something like that.

            You were the third person who I know who took a fall while being out and about looking for pictures.

            I saw that contact lens-camera lens thing. I’m not sure it’s a good idea given that most people cannot walk and chew gum at the same. Oh. Did I say that? Heh!

          • that’s a nicer way of saying face plant “being out and about looking for pictures.”….☺️😁 I did learn from it 🧐

          • Hahahahahha. Something like that. It’s hard to walk and focus. These days I have to be very careful. Still, I get out there in the middle of things. One day I’m going to trip, fall and get trampled.

          • Well it was 2 advisors saying I ought to use the view finder on my camera…I tired with wet runners and wide wet linen pants 🤓 not a good experience it’s not what I do…but I tired 😱🤪 I removed my IG eye shots…good to release and forget that memory 🤓 I’m feeling much better 💪

          • Actually, using the view finder is the best way to work for a whole host of reasons., but it takes a lot of practice to do it. Consider this, all of the second lines that i shoot are done via a viewfinder, but I’ve been at it for ages having started out when that was the only way to focus.

            I’m glad you’re feeling better. I see it this way. Accidents happen. Mistakes happen. I just work through them and keep going. It’s either that, or just stop doing what I do. My hip and back will be a life long problem. They aren’t stopping me… that would be a sure way to an early passing.

          • I will practice I know it’s all practice for me Ray…🤓💫 appreciated!

          • Just work in your own way, but work with the viewfinder. That’s what Storyteller is about… practice, testing and experimenting. ⛑🔥🚑🚒

          • I do Ray…I’m learning along the way…and I’m just me…a being in a human suit with a little black box ☺️✌️

  6. Love the sequence, Hedy.
    But isn’t that base 12?

  7. This is excellent. The shot on twitter is very surreal – Twin Peaks meets Twilight Zone. 🙂

    • Thanks kindly Joseph ☺️💫 poor pigeon was taking a beating 🐦 I like the connection you made I also liked the Nike’s 🤓👍 smiles Hedy

  8. Hmmmm, what a cool idea you had here. I like it. Are you back from your travels or simply flying to someplace new. Cheers!

    • Stopped in Amsterdam and then flew home monday…and I’m in snowy etown jet lagged but happy to be in my own bed ☺️💫 will come and visit Milford street…hope the start of your new school year is wonderful I always loved the start of the term…smiles 🤓☺️💫

  9. I do like pigeons

  10. What an interesting series, Hedy. I never know what you’re going to do next, but I know it will be done well. 🙂

    • Humble thank you Lynn…I never know either it just emerges in that moment 🤓☺️❤️ have a happy weekend…I’m so jet lagged I need a weekend to regroup and decompress now…and it’s snowing 😳🤪

      • I took a very quick look at IG this morning and saw your snow pics – could NOT believe it! But it was beautiful – that was smart, putting the tomatoes on the snow like that, they looked so pretty, and incongruous. Take your sweet time recovering – no worries, OK? 😉

  11. I’m going home…

    • and this one I always love too Brian 🤓

      • I’ve had so much jetlag in my life, I’m kinda used to it. A lot depends on how much you can “sleep” (doze) on the plane. Normally takes me 2-3 days to adjust. You will be OK soon. 🙂

        • guess I can change the “closed” on comments…hard to go back…I keep moving forward you know 🤓😊✌️

          I think it takes me a couple of weeks…the first one seems so brutal…and sleeping on planes well not so much even with extra space for which I am grateful…plane seats and plane designs at least on Air Canada are well…poor…or fair…I don’t know…but how they can make such uncomfortable chairs…so some wine and movies always help…at the risk of sounding whiney…yes I’m improving for sure…I’m at least starting to talk 🤪☺️💫

          • The latter is an improvement. Now current planes? I call that willful downgrading. Make economy so miserable that people eventually upgrade to business. And I know about planes: I made my first flight at the age of 6 months on a DC4… those were planes…
            Take your time with jetlag. Everyone reacts differently. Au revoir…

      • (I was trying to find a post where comments are not closed) 😉
        And yes that is a great song.

      • Couldn’t “read” this one…

  12. Amsterdam is such a pleasant city. (As an afterthought), I used to find the weather awful. We did come from Africa. But to me Amsterdam is the learning of Freedom. I was ten. I had my own bike and I was allowed to roam the streets at will, until sunset. Liberty!
    (I hope you have reconnected with your heritage)
    (Comments were closed on Asteroid…)

  13. Using this post to answer some of your comments. I hope your bed was nice and cosy.
    And sleep was at the rendez-vous. Have a lovely week Hedy.

  14. wow, Hedy, what an excellent photostory. I love it. What an wonderful eye you got…. …as you know in advance what would happened there. Respect. Smiles to you!!! 😊😊😊

    • well Markus if you saw my eye 😳🤪 I did a face plant at the sea in Scheveningen…as I got tangled up in my wide legged wet linen pants and the sand…as I needed to save my camera…so I took a hit 😳 I put it on IG…and yes this was a fun little pigeon slipping and sliding…smiles from now a ❄️❄️❄️ Etown 🙃😊

  15. La la la human steps…

    • the pigeons also seemed to slide I thought they were cute…those little ‘flying rats’…along with all the travellers…have a lovely day Velvet Underground Taipei Story 🤓 will check your blog too…smiles hedy 😊

  16. Home time … lovely photos Hedy. Now that’s a very persistent pigeon … 🙂

    • it was great and so fleeting…it was like bam…and then it was over…a little scuffle as I was having a coffee waiting for a train…yes home and starting to feel ‘normal’ jajajajajaja…well my normal…yes all good…I do appreciate my bed and deep sleep 🤓 smiles from fresh etown Julie have a great week!

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